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Re: Aliens are here

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Walt Hampton

Jun 21, 2016, 9:33:07 PM6/21/16
"UFO hunter" wrote in message

>We all know that UFOs are here from the
>evidence in the books. It is just up to the
>powers that be whether to disclose it. It is
>assumed it would destroy religion and make
>people off their heads if it was disclosed
>so it is best to cover it up a bit.

When I see it, I might believe it. After all, I don't believe anything I
hear, and only
half of what I see.

May 31, 2018, 9:44:48 AM5/31/18
On Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 9:33:07 PM UTC-4, Carolina Reb wrote:
> "UFO hunter" wrote in message
> > It is
> >assumed it would destroy religion and make
> >people off their heads if it was disclosed
> >so it is best to cover it up a bit.

Our governments may think that to a point, but what's of more significance is that the ET's know that.
Humanity is a very frail infant who can only take in so much information without being overwhelmed and becoming traumatized by experiences that conflict with our known experiences.

Personally I'm a BIG skeptic of UFO sightings, and even more so of the paranormal. Yet I do believe there are not one or two ET's civilizations that have observed, visited and monitored earth... but dozens.

Dark matter, dark energy... things we know almost nothing about, ET's have a well developed understanding of.

If ET's crashed their ship, could humans reverse engineer anything about it? Not likely.
Anymore than if you gave the smartest person of the time (let's say Leonardo Davinchi) a cell phone and asked him to reverse engineer it. He wouldn't even know what the plastic was made of, much less it's microscopic pathways and components.
Now instead of a 500 year difference of Leonardo and our modern technology, multiply that by 10,000 and you'll understand the ET's are on a whole other level of understanding the universe than even the smartest of humans.

A conversation with ET would be akin to a rocket scientist explaining the physics of rocketry to a gorilla who only spoke in sign language.

I would think humans and earth are not as interesting to them as other much more profound things happening in the universe humans are completely unaware of.
A visit to earth by ET's would be what anthropology is to everything else that goes on in the world... a good story with some insights into behavior and function, but nearly insignificant in the bigger picture.

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