Titties and Beer, Vol. 6. [o;-)

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Sep 13, 2022, 10:13:35 PM9/13/22
...in biblical greek, english lettering.. (F'k russia, wiki, japan, gimpia, and nazia.)
Ean te Aetesent ono mati mau ego poiaso.
If you ask me to do anything I could want to, I will. ~, J. Christ

...in russian greek.
Αν κάτι μπει στην Αμερική επιζώντας, θα ευλογήσω.
If anything entering america surviving, remains blessed. ~„ Dr. HRB

Just the good ol' boys, Never finished no school..
..but that don't matter none, they learned about the birth control pill.
Trimming the buds, distillerin' hooch..
..and it's a good thing uncle jessie's there, 'cause daisy is a hot piece of cooch.
Titties and beer, titties and beer, but that's just the cover front we're really slinging ganja, blotters, booze, and cocaine.
Righting the system, like we would if we had all cash.. and we couldn't pull it off if they weren't too addicted to gas.
..ye' haw.!.


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