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Nov 23, 2004, 5:42:41 PM11/23/04
Paypal, and money orders only
The more you buy.... the better the deal.. pricing is negotiable.
email if interested in anything- or all.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving. :o)

Baby For Sale (Sealed) (Green Slip case) TV Movie
7/12/04 (with Press Kit) PK contains info, 4 8x10s (with 8
photos on them) $7

Baby For Sale (Sealed) (Green Slip case) TV Movie
7/12/04 (with Press Kit) PK contains info, 4 8x10s (with 8
photos on them) ($7)

Behind the Red Door- Showtime Channel Folder
Press Notes/info/bios, 1 slide, 1 8x10 with 5 color photos on it. (Kyra
Sedgwick, Keifer Sutherland, Stockard Channing) Slide has them all pictured.

Bobbie's Girl - Showtime Channel Folder
Press Notes/information, 1 slide ($3)

Caught in the Act (Sealed) (White Slip case) TV Movie
5/10/04 Lauren Holly (Have Press Kit) PK contains info, 4 8x10s (with 12 photos
on them) ($8)

Charms For the Easy Life- Showtime Channel Folder
Press Notes/information, 1 slide. ($3)

Cher- The Farewell Tour- no folder (NBC Special)
Press packet of information, with color mini poster (as the cover) that shows
color photos of Cher in different outfits from the special. stapled in the top
left corner to the press packet.($3)

Comfort and Joy (Red Slip case) TV Movie
1/1/03 (Have Press Kit) Nancy McKeon
PK contains info, 3 8x10s (with 11 photos on them) ($15)

CSI - tv show- CSI Glosy Pictured Folder with cast pictured. Folder opens to
have more cast pictured.
Contains pretty much nothing.. Just 1 color page (with the cast from CSI
pictured on 1/2 and the casr from CSI Miami pictured on the other 1/2, and what
appears to be a 1 page color ad (that was going to be on the cover of Juice
Magazine).. with Jorga Fox pictured.
There are no notes or anything else with this press kit (free)

D.C. (WB tv show)(2000) In a USA network folder
Press Notes/information/bios
6 8x10s. Including individual Press photos of Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jacinda
Barrett, Kristanna Loken, Gabriel Olds, Daniel Sunjata. and one with cast

Deceit (TV Movie) (Press Kit Only)
PK contains info, 4 8x10s (with 12 photos on them) ($5)

Disappearance (tv movie press kit)(TBS) Original Glossy pictured folder. Lots
of press notes, bios, credits, etc. Slides-8
Come with a slide caption sheet. Slides come in an envelope from network with
movie title on it. ($5)

Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off (tv movie)(Disney Channel)- Disney Folder
Press info- 6 pages, 2 pages of disney channel logo ears. 2 Pages of bios. ($3)

Division (The) (Sealed)
"Book of Memories" 3/14/04
(Have Press Kit) Press Kit contains: Information, 2 8x10s
with 9 photos on them. (Dean Cain, Nancy McKeon, Rebecca Gayheart, etc.)

Fidel (Showtime Folder)- Lots of press notes, 1 slide. ($3)

Five Days to Midnight (Scifi Channel mini series, Original SciFi folder)
Press Notes (free)

FOX Kids Press Photos (1990) ($10)
Fun House- 2 (1 Logo, 1 JD Roth)
Peter Pan and the Pirates- 1
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes-1
Piggsburg Pigs- 1
Bobby's World- 1
Zazoo U. - 1
Tom and Jerry Kids Show- 1
FOX Kids Slides- 23 ($15)
Peter Pan and the Pirates- 4
Bobby's World- 3
Fun House- 1
Zazoo U.- 4
Tom And Jerry Kids Show- 4
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes- 3
Piggsburg Pigs- 4
FOX (1998-1999) Press Binder - Do not know if this has
all its contents. Contains lots of media info, show info on the following:
Ally Mcbeal, America's Most Wanted, Beverly Hills, 90210,
Brimstone, Cops, Costello, Family Guy, FOX Kids Network, 1998-99 FOX Sports,
Futurama, Getting Personal, Holding the Baby,King of the Hill, Living in
Captivity, Mad TV, Melrose Place, Millennium, Party of Five, The PJs, That
70s Show (Formerly- Feelin' Alright), The Simpsons, The World's Funniest,
World's Wildest Police Videos, The X-Files. ($20)

