Heheh... Vampires

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Russell Sprague

Mar 6, 1994, 5:30:54 PM3/6/94
>All being abused by coad, back on 18 Feb 94 06:10:58<
>About Re: Heheh... Vampires<

co> Philip Joseph Hoffmann V (hof...@vccnw01.its.rpi.edu) wrote:
co> : if you people REALLY believe that you are immortal, demonic blood
co> sucking : undead, then i will suggest counselingg.

co> : Hey Beavis, wouldn't it be cool if like, we were vampires or
co> something. Then : we could drink blood...

co> : Yeah, Yeah, Blood. Blood is cool.

co> : And then we could, like, turn into a bat, or something.
co> : Heh heh he huh m..Huh huh huh huh huh

co> Gotta love poor ignorant mortals . . .

Let people believe what they want to believe, because some closed-minded
won't believe anything else... :-)

... Frisbyterian: When you die, your soul goes up on the roof.

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