In Search of shows with original commercials, ect.

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Sep 1, 2021, 5:39:46 PM9/1/21
Hello, I hope everyone is staying safe and that all is well. Today I am posting because I am in search of the following material

1) Shows and programing blocks from the 1950's to the 1990's with original commercials from all genres (Number One Request)

2) Episodes of Solid Gold that I don't have

3) Episodes of the short-lived Solid Gold spinoff "Solid Gold Hits"

4) Episodes of American Bandstand that I don't have (especially from 1984-1988)

5) Episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson from original broadcast (not from Antenna TV) that I don't have with Johnny hosting or with guest hosts.

6) Episodes of the 1986-1988 Fox Network late night talk show The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers, Arsenio Hall, Ect.

7) I am also looking for more traders who are recording the episodes of The Price Is Right from Pluto TV. I currently have two traders who are doing it for me so far. However, I need more traders as Pluto TV is beginning to air episodes that have not been seen since original broadcast and never aired on GSN back in the day and I want to get every episode that is aired on Pluto TV, so I need as many traders as possible. (Number Two request)

Also, I can do digital trades (Via Google Drive and DropBox) as well as snail mail trades.

If anyone here has any of the following, please email me at and we can exchange lists and go from there.

Please take care of yourselves.

Russ Scottfield
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