FOX 2002 TCA Press Binder- This one isnt complete.
Contains Media Information, Info on the shows:
The Bernie Mac Show, Cedric the Entertainer, Girls Club,
The Grubbs, Keen Eddie, King of the Hill, Oliver Beene,etc. ($8)

FOX (2004-2005) DVD Set (Very Rare)
5 dvd set
Each comes in their own paper envelope and come in a small slip case box from
Each Dvd has color pictures of cast or graphics on itself.They say Pilot and a
running time.
The shows are:
American Dad - Pilot: 6:00
House- Pilot : 47:21 (nice photo of cast pictured on dvd)
Jonny Zero- Pilot: 49:40 (nice photo of cast pictured on dvd)
Kelsey Grammer Sketch Show (The) Pilot: 12:04 (nice photo of cast pictured on
Related By Family- Pilot: 23:03 (nice photo of cast pictured on dvd) ( I dont
think that any of these are set to air till 2005
and some will probably get canceled before they even do) ($20)

Full Court Miracle- Press Kit (Disney Channel Movie)- Disney Folder
Press notes/info./bios ($3)

Gotta Kick it Up- Press Kit (Disney Channel Movie)- Disney Folder
Press Notes/Info, 7 Slides ($5)

Gracie's Choice (Black slip case)(Sealed)(TV Movie)(Kristin Bell) (Veronica
Rough Cut ($3)

Head to Toe/ The I Do Diaries: Instant Wedding
2 tapes- Sealed
Tape 1- Head to Toe, The I Do Diaries, Merge (Dated 6/4)
Tape 2-Head to Toe- Tape says episode 0305 (Dated 8/23/03
2 8x10s with 7 photos on them. Lisa Rinna, etc. (no folder)
I have put them with The Division PK ($5)

Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay -PK Only Alliance Atlantis original
folder. (TV Movie) Shirley MacLaine, Parker Posey, Shannen Doherty.
Press notes/information. A separate press book with cast pictured on cover- has
selected press clippings/ads 10/02.
A color advertisment for the movie- front and back. This
has slightly bent corners. It barely fits in the press folder. ($5)

Hunger Point (TV Movie) (Sealed)(Grey Slip Case)
Aired 1/13/03 (Have Press Kit) PK comes in original color folder with Barbara
Hershey pictured on front. It includes lots of press notes/information,
3 8x10s (with 12 photos on them). $8

The Interrogation of Michael Crowe- no folder- Court TV
Press information on movie
Ally Sheedy stars -(free)

I Was a Teenage Faust - Showtime Channel Folder
(TV Movie)?
Press notes/information- free

Just a Dream - Showtime Folder- TV Movie
Press information booklet, 1 slide- $3

Just a Walk in the Park - Glossy Pictured Folder, TV movie- ABCFamily
Press information- $3

Keep the Faith, Baby - Showtime Movie- No Folder
Press information, 1 slide- $3

Ladies and the Champ (TV Movie)(Disney)(White Slip case)
ABC Network
Aired 4/22/01 - $10

The Locket (tv movie)(Hallmark)PK Glossy colored folder with photo on front.
Press notes/information, cdrom,6 pages with color images/photos from the movie.
(21 different color images on these pages), 5 slides. ($10)

The Locket (tv movie)(Hallmark)PK Glossy colored folder with photo on front.
Press notes/information, cdrom,6 pages with color images/photos from the movie.
(21 different color images on these pages) - $8

Lyon's Den (The) (TV Show)(VHS)(NBC)(2003) NBC Hard case- no photos
Pilot (Unaired Pilot Version)?
Rough Cut
5/12/03 - $10

Martin and Lewis (TV movie)PK (CBS) Glossy Pictured Folder
Press information, 1 8x10
Starring Sean Hayes, Jeremy Notham -$3

Melissa McCarthy (Sookie on Gilmore Girls)
Agency Photo (8x10, Black and White)
Autographed- Says To David, Best Wishes! Melissa McCarthy (I think that one can
erase the to David part.... but I dont want to try) Comes with COA from Dave's
(Dated 11/9/01) Dont know if this is when she signed it... or when I bought it
on eBay) - $5

