WTD: Amazing Spider-man (Live Action): Curse of Rava/Con Caper & Wolfpack/Kirkwood Haunting

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Jan 12, 2009, 8:41:17 PM1/12/09
I'm looking for to get a copy of the 2 commercial VHS releases of The
Amazing Spider-man, (70's Live Action series). Theses 2 videos were
released in both SP and EP speed, I'm ONLY looking for the SP
releases. I have the remaining videos that were released commercially
on VHS, all of them were the SP releases, excellent quality and have
now been dub to DVDs. I'm also looking for an excellent TV broadcast
of The Captive Tower, which was never release on video commercially,
preferably uncut.

Below is my trade list:

TV Shows:

2000 Malibu Road SVHS
7 Days (ALL) most on SVHS
9 to 5 (series)
A Family for Joe
Alias Smith and Jones (commercial tapes)
Angel Street
B.L. Stryker (ALL, most on SVHS)
Banacek (commercial tapes)
Battlestar Galactica and all 12 Telefilms, 6 of them the commercial
tapes (ALL)
Batman and Robin (15 part serial)
The Beatles Anthology vol.1-8 commercial tapes
Beauty and the Beast
Bette (ALL)
Bewitched: It Take One to Know One, w/o/c, 11-26-64
Big Apple
Blacke's Magic
Body of Evidence
Boston Public
Boys of Twilight
Broken Badges
Camp Wilder
Capitol News
Chicago Sons
China Beach (ALL, W/O/C)
Christie Cromwell
Cool Million (SYN)
Columbo (Included are all 30 Columbia House releases)
The Commish Some SVHS
Covington Cross (ALL, including unaired) Some SVHS
Cupid (ALL)
Cursed/ The Weber Show (ALL) SVHS
Dark Angel (ALL)
Dark Justice Most SVHS
Dave's World
Deadline (ALL, including the unaired ones) Some SVHS
District (The) (ALL) Professional SVHS
Dolphin Cove
Double Trouble 1 episode w/o/c
Dr. Doctor
Drexell's Class (ALL)
Due South
Drew Carey (live telecast only, missing the 1st few seconds)
E.A.R.T.H. Force (ALL)
Early Edition (ALL) Most SVHS
Eddie Dodd
Ellery Queen SYN (ALL)
Equal Justice Most SVHS
Falcone (ALL)
Famous Teddy Z
Fantasy Island (1998)
Ferris Buellar
Fifth Corner
Fine Romance (ALL)
The Flash
Flesh & Blood SVHS
Fly by Night SVHS
Foley Square
Fortune Hunter
Freaks and Geeks SYN
Free Spirit
The Fugitive 2000
Future Cop SYN
Gabriel's Fire 2 episodes, w/o/c
Galactica 1980 (ALL)
Get Smart 1995 (ALL)
Going Places
Good & Evil (ALL 6) SVHS
Good Sport most SVHS
Grand SVHS
Hard Time on Planet Earth
Hardy Boys (1978) 8 on MCA Home Video
Hearts Are Wild
Hot House
Hot Shots
Hudson Street
Human Target (ALL)
I Had Three Wives
Jack's Place
JAG (Most of the 1st season, NBC)
The Job
Kojak (commercial tapes)
Kojak (90’s)
Law and Harry McGraw SYN
Law and Order
Limestreet 90 min. pilot + 1 episode
Live In
Living Dolls
Man of the People
Mancuso FBI
Mann and Machine SVHS
Manimal SYN (ALL)
Married with Children
The Marshal
Masquerade (all , but 2 episodes)
Max Monroe: Loose Cannon (ALL)
McMillan & Wife (commercial tapes)
Me and Mom
Men Behaving Badly
Miami Vice SYN
Michael Richards (ALL) SVHS
Middle Ages
Midnight Caller
Misfits of Science
Mission Impossible (88-89)
Moon over Miami
Moonlighting SYN
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (ALL, including the unaired)
Mrs. Columbo SYN
Murder One SYN
Murphy Brown
Murphy's Law
My Life and Times
Nancy Drew (1978) 8 on MCA Home Video
Nash Bridges
Nasty Boys
Nearly Departed
New Avengers Digital cable on SVHS uncut
Nick and Hillary (ALL, but the unaired episodes)
Nightmare Café
Normal Life
Now & Again (ALL) Professional SVHS
Nowhere Man
Nutt House
Otherworld (ALL)
Over my Dead Body
P.S. I Luv You
Pacific Station
Palace Guard SVHS
Peaceable Kingdom
The Powers That Be
The Pretender (ALL) Most on SVHS
Princesses SVHS
Probe (ALL)
Quantum Leap (ALL)
Rags to Riches (ALL)
Remington Steele
Roar (ALL, including the unaired)
Rockford File (The) (commercial tapes)
Round Table
Royal Family
Salvage 1 (All)
Seaquest 2032
Seaquest DSV
Secret Agent Man
Shell Game
Silk Stalkings (1st season, CBS)
Sledge Hammer
Sliders (1st season)
Snoops (1989)
Something Out There
Space and Beyond
Space Rangers (ALL) SVHS
Spies (ALL)
Spy Game (ALL)
Square Peg SYN
Stand by Your Man
Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: The Next Generation (ALL)
Star Trek: Voyager
Stingray (89) (ALL)
Studio 5B
Supertrain SYN (ALL)
The Tattinger's (ALL, but the unaired episodes)
Tequila and Bonetti
Three (ALL)
Time Trax (ALL)
Timecop (ALL)
Top of the Heap
Top of the Hill
Total Security
Touched by an Angel
Tucker's Witch (ALL)
TV 101
Twin Peaks
Uncle Buck
Undercover SVHS
V the Series commercial tapes (ALL)
V the Series (NBC)
Vengeance Unlimited (ALL) SVHS
Vinnie and Bobby
Viper (NBC).
Visitor (The) (ALL)
Vogagers (ALL)
Weber Show (The)/Cursed
Winnetka Road (ALL)
Wiseguy SYN
Working Girls

