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Michael Martinez

Oct 18, 1996, 3:00:00 AM10/18/96

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============================================================================== -- Answers to Frequently Asked Questions - Version 1.00

Last updated: October 18, 1996

Copyright (C) 1996 by Michael L. Martinez.
Portions Copyright (C) 1996 by K. Wieczerza and used by permission.

This file may be freely copied and redistributed. All I ask is that it
remains whole and intact and that this notice is not altered.

The original FAQ was written by Ted Turocy ( and K. Wieczerza
-- aka "Kicker" ( Kicker maintains the original FAQ on
her website,

This version of the FAQ has been written and formatted specifically for
distribution on the news group.

Maintainer: Michael L. Martinez <>


This file (xena.faq) is intended to provide answers to certain
questions that come up regularly on the news group.
People who are new to the news group are encouraged to read this
document before posting questions to

This FAQ has been created by me (Michael Martinez) in accordance with
the prevailing traditions and customs of the Internet, which place
high value on the free dissemination and exchange of information.

This is a living document. As new information is made available by the
producers of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS we'll try to update this file.
Also, corrections will be made as we discover or are informed about
errors. Please feel free to notify me of any errors you find.



All previous FAQs were butchered in the creation of this document. However,
their next of kin have all been notified and negotiations between their
people and our people are underway. Be Nice.

FAQ Heir Apparent:

In the event I should be unable to continue maintaining this FAQ, has my permission to assume responsibility for it. If
Bluesong should be unable to take over, well, y'all are on your own.

This FAQ is currently available at the following FTP sites:

Not currently available via ftp.


This document uses the following conventions:

Names of televisions shows are given in ALL CAPPS.
Names of episodes are given in "quotes".
X:WP is an acronym for XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.
X is sometimes used for "Xena", especially in making reference
to both Xena and Gabrielle (as "X and G").

There are occasional goofy remarks buried in the answers.

Although some stylistic changes have been made to passages
from the original FAQ, most addenda are placed at the end
of these passages, marked by a header: (Additional Information).


Table of Contents
Section I. About The Usenet and News Group
1. What is the purpose of
2. What sort of stuff should I post to this news group?
3. What sort of stuff should I NOT post to this news group?
4. What happens if I post something I shouldn't?
5. Okay, but what if I want to post binary files SOMEPLACE?
6. What if I accidentally post something I don't want to?
7. What is a "Spoiler"?
8. What is a "Xenite"?
9. What is an "Original"?
10. What is Net Abuse and where can I learn more about it?

1. How did the show get its start?
2. Where and when is the show available?
3. Okay, so what can you tell me about the main character?
4. What can you tell me about Gabrielle?
5. Are there any other reoccurring characters?
6. Where does XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS take place?
7. When (in history) does X:WP take place?
8. Does X:WP jibe with "traditional" mythology and actual history?
9. How is X:WP like Hercules the Legendary Journeys (H:TLJ), and how is it
10. Where is X:WP filmed?
11. Do X:WP and Hercules (TLJ) share the same writers and production team?
12. Was there ever a real Xena?

Section III. About the actors
1. Can you give me some background on Lucy Lawless, the actress who plays
2. What can you tell me about Renee O'Connor?
3. When is Lucy Lawless' birthday?
4. When is Renee O'Connor's birthday?
5. Is Lucy really that tall?
6. Besides X:WP, what else has Lucy Lawless done?
7. Besides X:WP, what else has Renee O'Connor done?
8. Has Lucy Lawless always been a martial artist and/or naturally athletic?
9. Do the actresses do their own stunts?

Section IV. About the episodes/story lines
1. Where did the title Warrior Princess come from?
2. Wait a minute: is Gabrielle an Amazon Princess or a bard?
3. Where did Gabrielle's Amazon stuff go?
4. What can you tell me about Xena's horse, Argo?
5. Why doesn't Gabrielle have a horse?
6. Does Xena carry her sword on her back or her side?
7. Is the chakram -- Xena's round killing thing -- a real weapon?
8. What is up with the opening scene with Xena and Poseiden? Did I miss
this episode?
9. Is that really Lucy Lawless singing at the end of "The Path Not Taken"
10. What can you tell me about the opening lake scene in "Altared States"?
11. Can you give me a list of the Xena episodes that have been shown so far?
12. Where can I find episodes summaries?

