..adding 5cc morphine to the risperidol in their butt, works. [o;-)

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Dec 18, 2022, 9:31:27 AM12/18/22
˙pǝʌɹǝsǝɹ sʇɥƃᴉɹ ll∀
© Dr. Hunter Reon Barnes, PhD, D.S.

Hunter Barnes

Mar 5, 2023, 10:07:26 PMMar 5
Chappel & Toodles S01E00
[enter scene]

david: Thanks for having me on the show toodles.

toodles: Thanks for being here david, ..I'm not a black racist like yourself, but I think whites smell like potatoes and ass crack and they're stupid.
Any thoughts?

david: Yeah, ..I'd rather smell a white girl than a black girl any day.

toodles: I agree completely, black people smell like poop and armpit.
David, have you ever gotten close enough to a chinese girl?

david: Whacha mean tood?

toodles: Ever bang that chinky chank junk?

david: Uh,.. Yeah.., ..?..

toodles: Did it smell like B12 vitamin and piss?

[end scene]

Barb Wire 2 staring pamala anderson?
..she doesn't look much different.

Concerning subliminal messaging, anything I ever told or wrote you is so subliminal to you that neither you nor you brainsucker have it but you could aquire it or be made to do so off file clerk #12 or starfish hash..
...to the extent that you're still eating poop outloud until some other idiot asks you to quit eating poop, in which case you'll probably agree and conceed. ..likewise concerning your inbreedingness.

"Damn girl, you get reception off that grill? How's the raiders games going? Don't leave them on too long or they'll F' up your teeth. Also, if you wanna start getting dated again, you'll want your face unwired." ~, H.

My inorganic/anorganic/nonorganic bipolar 2 disorder, is a result of too many sh't okinawan port at me, a.k.a. depressing, irritating, and boring crap people, used to blanket by embezzelers manufactured by okinawa, ..we have that devil's unconditional surrender already in writing.
I would never ask for my land back, I still have all of it.
I would never ask such in pink text.
I would never say any of any of your lives matter.

My research is complete concerning HRB Polymorphic Metabees.
..As A result of soviets growing manore fed salviated sunflowers that face away from the sun in mount shasta, plus all the other garden flowers manored, almost wiped out the local bee population, which I preserved by engineering and creating a new specie of bee via nutricianal therapy.
The HRB polymorphic metabee emerges from it's old skin like a catapiller, and unlike other bees sees in color rather than greyscale, is small and dynamic, uninterested in anything of it's former life, studies for about a week or two, then flies into hives of sick bees, kills the queen, sets up shop like normal, eats some of the queens afterbirth called royal jelly, and then gets all the bees in the hive to follow her to where they can eat clean, thus repairing the hives.
Second generation of them came out identical to first except for not having prior life experience as a bee and, astoundingly, a complete female reproductive system which they decided to use to mate with my HRB Metaflies, which resulted in strange looking metabee~metafly hybred, also a unique specie.
My green hummingsparrows are in hyburnation at the moment, but I expect more of them then last year come springtime. ~, Dr. HRB

Concerning black hole phenomina, every galaxy has a big black hole (proxima centari) at the center of it's mass. For us, this is about 71 million light years away in the direction of sagetarious alpha.
Galaxies tend to have many smaller black holes in them.
Black holes implode at their core as soon as their not eating enough resulting in many mini galaxies which reduce as they rip each others arms off and eat each other, which happens alot till the center mass, (ultima centari), which for us is 60 billion light years away, core implodes, rebanging billions of galaxies yet again.
We've got plenty of time.
Could I get y'all to stop eating and smoking manore please? ~, H.

Also, the entire disgusting conspirecy is just a smoke screen for the illicit embesselment of very large amounts of money, regularly, farm style. ~, Toodles the Fish
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