Credit Default Swaps -bets against- Municipalities and States, how "they" profit from the USA Taxpayers again

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Feb 11, 2011, 2:47:01 PM2/11/11
Dear President Obama and VP Biden :

Here are a few issues where in my opinion all parties must work

1 ) the Financials are getting ready to whack the USA municipalities
with Credit Default Swaps, CDS, please read this story in the
Financial Times about how Banks, Hedge-Funds, Money Managers , Pimco
and Gross , etal , are getting ready to make a killing in these
derivatives games, it only requires to destroy USA Municipality's
economies, but as we saw with the Mortgage Crisis, Currencies ,
Commodities like Oil and Gold , Euro, etc., they could not care
less ! ..... get ready for the massacre ! and who will stop them in
D.C. ? NO ONE !!! , February 6, 2011, " Wall St looks to boost
market in US muni CDS "

Wall Street is seeking to expand the market for derivatives that allow
banks and investors to profit from – or hedge against...municipal
governments – and banks wanting to hedge their exposures amid concerns
over rising risks – efforts are being made to boost the CDS market.
“It is fair to say that the Street is eager to get this up and
running,” said Christian Stracke... By Nicole Bullock and Aline van
Duyn in New York

and since these CDS-derivatives swaps only make money when
Municipalities, States , Schools Systems , Counties and Towns debt go
financially down, how this can be legal ? patriotic ? morally right?
and Congress, where are they on this ? with the political
contributors, right?

2 ) The FCIC Report points to Greenspan, Bernanke, Geithner, Rubin,
etal as partly responsible for the 2008 Financial Disaster, but right
away they launch a "spin and lie with smoke and mirrors " campaign
and blame the whole world except themselves, isn't wonderful ? ....
they say they were only in charge, but they did not know what A.I.G. ,
Citi, LehmanBros, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch were selling, they
thought they were selling door knobs and shower curtains , that's
all !

3 ) the SEC signs D.C. office space leases for 500 million dollars
without any bids with 2 companies , behind closed doors and while
dumping other office space in the area, but spin master Mary Shapiro
blames the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny, among others, and today
she says that the SEC has no money, that's why they can't investigate
any of the above !

4 ) about BP and Feinberg , why is he working for BP ( 800.000
dollars a year plus expenses and perks for his law firm ) and telling
the Gulf of Mexico oil spill affected workers, consumers and taxpayers
that he is impartial , fair and honest ? Judge Barbier calls him on
the lie ! .....when will the Pr. and the VP fire him and get an honest
broker ?

Fund Official Not Neutral, Judge Rules

5 ) Carnival Cruises pays only 1.1.% in taxes and we still don't know
about thousands of USA millionaires tax evaders , but Shulman and his
neocons still run the IRS and tells all how good he is ! ... now we
understand why the USA is 14 trillion dollars in the hole, they are
the leaks center .

The Paradox of Corporate Taxes

6 ) fracking methods have used millions of gallons of diesel fuel to
separate molecules of gas from rock and sand in the USA , right next
to fresh drinking water tables, but drilling co's like Halliburton
and others tell the EPA, the Committee's and local consumers that they
don't need to know what they use , how and where ! ... so tap water
lights up and they blame the liberals and Santa Claus !

In c-span, Feb.9.2011, Washington Journal, a doctor and surgeon,
Barraso, a Congress member, when asked by a caller about toxic
chemicals in gas-fracking methods, he did not answer the question and
instead went after the EPA !!! , the voters and taxpayers of the great
State of Wyoming deserve a lot more than this individual, he clearly
show that for him the profits of "gas fracking" companies are more
important than the health and fresh drinking water of American
Taxpayers, time for the voters to get new representation ! and what a
criminal shame and what an insult to the great profession of Medical
Doctors and Surgeons !

7 ) Rupert Murdoch's papers in the U.K. tap phones from celebrities
and politicians , but hey ! who cares , right ? he does the same here
in the USA ! and he got a TV License in the USA, but will anyone
demand to get it back from this thief ? NO ! he runs D.C. !

so dear President and VP, this and other absurd situations are the
real deal in D.C., and since Sperling and his neocons will tell Rupert
Murdoch and Exxon Mobil what the situation is, nothing is going to
change, right?

and again, where is the jobs plan from Mitch " 14 million earmark
monument to myself and my wife " McConell and his "conservatives" ?
where is it ? under his monument ? in conservation ? in the
refrigerator ? where is the jobs plan ?

Washington D.C. has no jobs plan, not one, they only got hairspray and
make-up for the TV cameras , what a criminal shame !

And now many of the same financial institutions that had to be bailed-
out by the USA Taxpayers in 2008 due to incompetence and greed are
turning around and "very organized" are betting against these same
Taxpayers , against the States , the Counties and Towns that paid for
their bail-out , and to make even more billions of dollars with the
same old derivatives from their victims again.

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