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Paul Hilling

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Michael Martinez originally created this FAQ in accordance with
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This is a living document. As new information is made available
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I am informed about them. Please feel free to notify me of any
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This document uses the following conventions:

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ROC is sometimes used for "Renee O'Connor".
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Table Of Contents

Section IV: About the episodes/story lines in X:WP
1. Where did the title Warrior Princess come from?
2. Wait a minute: is Gabrielle an Amazon Princess, Amazon
Queen, or a bard?
3. Where did Gabrielle's Amazon stuff go?
4. What can you tell me about Xena's horse, Argo?
5. Why doesn't Gabrielle have a horse?
6. Is the chakram -- Xena's round killing thing -- a real
7. What is up with the opening scene with Xena and Poseidon?
Did I miss this episode?
8. Who is that long-haired person Xena approaches in the
opening credits?
9. Have you got a list of episodes that have Lucy or Renee in
10. Where can I find episodes summaries?
11. What are the "disclaimers" in the credits at the end of the
12. Why were there so many Joxer episodes early in the second
13. Did Xena really murder Callisto?
14. Why was Hudson Leick playing Xena in "Intimate Strangers"
and "Ten Little Warlords"?
15. What are the words to Joxer's song.
16. Hang on I just saw Lucy playing another character in X:WP.
How many different characters has Lucy played so far.
17. I've just seen this musical episode called "Bitter Suite".
What was going on?
18. I just saw "Sacrifice Part 2", or "Ides Of March", and I'm
worried if there's a next season?

Section IV: About the episodes/story lines in X:WP

Where did the title Warrior Princess come from?

According to one of the producers who posted on the mailing list
(Chakram), it was a name given to her by her troops, having been
a woman successful in battle, but not quite the equal of Ares,
God of War. People still refer to her that way because that is
the way she was always referred to. It's almost like part of her
name now. When asked if she was Xena the Warrior Princess, Xena
herself responded that some people call her that. The upshot is
that it is a title accorded her by her deeds, not an inherited
familial title. At least as far as we know at this point!

An additional comment from Lucia... "Warrior Princess?... I loved
what someone once said: 'Well, Warrior Village Girl just isn't
very impressive!'"

In the episode "The Debt Part I" however, it is revealed that she
was given the title Warrior Princess by her mentor Lao Ma. It is
speculated that Borias brought news of the title from China with
him, and so Xena became known as the Warrior Princess.

Wait a minute: is Gabrielle an Amazon Princess, Amazon Queen, or
a bard?

She has gone from Princess to Queen and will always be a bard.
Gabrielle is a bard by nature -- a talker, a storyteller, and she
became an Amazon Princess when she tried to save the life of a
true (born with that title) Amazon Princess in the episode
"Hooves and Harlots". The character bestowed her rank, and all
that went with it, on Gabrielle just before she died. So...
Gabrielle, agreed to the girl's last wish, not realizing what the
girl's title/rank was until it was too late.

From this point on, we see Gabrielle in "amazon clothes", with an
"Amazon necklace" -- sometimes, and carrying a staff given to her
by Ephiny. She learned the art of wielding a staff during her
stay with the Amazons.

In "The Quest" and "A Necessary Evil," Gabrielle became the
official Amazon Queen, but she left Ephiny as Queen in her
absence, while she continues to travel with Xena.

Where did Gabrielle's Amazon stuff go?

That's a good question. Since even the new shows have not always
been shot in the order they were released, there have been some
inconsistencies. The staff (with the eagle/bird head) that
Ephiny gave to Gabby is most noticeably absent. She carries a
different staff now and doesn't even always have that around.
(Unless of course, you subscribe to the theory that the
eagle/bird head is removable -- and so it *IS* in fact the same
staff...) Where she keeps her staff was partially resolved in
the episode called "The Greater Good". It seems that the staff
is collapsible and is carried in Argo's (Xena's horse's)
saddlebags. The necklace must be somewhere in safe keeping along
with the eagle/bird head.

What can you tell me about Xena's horse, Argo?

Earlier in the show there seemed to be some confusion as to
whether Argo was male or female. After a post to the mailing list
from Avicus (a person who works on the show) *and* with the
episode "The Greater Good", it was made clear that Argo is a
mare, in the show as well as real life. Somewhere along the line
someone said that her real name was Daisy, but no, that is Lucy's
daughter's name. Argo's real name is Tilly.

Now is that clear? Yes -- clear as mud -- because as another fan
(Penthesilea) pointed out..."In Sins of the Past", "Dreamworker",
and "Death Mask", Argo is referred to as "he" *AND* seems to be a
lighter color!

