Though I try not to be a religious man, because there's already too much horsesh't in the world...

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Sep 15, 2022, 12:21:51 PM9/15/22
Most of the religious materials aren't logical, rational, argument.. russian spinoff of japanese horsesh't, and anything not idiot within such, equally worthless.
The truth is, god will kill all who can die, will hurt all who can be hurt, and will dispense horrors to all to the extent such can happen, but you can see them again till every next forth of july, and you all have the same exact chance/choice/option/opportunity as ever other member of the 93 billion (+?) species, [astronomical number] of subspecies, and earning from god isn't easy, but self evidently happens often.
God is the same existent or not, an unfair asshole evidence junky addicted to y'all. And I don't believe in any of you.

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