Miracle Run (Sealed)(Green Slip case)(Lifetime) TV Movie
8/9/04- $8

Miss Lettie and Me (tv movie)PK (TNT) Original Folder
Press notes/info... a conversation with Mary Tyler Moore, etc. 1 slide, 2 pages
with 22 photo images on them.- $3

More Than Meets the Eye (tv movie)PK (Lifetime) Original Folder. Press
notes/info/bios, 3 8x10s (with 8 photos) - $3

Mountain (The)(2004)(WB Show)(Oliver Hudson)
Pilot - Not for Review
Unaired Version? $10

My Sister's Keeper (tv movie)(Hallmark)PK Original glossy pictured folder.
Press Notes/info. 4 8x10s (8 photos on them)- $3

Nikki (tv show)(WB) No folder. Press Notes/info/bios, 2 full Size 8x10s (1
cast, 1 Nikki (Nikki Cox) and Dwight (Nick Von Esmarch)- $10

No Ordinary Baby (tv movie press kit)PK(Lifetime) Original folder
Press notes/info/bios, 4 8x10s (10 photos on them) (Bridget Fonda)

1-800 Missing (3 tapes)
Season 2 Premiere +2
Tape 1 Episode 19 "Sea of Love" 7/10/04 (Sealed)
Tape 2 Episode 20 "One Night Stand" 7/14/04
Tape 3 Episode 21 "Judgement Day" 7/24/04 (Sealed)
(Have Press Kit)(I think PK is from the first season though)
PK comes in original Folder with Gloria Reuben and Caterina Scorsone pictured.
Lots of press info, and 1 full size 8x10 with them pictured

One Tree Hill - Basketball Promo
Soft sided basketball is 16 inches in diameter and housed in a white net
sleeve. The top is closed with a mini version of the poster for the show. This
is made of a light cardboard and may be a sticker, looks like a sheet
protecting adhesive on the back side but it hasn't been opened.
Features the WB Frog logo with the word Cleveland's above it. Also promotes the
"Gilmore Girls" season premiere on the same card. $10

Our House (1986) (NBC)(TV show) Chad Allen, Shannen Doherty
Press Kit-(no folder) Contains 2 pages of Info, 2 8x10s
(1 B/W with cast of 5 sitting on porch, 1 Color with cast - looks like a family
portrait) 3 more press photos (7x9)?
(1 with Wilford Brimley- back of photo has show character info, 1 with Deidre
Hall- back of photo has show character info, 1 with Shannen Doherty, Chad
Allen, Keri Houlihan- Back of photo has show characters info. (very rare)

The Outsider - Showtime Folder- TV Movie PK (2002)
Press Information, 3 slides on a caption sheet (Naomi Watts)(Tim Daly, Brett
Tucker, Naomi Watts), (Brett Tucker), 1 8x10 press photo with 7 photos on it.

The Pact (Black Slip case) (Lifetime)
Aired 11/4/02
Rough Cut - $10

Perfect Romance (Sealed)(Yellow Slip case) (Lifetime)
TV Movie
6/7/04 (Have Press Kit) Kathleen Quinlan
PK contains info, 4 8x10s (with 14 photos on them) ($8)

Pop Rocks (TV Movie) ABC Family (ABC Family Slip case)
Rough Cut (Have Press Kit)
PK - original glossy pictured folder.. Comes with info, and 1 page of color
pictures- $10

Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr.... really
cool slide. This was a slide promoting
Buffy, Angel and Roswell... dated 1999. Shows Sarah on the top, David at the
bottom left, and Shiri and Jason at the bottom right. (I think this slide would
make a cool looking poster or shirt) - $3

Scott Vicaryous (Clay from the tv show Get Real) (FOX network)
Agency Photo (8x10)(Black and White) with Resume sheet of tv/film credits,
training, special skills. No personal contact information.- $5

Scream Team (The) (Disney Movie) (Black hard case) Rough Cut
Aired 10/4/02
Trt: 1:26:00 - $10

