On This Date - July 13, 1971

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John Wayne

Jul 13, 2001, 8:10:06 AM7/13/01

July 13, 1971 - Captain Thomas Culver court-martialed in London is found
guilty of participating in a British anti-war demonstration while in
civilian clothes.

..and the anti-war movement grew...

Thanks! Thomas Culver, wherever you are, for Speaking Up!


Jul 13, 2001, 10:42:34 AM7/13/01
On Fri, 13 Jul 2001 05:10:06 -0700, in alt.war.vietnam John Wayne
<jo...@earthlink.com> wrote:

>July 13, 1971 - Captain Thomas Culver court-martialed in London is found
>guilty of participating in a British anti-war demonstration while in
>civilian clothes.

Uhhhh... this one piques my curiosity. I did a quick search and came
up null. I don't think that the UCMJ prohibits otherwise legal
political activity out of uniform. Under what article was he charged?
Personally, I'm beginning to suspect that you're full of... well, I'll
give you the benefit of what doubt there is. but this one needs a


Bill Nauroth

Jul 13, 2001, 12:28:00 PM7/13/01
I was still in Viet Nam. Where the fuck were you?
Message has been deleted


Jul 13, 2001, 1:57:47 PM7/13/01
On Fri, 13 Jul 2001 16:59:59 GMT, John <jme...@earthlink.net> wrote:

>Uh...excuse me, but aren't you the pinhead who lectures us ad nauseum
>about engaging the trolls?
>Do you seriously believe that you will get an answer?
>Culver was a zoomie, and a loser like Jane. Unlike gutless troll
>however, he stood up for his beliefs and took his punishment like a
>man. Cowards like Jane aren't worthy to lick his boots.
>John Mercadante
>B-7/1 Air Cav, 1070-71

Uh... excuse me, asshole, but I have never lectured you on anything.
Not that you couldn't benefit from it, mind you, however; I receive
well over $200/hour for my lectures and (unless database is your
field) you probably wouldn't find them very exciting.

Now, I asked a simple question which boils down to: "What the fuck are
you talking about?" I ask this question out of profound ignorance wrt
Capt. Culver and the whole sordid affair. As I see it, sir, you have
but two options: cast some enlightenment into the arena or allow me to
continue to wallow in my base ignorance. But if you *really* want to
be my "faggot fuck buddy" (thank you for the erotic e-mail), you'll
choose the former.



Jul 13, 2001, 2:09:18 PM7/13/01
On Fri, 13 Jul 2001 17:10:50 GMT, Patrick Hughes
<p.at....@worldnet.att.net> wrote:

>Citation is Agee, On the Run, cited below this post.

I'm sorry. You're speaking in "paddyisms" and my translator is on
another machine.

BTW; we'll be in Victoria on the 9th of Aug. That's as close as I'm
going to be able to get to Bellingham, so I guess you dodged the
bullet on that one. We'll be hanging out from about noon on waiting
for wifey's old college roomie to arrive late afternoon. (We won't
have a car at that point.)

Her hubbie is an ex-Marine... 'Nam vet. I suggested that we may take
barracks at the local 'Y' and let the women have the hotel... (dammit!
It's not like *that*! Quit drawing unintended inferences!) Anyway, I
gather that the Marine ways tend to degrade over time and easy living.
Wendy and I will be crashing where ever we can find a roof... or in
the park, if it pleases us and it may damn well please us!


Lee P.

Jul 13, 2001, 12:55:21 PM7/13/01
Hey JW,
Let's discuss your butt-buddy Bloody Joe Bangert's testimony.

Message has been deleted


Jul 13, 2001, 9:34:41 PM7/13/01
On Sat, 14 Jul 2001 00:56:21 GMT, John <jme...@earthlink.net> wrote:

>You are a third rate "professor" at a fourth rate "university".

< John's gratuitous ranting snipped >

>go find it yourself.


>John Mercadante

Calm down, John. You don't have to get your panties in a wad over it.
Another poster mentioned Captain Culver and I asked for clarification,
that's all... it really never even had a thing to do with you. If
you're going to jump in and pull a drive by on me, then don't give me
the old hurt feelings bit when you get back exactly what you dish out.



Jul 13, 2001, 10:11:21 PM7/13/01
On Sat, 14 Jul 2001 01:21:20 GMT, Patrick Hughes
<p.at....@worldnet.att.net> wrote:

>On Fri, 13 Jul 2001 13:09:18 -0500, !Jones <lbj...@hotmail.com>
>My birthday is the 10th! We might have a corporate room somewhere
>over there, I will check and get back to you. Yes, some Marines do
>lose their "Marine ways" over time. I was one of them, but I have
>lost 17 pounds in the last (since June 6th) whatever that is ago.

OK... that date is pretty firm on my end. I'll have a few hours to
kill in the afternoon and probably an evening thing. Both women
suffer from MS, however my wife's friend's illness is much more
advanced. As I said, hubby is an ex jarhead... not sure where he was.
The women are like sisters, but I don't know him well. I won't assume
anything, so the default is we take care of ourselves for the night.

>I am not going to run, nor hike, nor do any of that wierd stuff, but
>as soon as I get my bus to my new digs, I will do a considerable
>amount of jacuzzi excercises. Don't ask, I thought them up all

I do water aerobics five times a week. (It's like swimming in pussy
soup!) Wendy has poor balance and tends to fall easily; however, the
water aerobics have been just the thing for her. I'm the only
regularly attending man in the group and most are about our age. You
ought to consider a group workout... it's a sleeper; you won't think
you're working out hard until later. I don't tend to have muscle
soreness afterwards, either.

