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Laserdisc Collection For Sale

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Jul 8, 2018, 7:24:46 PM7/8/18
I would like to sell my laserdisc collection in an effort to minimize my "stuff". All are in like-new condition and I have played all of them recently with no problems. The catalog number is listed after the title. Feel free to make me an offer.
Thanks for reading!

10,000 Maniacs: Time Capsule (40115-6)
A Fish Called Wanda (ML101247)
A Video Standard: Audio-Video System Calibration (Reference Recordings LD-101)
Aladdin (Disney CAV) (1662 CS)
Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail (Criterion Collection 154) (CC1297L)
Alfred Hitchcock's Sabotage (Criterion Collection 22) (CC1117L)
Alien 3 (5593-85)
Anne Of Green Gables (642 AS)
Basic Instinct (LD69015WS)
Beauty & The Beast (Disney CAV) (1325 CS)
Blade Runner (Criterion Collection 19) (CC1120L)
A Christmas Story (ML100446)
Depeche Mode: 101 (9 38155-6)
Die Hard (1666-80)
Duran Duran: Decade (PA-90-315)
Erik The Viking (ID7411OR)
Fantasia (Disney) (Deluxe CAV 3-Disc Box Set) (Holepunched Box) (1236 CS)
Frankenstein Unbound (1875-80)
Goldeneye (ML105544)
Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade (LV31859-2L)
Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom (LV 1643-2WS)
Jurassic Park (41829)
La Femme Nikita (LDVM5471WSR)
Metallica: 2 Of One (Japanese Laserdisc 20cm Single) (25LP 135)
Monty Python & The Holy Grail (Criterion Collection 168) (CC1311L)
Monty Python: And Now For Something Completely Different (76826)
Night On Earth (ID2246LI)
Predator (1515-85)
Raiders Of The Lost Ark (LV 1376)
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (1118 AS) (Holepunched Sleeve)
Shattered (ML102357)
Star Trek: Generations (LV 32988-2WS)
Star Wars (1130-85)
Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi (1478-85)
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1425-85)
Stargate (LD60190-WS)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (LD68952-2WS)
The Abyss (1561-85)
The Abyss (Special Edition Box) (1988-85)
The Cure: In Orange (9 40107-6)
The Cure: Picture Show (Japanese Edition) (VALP-3251)
The Cure: Play Out (9 40140-6)
The Cure: Staring At The Sea - The Images (9 40101-6)
The Great Mouse Detective (Disney) (1360 AS)
Leon (The Professional) (74746)
The Rescuers (Disney) (1399 AS)
John Carpenter's The Thing (40946)
The X-Files: Ascension/One Breath (0413980)
The X-Files: Beyond The Sea/E.B.E. (0899285)
The X-Files: Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose/War Of The Coprophages (0609180)
The X-Files: Colony/End Game (0416380)
The X-Files: Conduit/Ice (0893885)
The X-Files: Darkness Falls/The Erlenmeyer Flask (0899385)
The X-Files: Fallen Angel/Eve (0893785)
The X-Files: Humbug/Anasazi (0416480)
The X-Files: Irresistible/Die Hand Die Verletzt (0416280)
The X-Files: Little Green Men/The Host (0413780)
The X-Files: Nisei/731 (0410480)
The X-Files: Pilot/Deep Throat (0893685)
The X-Files: Piper Maru/Apocrypha (0012180)
The X-Files: Pusher/Jose Chung's From Outer Space (0012280)
The X-Files: Sleepless/Duane Barry (0413880)
The X-Files: Squeeze/Tooms (0899185)
The X-Files: The Blessing Way/Paper Clip (0410080)
True Lies (8640-85)
Twilight Zone: The Movie (11314)
Twin Peaks: Season 1 Episode 1-7 (Box Set) (ID2202WV)
Twin Peaks: Season 1 Episode 8-14 (Box Set) (ID2571WV)
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