Secret Life of Zoey (The) (TVM) (black hard case)
8/19/02 - $8

See You In My Dreams (CBS):  TV Movie
CBS slip case
6/13/04 - $5

Sex and the Single Mom (Sealed) (Green Slip case) LifetimeTV Movie
9/8/03- $10

She's Too Young (Lifetime)(TV Movie) (Sealed)
2/16/04- $10

Sightings: Heartland Ghost - Showtime Folder
Press Information, 2 slides.. including Nia Long, Beau Bridges, etc. $3

Soul Food (tv show)(Showtime) Glossy pictured folder
Press notes/information, 3 slides- $3

Speaking of Women's Health (Lifetime's)
4th Season Premiere (Tape and PK)
PK contains- 2 8x10s (Florence Henderson, Rachel Campos)- $3

Stranger Beside me (The)(tv movie press kit)(USA) Color pictured folder.
Lots of press info. - $3

Street Time (tv show press kit)(Showtime) Color pictured folder
with Scott Cohen and Rob Morrow on front. Press info/notes, 1 slide. - $3

Student Seduction (TV Movie) (only PK)
PK contains info, 3 8x10s (with 7 photos on them)
(Elizabeth Berkley, Corey Sevier)- $5

Tangerine Bear (Pax TV) (Black Slip case, no photos)
11/24/01- $3

Tempted (tv movie)PK (Lifetime) Lifetime Folder. Press notes/information. 3
8x10s (9 photos on them) Virginia Madsen, Lainie Kazan, Jason Momoa.- $3

10.5 (Earthquake Miniseries)(NBC) 2 dvd set with miniseries on them. 1 has
night one and 1 has night 2. (Both come in a dvd case with photos on it. -$3

Ten Minutes Older - No Folder - Showtime
Press Information, 2 slides (1 from The History of Water, and 1 from Ten
Minutes Older)- $3

10,000 Black Men Named George - Showtime Folder
Press Information, 1 slide- $3

Tru Confessions (tv movie)(Disney) Disney Channel folder.
Press notes/info. 6 slides- $5

TV Land- TV Legends: The 60 minutes Interviews. (tv series) TVLAND folder.
Info on the series. 1 page with photos. (Jackie Gleason, Johnny Carson)- $3

Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story (tv movie) (Lifetime) Lifetime folder.
Press notes/info/bios
3 8x10s(8 photos on them). Angie Harmon, Dale Midkiff,
Jamey Sheridan. - $5

Wasteland- a few clippings (I clipped them out)
1 full page Brad Rowe, back side has mini poster of the movie Drive me Crazy
with Melissa Joan Hart
1 full page (front) Marisa Coughlan
1 full page (front and back) Marisa Coughlan
1 full page (front and back) Marisa Coughlan
1 smaller clipping about the show - with small cast photo at top. Clippings
have edge wear from being taken out of magazine/s.- $5

WB 2003-2004 Press Binder
Contains media press information, WB stars Celeb birthdays, Press info on the
following shows-
All About The Andersons, Angel, Tarzan, Smallville, Everwood, Charmed. 7th
Heaven, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Steve Harvey's Big Time, Jamie Kennedy
Run Of The House, Like Family, What I Like About You, Reba, Grounded for Life.-

We Were the Mulvaneys (tv movie) (Lifetime) Lifetime folder. Press
notes/info/bios, 4 8x10s(6 photos on them). Beau Bridges, Blythe Danner, Tammy
Blanchard, Mark Famiglietti. Book available.- $5

Whitewash: The Clarence Brandley Story- no folder
Press information, 1 slide- $3

Wild Card (TV Show) Tape says 2nd Season Premiere and the date 7/11
According to epguides this is the episode
19) "A Felony for Melanie"- $3

Will and Grace - Original Folder
Press Information, 7 Slides (Eric McCormach, Sean Hayes, Debra Messing, Megan
Mullally, 3 cast)- $5

Women Rock (Lifetime) (4th Annual) (PK only)
PK contains info, 2 8x10s (with 15 photos on them)
(Jessica Alba, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Rue, Mya, Dolly Parton, etc)-$3

Wonderfalls- Dvd
"Pilot" (Comes in a dvd case with photo of main star on the case) Dvd itself
says FOX Publicity 2003-2004
unaired pilot .$20
New Stuff
Samantha- An American Girl Holiday (review VHS)(TV Movie)(WB)
Comes in a clamshell case with photos
Airs 11/23/04,11/25/04- $8


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