Oh, yeah... I'm a non drinker. At least I am now. Maybe I'll be a
lush again by the time I get there. I'll let you know.


Message has been deleted

Bill Clarke

Jul 14, 2001, 9:26:52 AM7/14/01
John <jme...@earthlink.net> wrote in message

> You are a third rate "professor" at a fourth rate "university".
> John Mercadante
> B-7/1 Air Cav, 1970-71
I beg to differ here John. It is now a THIRD rate "university", Corpus
Christi High moving up to third rate when Texas A&M took them under their
wing not so long ago. Hopefully we will soon have them up to the level of
the formerly all black colleges in Texas that have long suffered from lack
of funds and poor administration.

But what do I know, I just went to the real A&M, Harvard on the Brazos if
you will.

Bill Clarke
F Troop, 17th Cav

Charles G. White

Jul 14, 2001, 9:39:59 AM7/14/01
"Bill Clarke" wrote

> But what do I know, I just went to the real A&M, Harvard on the Brazos if
> you will.

And to think that your colleagues had convinced me that Harvard was the "A &
M of the East."


Jul 14, 2001, 9:51:32 AM7/14/01
On Sat, 14 Jul 2001 03:09:53 GMT, John <jme...@earthlink.net> wrote:

>You want to banter, let's banter and have a little fun.

I *am* bantering, you stupid cocksucker! You're the one going off and
calling nemes!!!!

I see y'all finally got a little rain so that ought to lighten up yer
sour disposition. I think I saw 106?!!? up that way?



Jul 14, 2001, 10:13:34 AM7/14/01
On Sat, 14 Jul 2001 08:26:52 -0500, "Bill Clarke"
<cla...@livingston.net> wrote:

>I beg to differ here John. It is now a THIRD rate "university",
>Christi High moving up to third rate when Texas A&M took them under
>wing not so long ago.

It was Texas A&I and, as a fully accredited institution, actually
predates Texas A&M. There's *lots* of people about whose motto is
"A&I Forever" and lump that megalith in College Station right in there
with the other one in Austin... and wish both of them would leave us

Buuuuuut... they don't cry about the Texas A&M health care bennies nor
the TAMU retirement fund. Teaching at TAMU is like being in the Army.
I still keep my office over on the community college campus. though.

I just turned down a move to College Station. The position was
what's called "soft money" in academia... you keep the job only so
long as you bring in research grants to fund it. We get so fuckin'
spoiled. How long would *anybody's* job last if work wasn't coming in
the front door?

>Hopefully we will soon have them up to the level of
>the formerly all black colleges in Texas that have long suffered from
>of funds and poor administration.

It's my contention that the education a person gets is up to that
person, not the administration of the school. Administrators can
certainly make it easier, but ultimately, it's up to the individual.
Go and walk about TAMU-CS; you're strolling with, what, 35,000 other
students? Yeah, it's a fine school, but just how much individual
attention will you receive? It's all up to you, pal.



Jul 14, 2001, 10:29:42 AM7/14/01
On Sat, 14 Jul 2001 04:06:38 GMT, Patrick Hughes
<p.at....@worldnet.att.net> wrote:

>Victoria right?

Yeah. We'll be on an early ferry from Vancouver and we'll bus in from
whatever that town just north of Sydney is where the boat stops.

>Find out what unit the Jar was in, there were some 35,000 canooks
>went to Nam.

Well, she's old money Santa Barbera, CA high society and he's a jar
who likes that stuff. They're on an Alaska cruise stopping over...
they only stay at the best hotels, and I do not mean "Best Western".
I'm sure it'll be too rich for our blood. We do fancy a nice bed &
breakfast vez a vez, but only rarely and during inclement weather.
We'd rather be sitting around a campfire and sleeping in our tent.

Later, we're going to rent a car and head up the island... we're just
going to follow our noses and OD on fresh salmon baked in the dutch

I expect that we'll arrive Victoria around 0900 on 9 Aug, 2001
depending on which ferry we catch. Our ride to the terminal has to
get to work, so we'll have to leave early, I'm sure.

I'll be checking this Hotmail account.



Jul 14, 2001, 1:42:53 PM7/14/01
On Sat, 14 Jul 2001 16:12:05 GMT, Patrick Hughes
<p.at....@worldnet.att.net> wrote:

>On Sat, 14 Jul 2001 09:29:42 -0500, !Jones <lbj...@hotmail.com>
>So that means you are comming in to Canada on the 8th? If you arrive
>early enough to catch a ferry to arrive in Victoria on 9th, you are
>talking flying in very early indeed.

Landing in Vancouver on the 7th. Taking the 8th to orient and heading
out for Victoria on the morning of the 9th. It's only about an hour's
trip from the time the ferry shoves off, not? Maybe a little more. I
think that the web site said sailing time was 35 min... another half
hour or so on the bus.


Bill Clarke

Jul 14, 2001, 5:01:02 PM7/14/01
Charles G. White <whit...@amaonline.com> wrote in message
It really is Charlie, I just think a modest approach is usually more


Jul 15, 2001, 11:23:59 PM7/15/01
On Sat, 14 Jul 2001 18:22:29 GMT, Patrick Hughes
<p.at....@worldnet.att.net> wrote:

>back channel me, our office is very close to airport area.

Yeah, OK. I'm on a slow modem and it takes Hotmail *forever* to load.
The dates are firm. I'll be going in to work tomorrow where I have a
faster connection and a real e-mail. I suppose I could telnet, but
this is a 300 baud acoustic coupling... one of these days I gotta
upgrade! Hell, what's wrong with an 8086 anyway?


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