So! We know that a mare named Tilly (not Daisy) plays Argo. But,
is there another horse (a male) that also plays Argo from time to

Yes. To add just a bit more confusion, at the (Jan 99) Burbank
convention, when the producers were asked why Gabrielle doesn't
ride a horse, the response was 'because of the cost'. In
actuality, it takes three horses just for Xena. To give
Gabrielle her own horse, it would require another three horses.

After Lucy's accident, she had been a little gun shy about
getting back on a horse. In many of the late Season 2 episodes,
Argo is missing or it's a stunt double that is riding Argo.

Why doesn't Gabrielle have a horse?

Well, it probably had to do with the fact that it is the XENA:
WARRIOR PRINCESS show not the X & G show. Gabrielle started out
as Xena's tag-along, not an equal. They even made it clear that
Gabby didn't like horses. There have also been several fan
discussions regarding Gabby's apparent fear of heights. The
thought being that it may not be so much that Gabby doesn't like
horses, as much as the fact that she doesn't like tall horses.
Remember the comment Gab made that went (something) like this?
"When they make them [horses] closer to the ground..."

Things are changing though. In "The Greater Good", Gabrielle and
Argo "make friends". Gabrielle finally confesses to Xena that
she had once had a pony, which died, and after that time she was
uncomfortable around horses and ponies.

In "A Solstice Carol" Gabrielle acquires a donkey, but she ends
up giving the animal away to a couple with a child.

In "For Him The Bell Tolls," Gabrielle is forced to dismount Argo
(she was riding behind Xena) and stay behind when Xena goes off
on some mysterious mission, giving Gabrielle and Joxer a show of
their own.

For the reality-based reason why Gabrielle didn't have a horse,
see Question IV.4.

In an online chat RJ Stewart (One of Xena executive producers)
said that they were looking to give Gabrielle a horse in Season
5, and we see this coming to pass in the Season 5 episode "Animal

Is the chakram -- Xena's round killing thing -- a real weapon?

Kind of. It is derived from an item found in India.

From Jessica:
The chakram was indeed a weapon used by the Sikhs of northwest

And from Linda Gaunt:
"Chakram or war-quoit, a thin, razor-sharp steel ring, once the
characteristic weapon of the Sikhs. The chakram is said to have
been thrown by being whirled around the index finger before
release." WEAPONS, New York, St Martin's Press, 1990, p. 81

Other information:

A long and wonderful article about chakrams was posted to in early 1996. Check Deja News if you're spinning in
circles because you need to know more.

An alternative method of using the chakram was to whirl it around
a pole. This would give it greater spin than whirling it around
a finger (and would hurt less).

In theory, a chakram could be bounced off walls, but in practice
it was not used in any way like Xena uses her weapon. Xena's
chakram exploits are pretty much fantasy.

In "The Xena Scrolls" we learn that the chakram, broken in half,
is the key to releasing Ares from his tomb. The chakram must
bounce off the eye of Hephaestus to allow Ares to leave. When
the chakram is "made whole" with a "Shazaam" from Mel (Xena's
descendent), the spirit of Xena enters her descendent and Xena
appears in 1942. In the episode "Chakram", we learn that Xena
has been using the 'Dark' Chakram all these years after Ares (or
even Xena) grabs it from a temple. Xena has now also got the
'Light' Chakram, and has combined the two to make a stronger more
powerful weapon.

What is up with the opening scene with Xena and Poseidon? Did I
miss this episode?

No. This was shot for the opening sequence only. Poseidon has
appeared in two episodes so far, "Ulysses" and "The Lost
Mariner." The footage used in both those episodes is new
footage, but the general look of the god has remained the same.

Who is that long-haired person Xena approaches in the opening

The shot referred to here, is shown just after the shot where
Xena rises sensuously from a bed, and the narration is saying,
"...The PASSION..."

The person whom Xena is approaching is Draco, a warlord she had
known in her earlier days. The scene is taken from "Sins of the

Not asked as frequently is the question about whom Gabrielle hugs
a little later on. This is also a scene from "Sins of the Past"
where Gabrielle bids her sister Lila farewell before setting out
in pursuit of Xena.

Have you got a list of episodes that have Lucy or Renee in them?

"As Darkness Falls"
"The Warrior Princess"
"The Gauntlet"
"Unchained Heart"
"The Outcast"

"Judgement Day"

"Strangers in a Strange Land"
"Armageddon Now : Part 2"

"For Those Of You Just Joining Us"

"Sins Of The Past"
"Chariots Of War"
"Cradle Of Hope"
"The Path Not Taken"
"The Reckoning"
"The Titans"
"Death in Chains"
"Hooves And Harlots"
"The Black Wolf"
"Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts"
"Athens City Academy Of The Performing Bards"
"A Fistful Of Dinars"
"Mortal Beloved"
"The Royal Couple Of Thieves"
"The Prodigal"
"Altared States"
"Ties That Bind"
"The Greater Good"
"Death Mask"
"Is There A Doctor In The House?"

