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What would a jew call a soviet's birthday? You didn't have girl, axiom of science, or wallet, but you had sh'tload of okinawan white buttface. ,,|,, ^.,.^ {trash dem nazi tardo} [o;-)

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Jan 11, 2023, 4:42:32 PM1/11/23
What happens when a soviet russian of okinawa japan tries to have more than one if them?
..just look at the okinawan whitey russian dogsh't faggots L. Ron Hubbard left as a picture.
Search if elijah gives a sh't about yer burnt butt soviet?
..btw,.. you are the prettiest idiots testing why not, yet. [o;-)
..and you're gonna hang on wanting to ramain a retard fuckhead even after you were noticed!?!
..maybe if they had said something other than they are somebody because they are (old, redundant) dogsh't. [o;-)
Discover/find out, why you shouldn't have a retard herd mentality syndrome.

Amazing Stones: S01E00/ASS04E03 (extend pilot): Short Straw Snoot Snort Club
[enter scene]

(Christopher Loyd appears holding a handfull of black bar snoot straws, one of them short..)

C.L.: You all said you wanted rails of oil based...

tough kid #1:
Hey man, we don't know nothing 'bout drawing straws, we just heard you had the meanest toot in the county, ..and we got the cash, and we're not the cops.
(tough kid #1 shows stack of green paper money)

C.L.: Ah yes, the toot,.. story goes back a ways, I'll give you the short version,..
(cam fades to closeup of C.L., blackdrop watermarked with bearly noticable images during story) all started when we were very poor during a famine too long, at first, we were boiling rotten vegtables and old animal remains, then came the war, we celebrated by boiling potatos and beets, the pilots were each given either dextramine or dextramine plus methylamcarbon nitrate. They were made to fly against each other for 8 hours strait. Then they just started boiling chicken poop. ... ..after discovering a liposuction dumpster, oil based became all the rave.. ..until it wasn't enough..
..hence the short straw.

(cam pans to a really freaked out tough kid #2)

[end scene]
[intro rolls]

Pilot 01 for Elm Street Nightmare X∅..
[enter scene]
(mid scene rolling ent.)

sassy black girl: I don't believe in you nigger!

Freddy K.: (sighs, looks down.., looks up..) Yeah, I don't believe in me either these days,.. ... least not like I used to,.. ... ..but I have this glove and itchy sweater to motivate me bitch.
(freddy stabs sassy while cam pans to face to face closeup rather than gore shot.)
[end scene]

F'k all these okinawan dogsh't nigger buttsquirt white, all their niggers and their father japan and it's heart okinawa.
~, [o;-)
Especially for stating you all, and me, came from some jew named noah, retard downbred malnurished, retard, japan sent at america.
Retard stupid ugly.
© Dr. Hunter Reon Barnes, PhD, D.S.
˙pǝʌɹǝsǝɹ sʇɥƃᴉɹ ll∀

Visit Mount Shasta!
~, Dr. HRB

F'k off the americas, soviet jap of okinawa.., nigger, ugly dog, dordoian.

..get useful, and get liked, to both you and me nigger, or stay off the fucking amerixas, inbred retard dogshit faggot sent in mass by okinawa, japan, the reason why I'm nuking those niggers, just to make (you no longer and your faggot father stop., while all 'life' continues.. dogsh't. [o;-)

LoL, would you like to find any of the other niggers okinawa made?
..or anything else that was that still is, again?

Why would russians (or their gimps) try to have a herd mentality after I proved to them, any of them isolated, ok, otherwise not?,= They hope in okinawan retard shit handed them by mouth.
D.A.R.E to keep manore, bad drugs, okinawans, their soviets, and their pet drug addict money hungry nigger kid off my americas!

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