WTD: 3 Nicholas Campbell HITCHHIKER episodes (HBO/USA Network)

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Feb 1, 2023, 10:11:58 AMFeb 1
Looking for someone who has off-air recordings of the three Nicholas Campbell episodes of THE HITCHHIKER. These are the first three episodes of the series (from 1983) that featured Nicholas Campbell as the title character. L

As some may know, his scenes were later re-shot with Page Fletcher for syndication. Although I had originally assumed his episodes only appeared on HBO, I have since found out that those versions of the episodes DID air on USA Network when they acquired the show.

The three episodes are: Shattered Vows, When Morning Comes and Split Decision

I'm okay with recordings from either network (even though USA ones are edited) as I'm really only after decent quality of the Hitchhiker scenes themselves, so I'm looking for the best quality possible (from an off-air VHS, SP speed, most likely). I have no idea if the Campbell versions would have been on the Hulu streaming from about 10 years ago, but if they were, those are preferred even above the HBO/USA showings, as they'd likely be better visual quality.

I have LOTS of things to trade and can either send you DVD-R or video files in trade. If you have the recordings, but don't have a way to digitize them, I can do that, also.
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