Whereas even if you're african, arabian, australian, or indian, japan's statement in the third sura of the quran, is true, states how japan formed all of your religion and culture even if you're not biologically descent of them sun following bird followers, and I'll add they made stonehenge and cheops. ~, H.

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Dec 1, 2022, 4:57:01 PM12/1/22
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Whereas I could do or not do very much, but am not omnipotent in my opinion.. ..I've decided to sell some gold, ethically and legally, which I made myself using only paper lunch bags, glass jars, a hammer, a cooking pot, distilled water, clean #2 copper, fire, sunlight, a few green chilli peppers, and a little purple cabbage. ...also, if you happen to own Bagdad, Arizona or equivalent, and wish to spend one million dollars to learn turning copper to gold, text me at 5305002001.
~, Dr. HRB

Official Invitation to Mount Shasta :

˙pǝʌɹǝsǝɹ sʇɥƃᴉɹ ll∀
© Dr. Hunter Reon Barnes, PhD, D.S.


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