WTD: recordings of THE HITCHHIKER from original HBO showings

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Feb 16, 2022, 11:03:54 AM2/16/22
As said in the subject, I'm ONLY interested in original HBO showings of THE HITCHHIKER. Prefer to trade with someone who recorded them off-air (rather than a dupe) and in SP speed. Do NOT want rips from the DVDs or streaming.

ONLY looking for the following episodes:

* Shattered Vows (original version with Nicholas Campbell as the Hitchhiker)
* When Morning Comes (original version with Nicholas Campbell as the Hitchhiker)
* Split Decision (original version with Nicholas Campbell as the Hitchhiker)
* One Last Prayer

Also, interested in a RIP of the Hulu version of the following episode, ONLY if it's the unedited HBO version and good-enough quality (i.e. the 64mb version found online is NOT acceptable)
* Doctor's Orders (there's supposedly a 231mb or so version that used to get torrented)

I have LOTS of stuff to trade.


Mar 14, 2022, 8:25:11 AM3/14/22
Further to my original request, I should say I WOULD be interested in Hulu-streamed RIPs of "Split Decision" if they are the uncut version of the episode... the version released on the Koch (Canadian) DVD set are edited (slightly) for broadcast and had commercial fades added to them. If you have the Hulu copy of this episode, I am interested, even if it's the Page Fletcher version of the episode.

Also, if Hulu managed to release the other two Nicholas Campbell episodes, I would be interested in those, as well.

Also, if the Hulu version of "One Last Prayer" is longer than 22 minutes, I'd be interested (almost all other HBO episodes were 24-25 minutes). The short running time on that one (and lack of profanity) makes me think they accidentally put the syndication version on the DVDs for that one.
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