"Orphan Of War"
"Remember Nothing"
"The Giant Killer"
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
"The Return Of Callisto"
"Intimate Stranger"
"Ten Little Warlords"
"A Solstice Carol"
"The Xena Scrolls"
"Here She Comes ... Miss Amphipolis"
"The Quest"
"A Necessary Evil"
"A Day In The Life"
"For Him The Bell Tolls"
"The Execution"
"Blind Faith"
"The Price"
"The Lost Mariner"
"Comedy Of Eros"

"The Furies"
"Been There, Done That"
"The Dirty Half Dozen"
"The Deliverer"
"Gabrielle's Hope"
"The Debt Part I"
"The Debt Part II"
"King Of Assassins"
"The Quill Is Mightier"
"Maternal Instincts"
"Bitter Suite"
"One Against An Army"
"King Con"
"When In Rome.."
"Forget Me Not"
"Fins, Femmes And Gems"
"Vanishing Act"
"Sacrifice Part I"
"Sacrifice Part II"

"Adventures In The Sin Trade Part I"
"Adventures In The Sin Trade Part II"
"A Family Affair"
"In Sickness & In Hell"
"A Good Day"
"A Tale Of Two Muses"
"Locked Up & Tied Down"
"Past Imperfect"
"A Key To The Kingdom"
"Daughter Of Pomira"
"If The Shoe Fits"
"Paradise Found"
"Between The Lines"
"The Way" ***
"The Play's The Thing"
"The Convert"
"Takes One To Know One"
"Ides Of March"
"Deja Vu, All Over Again"

*** "The Way" was originally withdrawn from worldwide syndication
by Studios USA, after it was shown, due to protests from some of
the Hindu community. It has since been very slightly modified
and is now back on the worldwide schedules again.

"Fallen Angel"
"Animal Attraction"
"Dem Bones, Dem Bones"
"Back In The Bottle"
"Little Problems"
"Seeds Of Faith"
"Lyre, Lyre, Hearts On Fire"
"Punch Lines"
"God Fearing Child"
"Eternal Bonds"
"Amphibolis Under Seige"

More episodes titles coming soon.

"H:TLJ The Lost Kingdom" (Renee O'Connor guest stars)
"H:TLJ Hercules and the Amazon Women" (Lucy Lawless bit
"Hercules and the Battle for Mount Olympus" (Animated Movie)

Check out the MCA website ( for the
most complete list of episodes for the current season.

You may also want to check out the Whoosh website
(, for more in-depth analysis of

Where can I find episodes summaries?

Commonly regarded as *the* best website for episode summaries,
cast information, airdates, ratings info, etc. is the WHOOSH! web
site (

A.J. (aka and Xorys are guest writers for the
episode guides at WHOOSH!, complete with misspelled words and
incorrect guesses as to producers' intentions. You can also find
spoilers for most episodes on Deja News ( and
in ATX also.

You can also check out Buumzer's XENA: Warrior's Princess Vault

What are the "disclaimers" in the credits at the end of the show?

People with really good eyesight will have noticed some funny
stuff in the closing credits. This 'disclaimer' usually appears
just after Alex Beaton's (the Supervising Producer for Action
Pack) name.

All of the disclaimers are available at either
( or
( They can also be
found, alongside the episode summaries on the Whoosh website

Why were there so many Joxer episodes early in the second season?

Because Lucy Lawless (Xena) had an accident that kept her from
filming, shows which were not supposed to air until later in the
year were shown ahead of schedule. See also Question IV.14.

Joxer, played by Ted Raimi, was selected to replace Salmoneus,
played by Robert Trebor, as the comic relief character for the
second season. Because it is so expensive to fly people to New
Zealand from the United States, Ted Raimi and Hudson Leick were
flown to New Zealand to film all their episodes in a block.
Joxer was scheduled to be shown in 1/3 of the second season
episodes (8 of 24).

Because of Lucy's hip injury, the airdate schedule had to be
altered while she recovered. Hence, Joxer dominates guest
appearances for the first part of the second season.

Did Xena really murder Callisto?

Yes. She admitted to this while in Tartarus, in "Intimate
Stranger". Xena did not give her reasons for committing the

Why was Hudson Leick playing Xena in "Intimate Strangers" and
"Ten Little Warlords"?

As previously noted, Lucy Lawless was seriously injured while
performing for a skit on "The Tonight Show" on October 8, 1996.
At the time of her injury, Lucy had already completed filming for
ten episodes:

"Orphan of War"
"Remember Nothing"
"The Giant Killer",
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
"The Return of Callisto"
"Intimate Stranger"
"A Solstice Carol"
"The Xena Scrolls"
"The Execution"
"The Price"

Although there has been no official confirmation from MCA about
how the shuffling was handled, consensus among the fans, based on
comments made by MCA/Universal and some of the show's staff, is
that "Ten Little Warlords", already written, was altered to be a
"sequel" for "Intimate Stranger". Hudson and Renee were
immediately flown back to New Zealand to re-film the end of
"Intimate Stranger" to provide a "bridge" to the new episode.

