Looking for a cartoons on this list - PLEASE HELP!!!

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Jan 31, 2006, 11:27:26 PM1/31/06
Hi all, I am looking for a group of cartoons. Here is a list stating
the cartoon name and the specific episode I am looking for. I would
REALLY appreciate your assistence in finding these cartoons, and I will
be willing to pay for them if they are in good quality. Please reply if
you have any of these cartoons, and thank you!

1. Captain N : The Game Master - "Wishful Thinking"

2. Godzilla (80's animated cartoon) - "Microgodzilla"

3. Herculoids - "Return of Torak"

4. Peter Pan and the Pirates - "The Dream"

5. Taz-Mania - "Amazing Shrinking Taz and Co."

6. Captain Planet and the Planeteers - "An Inside Job"

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