iota, alpha, kappa, upsilon, dzeta, alpha..., upsilon, lambda, sigma, lambda, iota, mu... etc..

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Dec 10, 2022, 7:29:47 PM12/10/22
..even the brit, suicidal, told you, you're aberating yourself too far.

I'm not certain whether or not I, if back when would give greek language it's letters veta/dveta and ha, either.

..out of any group, only one or none of you make it, ..passes, ..I'm unhappy about,..
..The fact that all of you choose to retard, malnurish, defunction, and smile, dropped your saggy butts, [o;-).
˙pǝʌɹǝsǝɹ sʇɥƃᴉɹ ll∀
© Dr. Hunter Reon Barnes, PhD, D.S.

..hey abu, what do we do? How come Japan, and all you faggots, failed at stealing anything of me or my land, the americas? Begin to suffer penalty, incoragible inbred, malnurished, hardwired, kamikadic nigger japan sent.
Continue to ask for free forgiveness or disist. ~, [o;-)

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