"Ten Little Warlords" was then inserted into the airdate schedule
and reruns of earlier episodes were scheduled. Bruce Campbell
was also flown to New Zealand to reprise the role of Autolycus,
the King of Thieves, in at least two episodes.

What are the words to Joxer's song.

Here are the words to just one of the versions of Joxer's song.
Joxer sang this version of the song in "For Him the Bell Tolls".

Joxer the Mighty,
He roams through the countryside;
He never needs a place to hide.
With Gabby as his sidekick
Fighting with her little stick,
Righting wrongs and singing songs,
Being mighty all day long,
He's Joxer...he's Joxer the Mighty!
Ohhhh..... He's Joxer the Mighty,
He's really tidy.
Everybody likes him
Because he has a funny grin.
Joxer the Mighty,
He's very tidy.
Everyone admires him.
He's so handsome it's a sin.
If you're in jeopardy
Don't call the cavalry.
There's a better remedy
(Although he doesn't work for free).
He's every man's trusty,
He's every woman's fantasy,
Plus he's good company.
He's Joxer...
I'm Joxer the Mighty!
Blood...valor...and victory!
Ha-ha! Joxer the Mighty,
He's very tidy.
Everyone admires him.
He's so handsome it's a sin.
When things get grim
He'll take it on the chin.
If you're in jeopardy
Caused by the enemy
Don't call the cavalry.
There's a better remedy
(Although he doesn't work for free).
He's every man's trusty,
He's every woman's fantasy,
Plus he's good company.
Look out!
He's Joxer...
Joxer the Mighty!

Hang on I just saw Lucy playing another character in X:WP. How
many different characters has Lucy played so far.

So far Lucy has played over 14 different characters in the

Lysia - in "Hercules : And The Amazon Women"
Lyla - the Centaurs Wife in H:TLJ: "As Darkness Falls" and
again in H:TLJ: "Outcast".
Xena - her first appearance was in H:TLJ "Warrior Princess"
Diana - a Princess in X:WP "Warrior... Princess", and again
in X:WP "Warrior... Princess... Tramp"
Callisto - When Ares switched Xena's and Callisto's bodies
in X:WP "Intimate Strangers"
Mel Papas - A descendant of Xena's in X:WP "Xena Scrolls"
Meg - A down on her luck person in X:WP "Warrior...
Princess... Tramp", and again in "Warrior... Priestess...
Leah - A Hestian Priestess in X:WP "Warrior... Priestess...
Tyrella - aka Cinderella "If The Shoe Fits".
Arminestra - A future incarnation of Xena "Between The
Annie - A future incarnation of Joxer "Deja Vu: All Over
A naughty version of Xena in H:TLJ "Strangers in a Strange
And an Evil version of Xena that had conquered most of
Europe in "Armageddon Now : Part 2"

Depending on your definition of characters, Lucy also played 2 of
the "3 Faces of Fate" in the episode "Solstice Carol"

I've just seen this musical episode called "Bitter Suite". What
was going on?

This episode is part of the resolution of the "Rift" arc of
stories. The "Rift" started with "Deliverer" and include
"Gabrielle's Hope", "Debt Part 1", "Debt Part 2", "Maternal
Instinct" and "Bitter Suite".

"Bitter Suite" has a lot of symbolism in it. Mostly to do with
imagery from the Rider-White set of Tarot cards. A more in depth
article on this imagery is available

The lyrics to "Bitter Suite" also help in understanding the
episode. (

I just saw "Sacrifice Part 2", or "Ides Of March", and I'm
worried if there's a next season?

As is traditional in other television shows at the end of a
season's run, TPTB at X:WP, have decided to end Season 3 and
Season 4, on what is called 'a cliffhanger'. Whilst it is true
that something happened to a couple of the major characters, in
both the episodes mentioned. Be rest assured both Lucy and Renee
*ARE* continuing filming the next season.

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(My thanks goto all of the other contributors not listed)

The original FAQ was written by Ted Turocy ( and
K. Wieczerza -- a.k.a. "Kicker" ( Kicker
maintained the original FAQ on her web site,, which now says
something like: NOTE: This FAQ (by Kicker) has been turned over
to the people at WHOOSH! The new URL is This version of the FAQ has
been written and formatted specifically for distribution on the

Why are these documents is so long? I don't know, except we're
quite involved with the show and believe in what we do or some
such thing :-)
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