Section V. Miscellaneous
1. Are there other online resources for Xenites?
2. I am an aspiring actor/actress -- how can I get on the show?
3. Are any of the episodes available for purchase on tape?
4. "The Xena Scrolls": where can I find them and are they real?
5. Can I get copies of any of the scripts from past episodes?
6. I have an idea/script for the show -- where should I send it?
7. What is the deal with all the sound *WHOOSH* effects?
8. Is there a Xena soundtrack CD?
9. What can you tell me about the music that is used in the various
10. Where can I download the opening theme?
11. Where can I get a printout of the message Lucy Lawless put on the
mailing list and posted to the NetForum?
12. Is there a Xena and/or Lucy Lawless fan club?
13. Hey! What about Gabrielle? Is there a Renee O'Connor/Gabrielle fan
14. Is there a Xena "dollie"/action figure?
15. I can't find any Xena trading cards... what's up?
16. Are there any Xena books, magazines, and/or comic books?
17. Who contributed to this document?

Section I. About The Usenet and News Group
What is the purpose of


This is a news group dedicated to the discussion of the television show
XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and related topics.

XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS is an hour-long action-adventure series exclusively
distributed in syndication in the United States by MCA TV and
internationally by MCA TV International. It premiered the week of September
4, 1995 as a spin-off of the successful HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS

"...[it] combines mythology with martial arts action, big-screen special
effects and spectacular New Zealand scenery..."
-- from the official MCA Website (located at

"Surrounded by enemies, barbaric tribes, slave traders, and a host of other
evils, Xena is on a mission to help people free themselves from tyranny and
-- from the official MCA Website (located at

What sort of stuff should I post to this news group?


Any article dealing with the show, its characters, its actors or the
production company, related topics (such as ancient history and mythology),
books, magazines, newspapers that concern the show or its actors, and
information about the production company, fan activities and interests,
and things like that.

Although you'll see disagreements here (and the occasional flame war),
people sometimes will try to calm things down by quoting Xena:
"Be NIiice!" It's good advice. There's no reason to go ballistic
just because someone else doesn't share your opinion. But that's
your choice to make.

What sort of stuff should I NOT post to this news group?


Off-topic articles are unwelcome but forgivable unless they

A. advocate illegal pyramid schemes (such as having people mail
you a dollar and then adding themselves to the list, etc.)

B. "reveal" cookie recipes from various department stores (it's
an urban legend that has been modified several times)

C. ask people to send postcards to a dying boy (Ryan is now
about 13 years older than he was when he made that appeal
because his leukemia went into remission, but he also made
it into the Guinness Book of World Records -- they stopped
counting postcards at around 33,000,000 and the Make-A-Wish
Foundation in Atlanta, GA now has a recording on their
telephone line asking you not to send any more postcards)

D. try to warn people about the "Good Times" Virus (there is
no such virus, and an entire web site has been dedicated
to explaining this hoax)

E. try to warn people not to use a file called PKZIP300.EXE.
This program really WILL destroy your hard-drive, but
PKWARE sent out announcements in 1995. Trust them. It's
not a legitimate PKZIP utility, but you don't need to pass
the word on. Very few people have ever even seen this
trojan horse and most everyone has heard about it by now.

F. follow-up to any of these types of articles. It's not
necessary. See the information on how to deal with Net
Abuse in Question I.10 for more info.

The only other types of articles that are frowned upon seriously are
binary files (pictures). Contrary to popular myth, the Usenet is NOT
a complete and total anarchy. There are rules which are adhered to
on a voluntary basis by the system administrators who run the machines
that connect to it. Often these rules are enforced via connection
contracts that stipulate what a "client" machine can and cannot send
to various news groups.

What happens if I post something I shouldn't?


Probably you will get flamed. If you post the pyramid scheme, though,
chances are good that a lot of people will complain to your Internet
Service Provider (ISP), even if you try to fake your account, and you
may lose your account for that reason (but that's between you and your
provider). It's your choice to make whether to do this dumb thing.

Some unscrupulous people may mail-bomb you by sending your article
right back at you 1000 or 10,000 times. Or they may subscribe you
to many mailing lists, rendering your account unusable. THESE ARE
NOT PROPER RESPONSES TO USENET ABUSE, but they happen and we cannot
prevent people from declaring war on you.

If you've read this far into the FAQ and you post one of the above
articles anyway, you're on your own and you'll get no sympathy from
the rest of us.

Okay, but what if I want to post binary files SOMEPLACE?


Hey, binary files are welcome on the Usenet! Just make sure you post
to a news group with the word "binaries" or "pictures" in it. Then
post an announcement here in telling us where to look.

It's okay to cross-post to several binary groups, especially if their
names are in the alt.* hierarchy, since no alt.* group is guaranteed to
be carried by all servers (in fact, NO news group is guaranteed to
be carried by all servers). In practice, it's better to cross-post
than to post to individual groups because cross-posting saves space.
Posting the same article to many different groups is called "spamming"
and is frowned upon.

But there is a better option available for sharing your Xena pictures:
the World Wide Web! Binary news groups have short expiration periods
because their articles take up so much disk space. Web pages that you
design and own have NO expiration periods.

