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Repeat (76 TIME!) offender in Las Vegas sparks security concerns ahead of Big Game

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Bradley Ray Sherwood

Feb 15, 2024, 4:54:23 PMFeb 15
LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — With Super Bowl 58 so close, law enforcement agencies
are on high alert preparing to keep thousands of NFL fans and visitors

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police say already one man has been arrested after
making a public threat days before game day.

Jesus Ponce has an extensive criminal background. In a recent arrest
report, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department revealed Ponce’s
latest arrest on Feb. 4, 2024.

According to the report, officers say they were called to The Cromwell on
Las Vegas Boulevard near Flamingo Road to reports of Ponce having
trespassed on the property after challenging people to a fight.

It was days ago when law enforcement agencies gathered to address public
threats ahead of Super Bowl 58.

The Super Bowl may be an annual event, but every city and every host venue
represents both unique challenges and a unique opportunity for the FBI to
demonstrate our commitment to protecting the American people and to being
the kind of partner the public and our law enforcement colleagues expect
us to be,” said an FBI Agent with the Las Vegas bureau.
The arrest wasn't the first time Metro officers say they’ve had an
encounter with Ponce. His arrest report shows Ponce’s been arrested 76
times in Las Vegas including having been convicted three times for
committing arson along the Las Vegas Strip corridor. Ponce was first
arrested for arson in July of 2019, a second time in January of 2020, and
a third time in July of 2023.

After being placed under arrest for trespassing at the Crowell and the Las
Vegas Boulevard corridor, police say Ponce threatened them saying he would
shoot and kill them as well as making a public threat to the public
saying, “Everyone in this city needs to die,” followed by a statement to
use “chemical warfare” on the public.

In a Super Bowl safety news conference held Wednesday, authorities spoke
in regard to similar threats ahead of game day saying several law
enforcement agencies have been prepping for more than a year to ensure
public safety for the event.

There are more than 750 personnel from various federal agencies assisting
the city of Las Vegas for Super Bowl 58 both virtually and on-site,” said
Super Bowl 58 Federal Coordinator Karon Ransom with the Las Vegas Secret
As federal authorities work to enforce patrols throughout the valley for
game day, Metro Police Sheriff Kevin McMahill said law enforcement will
need a bit of help from the public.

“What I want our residents and visitors to know is that I also need your
help. If you see something, say something. We rely on you as we do every
day of the year to provide tips to keep our community safe. I promise you,
you will never waste your time with any suspicious reporting let us do the
leg work to determine if the threat is real,” said McMahill.


8 hours ago

Not much of a threat..

.A court records search reveals Ponce was released the day after his

6 hours ago

LOL!! Arressted 76 times in Vegas alone!! LOL!!

Sounds like a “progressive” democrat poster child!

I am NOT surprised!!!!

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