Mini-series, TV movies and Specials:

1,000 Men and a Baby TV movie
70s: The Decade that Changed Television 2hr. special
The 60’s TV movie 4 hr. NBC
The 60’s TV movie DVD
The 70’s TV movie 4 hr. DVD
79 Park Avenue mini-series 6 hr.
The 10th Kingdom DVD
The 10th Kingdom NBC mini-series 10 hr
The Making of The 10th kingdom
A Walton Easter.
A Very Brady Christmas TV movie
Alias Smith and Jones: Pilot 90 min. (commercial tape)
Wrong Train to Brimstone (commercial tape)
The Root of it All (commercial tape)
All of the Bowery Boys movie
All of the Francis The Talking Mule Movies (commercial tapes)
And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story TV movie
Andy Griffin Reunion special
Angel in the Endzone TV movie
The Archer aka (Fugitive from the Empire) TV movie
Area 51 TV special SVHS
Asteroid TV movie 4 hr.
Atomic Train TV movie 4 hr.
Atomic Train & the making of DVD
Banacek: Detour to Nowhere-pilot 2 hr. (commercial tape)
Let's Hear It For a Living Legend 90 min. (commercial
Ten Thousand Dollars a Page 90 min. (commercial tape)
Bare Essense mini-series 4 ½ hr.
Barefoot Executive 95 TV movie
Batmania from Comics to Screen Commercial Tape
Battle of the Network Stars (9 of them) poor quality
Before the Storm TV movie SVHS
Best of Saturday Night Live 88-89 special 2 hr.
Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues TV movie
Bionic Ever After TV movie
Black Moon Rising TV movie
Blondie Eat to the Beat special
The Blue & The Gray 8 hr. mini-series Digital commercial-free
channel, uncut on Super VHS
Borrowed Hearts TV movie
Captain America
Captain America ll
Cher at the Mirage special
Climax! Casino Royale Commercial Tape (The first James Bond show)
Condor TV movie
Covergirl TV movie
Double Agent TV movie
Double Switch TV movie
Earth Angel TV movie
Earthstar Voyager 4 hr. TV movie
Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii special
Fantasia RARE, uncut 1940. The one Disney says, does not
From the Earth to the Moon DVD 12 hr. mini-series
Get Smart Again! TV movie
The Gifted One TV movie
Glitter TV movie
Happy Anniversary 007: 25 years of James Bond ABC TV special
Hart to Hart Returns (Digital commercial-free channel, uncut, on
SVHS). 1993
Hart to Hart: Old Friends Never Die (Digital commercial-free
channel, uncut on SVHS). 1994
Hart to Hart: Home is Where the Harts Is (Digital commercial-free
channel, uncut on SVHS). 1994
Hart to Hart: Secrets of the Hart (Digital commercial-free channel,
uncut on SVHS). 1995
Hart to Hart: Crimes of the Hart (Digital commercial-free channel,
uncut on SVHS). 1995
Heaven and Hell: North and South: Book lll mini-series 6 hr.
(Original ABC Telecast, w/o/c)
Hot Paint TV movie
I Married a Centerfold TV movie
I-Man TV movie
IKE mini-series 6 hr. (commercial tape)
The Incredible Hulk (commercial tape)
In Like Flynn TV movie
In the Beginning TV movie SVHS 4 hr.
The Invaders TV movie 4 hr.
Jakes Women TV movie
Jason and the Argonauts TV movie 4hr. DVD
Jesus TV movie SVHS 4 hr.
K-9000 TV movie
Kennedy mini series 6 hr. Digital commercial-free channel, uncut
King Kong NBC extended version, Sept. 16&17-1978, 4 hr.
Kojak: The Price of Justice (w/o/c) 2-21-87
Web of Death (commercial tape)
One For the Morgue (commercial tape)
Girl in the River (commercial tape)
Lady Against the Odds TV movie
The Last Don TV movie 6 hr.
The Last Don ll TV movie 6 hr.
Let it Be (The Beatles last movie) commercial tape
Linda McCartney Story TV movie
Lovesome Dove mini-series 8 hr. Digital commercial-free cable on
SVHS uncut
The Lost Empire 4 hr. TV movie on SVHS
Love Can Be Murder TV movie
Love Goddess TV movie
Magic Secrets Finally Revealed 1 & 2 special
Making of Beauty and the Beast special
Making of Lonesome Dove SVHS