What if I accidentally post something I don't want to?


Don't panic. Your news reader should have a CANCEL POST option somewhere.
Just RELOAD OLD ARTICLES or CHECK NEW ARTICLES without leaving the news
group in your reader. You should see the article come up. Just select
that article and then pick CANCEL POST. Your news reader will send out
a cancellation advisory that may prevent your server from sending the
article out. The cancellation advisory will be propagated by your server
if your article has already been sent out, so chances are no one will
ever see the article if you cancel it quickly.

Compuserve users don't presently have this option.


What is a "spoiler"?


This is an article posted by someone about a newly aired episode. Because
X:WP is syndicated, it is shown at different times and on different days in
the various markets. Also, some people with satellite dishes pick up the
feed to the affiliates as much as two weeks in advance of the first airdate.

Out of consideration for other Xenites who want to see the episodes before
they read about them, early viewers will put "Spoiler" in their article
subject line and then fill the first 20 to 25 lines with carriage returns
or some message warning inattentive readers that details concerning a
previously unaired episode follow.


What is a "Xenite"?


If you love and watch the show, you are a Xenite. When the fans were
debating what to call themselves, "Xenite" had some close competition
from "Xenaphile", but Xenite won out.


What is an "Original"?


Although this term doesn't get used much, it has two meanings: the first
100 people to post to the MCA Xena NetForum were the self-proclaimed
"Originals". Some of them started this news group as well, and they are
the second group of "Originals" (so one group is a subset of the other).

There's no distinction to being an "Original" except that if you have
to ask, everyone knows you're not! <grin> (No, I, Michael, am not one

What is Net Abuse and where can I learn more about it?

Net Abuse refers to any of several generally disapproved practices,
including use of faked addresses (not screen names -- as long as
email can reach you, screen names are okay), posting the same
article to multiple news groups (this is called "spam"), cross-
posting off-topic articles to multiple news groups, posting crude
and malicious articles (such as defaming Jesus in a Christian
news group, or telling C programmers that BASIC rules -- these are
called "trolls"), or posting the same article dozens of time, etc.

It is common to see "fake" addresses on articles. As long as
the people posting the articles mind their manners otherwise,
no one really cares what they call themselves. But using a
fake address may be a violation of your ISP's guidelines and
service agreement. And if you try to hide behind a faked address
in order to flame someone, there are usually people who can
track you down from the information contained in the headers
of your articles, so you aren't likely to get away with anything.

The worst offenders are the trolls, the illegal pyramid schemes,
and heavily cross-posted off-topic articles. In some cases you
can complain to an offender's ISP and that service provider
will send out a cancellation message that kills the thread on
all the machines where it's propagated (well, most of them),

There is also a group of volunteer system administrators who
regularly browse news groups on a random basis and send out
cancellation advisories, usually just to remove binary files,
but also to get rid of "spam" articles. These folks will
post an advisory article telling the appropriate news groups
what they are doing and why. Their activities are accepted
Usenet practice and they come as close as anyone to being
monitors for Usenet traffic.

There is a FAQ on net abuse that discusses many aspects of good
and bad Usenet behavior. It also outlines accepted responses
used in handling abusive articles, and explains why other
practices (such as posting follow-up articles) are discouraged.

The FAQ is posted regularly to and to
news.answers. The FAQ explains where and how to report net
abuse or suspected abuse. But be aware that these sys admins
are NOT concerned about cross-posted off-topic commercial
announcements. They will NOT send out cancellations for such
threads. They do NOT consider such articles to be "spam".
The FAQ explains their position on these types of articles.

The net abuse group maintains several FAQs. This FAQ is not
gauranteed to reflect the current views and information
provided in the net abuse FAQs. The reader is advised to
retrieve the net abuse FAQs for more current and detailed
information on net abuse.

A master HTML version of the net abuse FAQ may be found at:

How did the show get its start?


Xena was introduced as a character in an episode of HERCULES: THE LEGENARY
JOURNEYS in the 1994-5 season (the first season). Lucy Lawless played an
evil warlord who decided she needed to take out Hercules before she could
conquer the territories he normally protected. So she pretended to be a
maiden in distress, seduced Iolaus into joining her army, and nearly tricked
him into killing Herc (and Iolaus had a good shot at killing his friend).

The name of this episode was "The Warrior Princess".

Although there was nothing redeemable about Xena's character, the fans
loved her and demanded to see her again. The show's producers brought
Xena back for two more (back-to-back) episodes that season. Hercules
and Xena were brought together as allies by Salmoneus to fight Darfess,
Xena's former lieutenant who had taken over her army. They destroyed
the army and Xena decided to reform herself.

These episodes, forming a two-part story, were called "The Gauntlet" and
"Unchained Heart".

