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Pensacola homeowner recounts home invasion where he shot a nigger suspect

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Dave Cross

Nov 18, 2021, 6:30:02 AM11/18/21
ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WEAR) — It was just after 3 a.m. Thursday
when Keith Fendley undoubtedly sensed an intruder in his home
off W. Jackson St.

Fendley, a registered gun owner in Florida, never planned on
using his weapon for self defense, but he's glad he was prepared.

Before breaking through a screen window, six suspects -- one
being his granddaughter -- cut the circuit breaker in his
garage, cutting off most of the power inside.

"When did you get first the feeling that someone was in your
home?" Channel 3 asked Fendley.

"As soon as they broke through the back door," replied Fendley.
"As soon as I heard the crash, I jumped up and got the gun and I
came right here. And as soon as I got her I just started to

He describes the suspects as being feet from his doorway.

"One of them was saying, 'Put your hands up! Put your hands up!'
so I stepped back and thought 'no way.' That's when I pulled the
trigger," said Fendley.

Fendley gunshot wasn't fatal -- he shot suspect Jamarquez
Cromwell in the chest. He says it wasn't his intention to kill,
but he sees the home invasion as a life or death situation. He
says he was aiming to protect his family at all costs.

"I look at it as, I don't know if anything I own is worth
someone's life, but it's not worth them taking my life either,"
Fendley added.

The six suspects arrested and charged for the home invasion are:

Cynthia Register, 18 (Fendley's granddaughter)
Natalie Gagne, 19
Dominique Gonzalez, 19
Tyari Crear, 18
Clint Hochalter, 17
Jamarquez Cromwell, 19

Sheriff Chip Simmons said the group of six devised a plan to rob
Fendley for money so they could bail a friend out of jail.

Deputies say Cromwell suffered non life-threatening injuries.

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