Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Dark Matter Machine (Part 1).mp4

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Feb 23, 2011, 12:40:51 AM2/23/11
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Dark Matter Machine (Part 1).mp4



According to supersymmetry, WIMPs act as their own antimatter
particles. When two WIMPs interact, they annihilate each other and
release a flurry of secondary particles as well as gamma rays. Using
GLAST, scientists hope to find these high-energy signatures of dark
matter in our galaxy. If they succeed, this discovery will help solve
one of astronomy's grandest mysteries.

Image right: According to supersymmetry, dark-matter particles known
as neutralinos (which are often called WIMPs) annihilate each other,
creating a cascade of particles and radiation that includes medium-
energy gamma rays. If neutralinos exist, the LAT might see the gamma
rays associated with their demise. Credit

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