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White wigger spring breaker dies after two niggers drug & rape her, use her credit card to 'party': Police

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Nov 18, 2021, 6:30:02 AM11/18/21
Two men are behind bars after police say they drugged and raped
a woman, who was later found deceased in a hotel room.

7 News Miami reports that 21-year-old Christine Englehardt, of
Pennsylvania, died on Thursday inside her hotel room at the
Albion Hotel in Miami Beach. Her death is being investigated as
a homicide. Police arrested Evoire Collier, 21, and Dorian
Taylor, 24, both of Greensboro, North Carolina, in connection
with Englehardt’s death.

According to court documents, the suspects are accused of
drugging Engelhardt, then raping her inside her hotel room.
First responders found the victim alone, semi-naked, and
unresponsive in her hotel room. They rushed her to a local
hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Investigators obtained security footage that ultimately led to
the suspects. According to the Miami Herald, police first found
Collier on Ocean Drive at Eighth Street, wearing the same pants
he wore while on security footage at the Albion Hotel.

Collier reportedly admitted to investigators that he “met a
girl” at a restaurant. The suspect said he later walked down
Ocean Drive with Taylor and the victim and saw Taylor give
Englehardt a “green pill.”

During a Monday morning bond hearing, Miami Beach Detective Luis
Alsinae told the court that Collier thought the pill may have
been Percocet.

The detective added that Collier confessed he walked to the
victim’s hotel room with Taylor, with the intention of having
sex with her. Alsina testified that security footage on the
night in question showed Taylor holding the victim from behind
because she was too intoxicated to walk straight.

“She was actually staggering a little bit, and at one point co-
defendant Taylor held her, behind her, around her neck,
basically keeping her stable. We believe she was either
intoxicated or drugged, and she could not give consent for them
to actually go with her,” Alsinae said.

Collier reportedly told the detective that he and Taylor both
had sex with the victim, but he thought Taylor may have forced
himself on her at some point after she passed out.

“The fact that the victim was under the influence of alcohol and
narcotics, she could not have consented to sex with the
defendants,” the police report read.

Afterward, the suspect took Englehardt’s credit card and used it
at “various locations” across Miami Beach, including liquor
stores, according to authorities.

When police caught up with Taylor, they reportedly found the
victim’s cellphone in his possession, as well as green pills.

The suspects are currently charged with burglary, credit card
fraud, sexual battery, and theft. Charges could upgrade,
depending on the victim’s autopsy and toxicology reports.

“The victim couldn’t even pick up the phone to call the police
or 9-1-1 after they did what they did to her,” Judge Mindy
Glazer said during Monday’s hearing. “You’re both being held on
some serious charges. You battered a helpless victim.”

NBC 6 reports that Collier’s sister pleaded with Glazer to
release her brother, claiming that he had never been in legal
trouble before.

“I’m severely bewildered by these charges and accusations
against him, but I can attest for his character and I can attest
for the responsibility of him standing trial for whatever
charges. If you please let my brother come home and let our
family handle the situation appropriately we will do whatever is
necessary that Miami-Dade County asks of us.”

Glazer ultimately denied bond for both men. They remain behind
bars in Miami, awaiting their next court date.

Check back for updates.

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