Anti-War Up - FTA Film, Honolulu

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6:30-7:30 Pre-film music, poetry and displays
7:30-9:00 Showing of FTA!

What was the FTA?
On November 25, 1971 5,000 people packed FTA Show at the Civic
Auditorium in Honolulu. The show, featuring Jane Fonda, Donald
Sutherland, Rita Martinson, Country Joe McDonald,, Len Chandler Jr.,
and more had already played outside of Fort Bragg, Fort Ord, Fort
Lewis, and other bases in the U.S. and was headed to Okinawa, South
Korea, The Philippines, and Japan. The poster for the show read:
"The G.I. movement exists on nearly every United States mlitary
installation around the world. It is made up of American servicemen
and women who have come to realize that if there is to be an end to
the U.S. military involvement in South East Asia --- and end to the
war -- it is they who must end it.
"In response to the invitation of servicemen and women within the G.I.
movement we have formed the F.T.A. Show in order to support their
fight to end discrimination against people because of race, sex,
class, religion, and personal or political belief." - The F.T.A. Show
In 1972 a film documenting the tour was released to packed audiences
in the U.S. It was immediately banned by the military, and five days
after its release it was pulled from the theatres.
Now it's back! It's a rollicking film to learn from, catch a glimpse
of the anti-war movement that rocked the country, and the role G.I.'s
themselves played within that movement. The film is filled with
political satire, songs, and the voices of G.I.'s speaking out against
the war. It's fun, funky, and deadly serious! It's more than a glimpse
of history - it holds lessons for today.
On Thursday (the 6th anniversary of the war on Iraq) World Can't Wait
will show the film. For the hour before the film there will be a
"fair" featuring displays of archival material from the GI Movement in
Hawai`i, as well as live music and poetry, displays and information
tables in the courtyard. Bring your bento, browse, and socialize.
What can YOU do to help?
WERE YOU AT THE 1971 FTA SHOW? Or do you know others who were there?
Let us know!
DOES YOUR ORGANIZATION WANT A TABLE? If your organization is fighting
for justice in today's profoundly unjust world, you can have a table!
Gay rights? Native rights? Gay rights? Anti-War? Women's rights? Let
us know if you want a table.
SPREAD THE WORD and BE THERE! If you want a copy of the leaflet for
the film to send to your friends let us know (we can't attach the
leaflet to this mass list, but you can send it on to up to 50 people).
Announce the event in your classes. Tell your friends and co-workers.
This is a film for EVERYONE!
Where is the Architecture Auditorium On University Avenue, directly
across from the YWCA on the University side of the University/Metcalf
intersection. There will be signs and blue flags on the street.
There's parking ($3) on the bottom floor and an elevator in the
parking lot. There's also a bus stop in front of the building.
"Fun Travel & Adventure!"
"Free the Army"
"Foxtrot, Tango, Alpha!"
"F*** the Army!"


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