Mama Flora's Family mini-series 4 hr. (Final project of Roots)
The Man with Bogart Face TV movie
McMillan & Wife: Once Upon a Dead Man-pilot 2 hr. (commercial tape)
Murder by the Barrel 90 min. (commercial tape)
Meatloaf Live: Bat out of Hell
Moody Blues: Live at Red Rock special
Murder Can Hurt TV movie
My Dog the Thief TV movie
NASA 25 years: The Greatest Show in Space 10 hr. commercial tapes
Net Force TV movie 4 hr.
New Attitudes TV movie
Noah TV movie
North and South mini-series 12 hr. commercial tapes
North and South: Book ll mini-series 12 hr. commercial tapes
Heaven and Hell: North and South: Book lll mini-series 6 hr.
(Original ABC Telecast, w/o/c)
North Star TV movie
Nude Bomb (The) aka The Return of Maxwell Smart
Olivia Newton-John in Australia special
Olivia Newton-John's Hollywood Nights special 4-14-80
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (ABC 2nd airing, alternate version,
139 min.)
Out of Time TV movie
Outback Bound TV movie
Pandora Clock TV movie
Pat Benatar in Concert special
Peter Gunn TV movie
Poison Ivy TV movie
Princess of Thieves Disney TV movie
Project: ALF TV movie
Return of the Man From U.N.C.L.E:The Fifteen Year Affair; TV movie
Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman TV movie.
Return of Sam McCloud TV movie
Return to Lonesome Dove mini-series 8 hr. Digital cable on SVHS
Rich Little: A Christmas Carol special
Rich Little: Robin Hood special
Rich Man, Single Woman TV movie
Richard Pryor special
Robin Cook's: Virus TV movie
Rockford Files: Backlash of the Hunter-pilot part 1&2 (commercial
The Kirkoff Case (commercial tape)
Dark and Bloody Ground (commercial tape)
Rod Stewart at the Forum special
Roots mini-series 12 hr. Digital commercial-free channel, uncut on
Super VHS
Roots: The Gift TV movie Digital commercial-free channel, uncut on
Super VHS
Roots: The Next Generation mini-series 14 hr. Digital
commercial-free channel, uncut on Super VHS
S.H.E. TV movie
Scarlett mini-series 8 hr
Second Honeymoon TV movie SVHS
Spenser For Hire: Ceramony Digital commercial-free channel, uncut
Super VHS
Spenser For Hire: Pale Kings and Princes Digital commercial-free
channel, uncut on Super VHS
Spytech [WOC] TV special(3 hr.)
Star Wars Holiday TV Movie
Starcrossed TV movie
Steel Justice TV movie 4 hr.
Steve Martin: On Location, Live from the Troubadour in Los Angeles
Stevie Nicks: White Wing Dove special
Streetcar Name Desire TV movie 3 hr.
Styx: Return to Paradise Theatre special
Superman extended version
Superman ll extended version
Superman lll extended version
Superman 50th Anniversary TV special
Taking of Pelham 1,2,3 TV movie SVHS
Tarzan in Manhattan TV movie SVHS
Terror on the Blacktop (Highwayman pilot) TV movie
The Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy TV movie
The Who: Live at Giant Stadium 89 special
The Who: Tommy special
The Thorn Birds mini-series Digital commercial-free channel,
uncut on Super VHS
The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years mini-series Digital
commercial-free channel, uncut on SVHS
Threnchcoat TV movie
Timestalker TV movie
To Grandma House we Go TV movie
Tonight Show: Cheers - The Final Evening
Too Many Suspects (Ellery Queen pilot) TV movie
Topper TV movie
Tornado TV movie
TV Guide's Truth Behind the Rumors #8 (Growing Pains and Dynasty) TV
Unledden TV special


Feb 9, 2009, 1:03:16 AM2/9/09

Now I just need a copy of the Wolfpack/Kirkwood Haunting commercial
video, SP speed only, also need excellent TV broadcast of The Captive

Tower, which was never release on video commercially, preferably

On Jan 12, 6:41 pm, "midnightpatc...@msn.com"

J S Leo

May 24, 2023, 4:15:37 PMMay 24
are you still trading? my mail is blackca012345 at gmail dot com
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