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U1 Error with Pioneer CLD-D925

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Gregory Lovell

Jul 4, 2003, 11:01:29 AM7/4/03
Hello all,

I've got a CLD-D925, which increasingly often gives a U1 error when loading
laserdiscs, then spits the disc straight back out. I am given to understand
that this is either a fault in the spindle or the pickup, but as I do not
know much about LD servicing, it is unlikely that I can fix this problem
myself. Does anybody know of a person still servicing Pioneer LD players in
Australia, or have any suggestions for ways to remedy the problem myself ?
Any help would be enormously appreciated, as the problem is occuring with
almost every disc load now, and is gradually annoying me more and more.
Thanks in advance,


Jul 4, 2003, 12:00:19 PM7/4/03
U1 is commonly the error for the laser not being able to read the LD
properly at startup. It can be either the pickup is going bad, spindle
motor cannot getup the the proper speed or the ld is slipping in the clamp.
If it spits the LD straight back out without a wait period then the clamp is
not slipping. If you hear new slipping as the motor starts spinning the LD
and it waits awhaile 10 seconds to 1 minute before ejecting then you may be
able to just clean the rubber clamp surface on top of the spindle motor and
it could work again.


Gregory Lovell <> wrote in message

Gregory Lovell

Jul 5, 2003, 2:14:03 AM7/5/03
Thanks for the tips Kurtis. I opened the player up this morning, and gave
it a thorough clean. It now works perfectly, and the picture quality has
improved markedly. Amazing what a bit of contact cleaner and methylated
spirits can do !


<> wrote in message

Jan 8, 2019, 7:48:20 AM1/8/19
So glad I found this thread Gregory albeit 15 years old now. I've got a CLD s315 pioneer machine doing exactly the same. It will play CDs fine fine but with laserdiscs it spits it out again after about 10 seconds. I'm going to give it a clean later, I take it you cleaned all surfaces? I was wondering which is the most important parts to address first.

Jan 7, 2020, 11:44:42 AM1/7/20
U1 on a D925 or S315 is far more likely to be a error during raising the LD tray assembly up into the clamped position for playback.

The solution is easy. Replace the loading belt (common for both those models) which are easily found by searching "D925 loading belt".

To do this
1. Remove the top case. Various screws.
2. Remove the disc tray. To do this power on and get the machine to push the tray fully open. Power off. Then release the two plastic clips at the rear of the tray to remove it through the front aperture.
3. Remove the belt which is now accessible. There is only one. Clean the pulleys as best you can with a damp cloth. Let them dry.
4. Put the new belt on.
5. On the bottom of the tray, there are little plastic tracks along which other plastic pieces slide - you'll see. It's a good idea to clean and re-grease those. They basically tell the machine what position the tray is in.
6. Reassemble and test.

Oregonian Haruspex

Feb 1, 2020, 8:25:31 PM2/1/20
Belts and lube, that seems to be it for maintaining most of these machines.
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