Where and when is the show available?

A complete list of times and stations is available on MCA's web site at

Xena is now available in most (but not all) cities via broadcast stations.

It also now being broadcast in New Zealand and a few other countries.

Starting in 1998, the USA Cable Network will carry the series, beginning
with the first season.

Okay, so what can you tell me about the main character?

Paraphrasing (in some cases *very* loosely) from two documents at the
official MCA website...

The following is from

Xena was a peasant girl until raiders attacked her village, killing her
younger brother, Lyceus. Since no one else would stand up to the raiders,
she started to learn the arts of war, built an army, and defeated the
raiders. To make sure no one would be able to attack her village again,
she conquered the surrounding lands. Eventually, she began fighting for
no more than love of power, and her ruthless army caused her name to be
held in fear by the known world.

Then she ran across Hercules. See Question #1 above.

The following is from

Xena is capable of amazing skills in the arts of combat and warfare. It is
not clear where and how she received this training, but to defeat her foes,
she uses strategy, agility, acrobatics, martial arts, and several weapons.
Most often we see her with her sword and chakram, a razor sharp discus-like
weapon. She is skilled in the use of pressure points and has been known to
carry a whip. All in all not a woman to be trifled with!

And finally from my head... (Original FAQ comment)

No description of Xena would be complete without at least mentioning
Gabrielle. Gabrielle is Xena's best friend and traveling companion. Check
out the next "answer" to find out more about the spirited young bard/Amazon

(Additional Information):

Xena's village is named Amphipolis.

Her mother's name is Cyrene. Cyrene runs an inn/tavern in Amphipolis.

Xena's older brother is named Torus. He is also a warrior.

Their father may have been named Atrius. Ares impersonated Xena's
father and nearly tricked her into becoming a warlord again. The
name Ares used was "Atrius", and Xena did not question that.

Xena had a son by a man named Boreus (he's dead, now). The son's
name is Solon and he is being raised by a Centaur (name escapes

What can you tell me about Gabrielle?

Gabrielle comes from a walled village of simple people, Poteidaia, that Xena
saved from destruction by the forces of Draco. It was one of Xena's first
"village" rescues after her conversion to good. Gabrielle wanted to go with
Xena to lead a "more exciting life" and gradually insinuated her way into
Xena's company.

Gabrielle is a talker. She has turned this into a skill and is quite a
story teller. She has earned money as a bard and even won the right to
study at the Academy for Performing Bards. She turned it down to "live
the stories" with Xena. Originally Gabrielle had no fighting skills,
but in the "Hooves and Harlots" episode she became an "Amazon princess"
and chose to learn the staff as her primary weapon.

Gabrielle and Xena are now "the best of friends" in the highest and
best ways that we can understand this phrase. Gabrielle also plays
an increasing role in helping Xena to see the good and the light in
all they encounter.

(Additional Information)

Gabrielle's parents are both alive, as well as her sister. (Names
escape me)

She was engaged to a farmer named Perdiccus when she met Xena. He
showed up later in the "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts" episode (played by a
different actor) as an officer in the Trojan Army.

Are there any other reoccurring characters?

Yup. Let's see there's...

Marcus (Bobby Hosea): A mercenary companion from her dark days, Marcus
encounters Xena (this is the first time the fans meet him) in "The Path
Not Taken". He obiviously feels strongly for Xena. At the end of this
episode Marcus is turning to the "good" -- but is killed. We meet up
again with Marcus in "Mortal Beloved". Xena travels to the underworld
to help Hades get things in order again. Marcus is temporarily brought
back to life to help.

It is in this episode that Xena and Marcus express their love for each
other. The end of this episode is VERY powerful.

Salmoneus (Robert Trebor): Everyone's favorite traveling salesman.
Salmoneus is always looking for a quick way to turn a buck -- or in
this case, a dinar. He is not very strong or very brave, but has
proven trustworthy when it counted. Salmoneus considers himself a
good friend to both Xena and Hercules (especially when he's in
trouble!) and they find it hard to stay irritated with him for long.
He went from being strictly comic relief, to being many viewers'
favorite reoccurring character.

Ares (Kevin Smith): God of War -- major hunk. (Biological reaction
from original FAQ)
Sorry, had to pause there to wipe the drool from the corners of my
mouth... Where was I? Oh yeah, Ares wants nothing more than for
Xena to lead his armies and go back to her good old villainous
warlord days. He even posed as her father in "Ties That Bind"
trying to manipulate her. Watch out. I don't think he's done
with our warrior princess....

By the way - this guy also plays Hercules' brother, Iphicles, in
HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS. No, I am not kidding, it is
the same guy!

Charon (Michael Hurst): Under all that make-up it is Michael
Hurst (whom we all know as Iolaus in H:TLJ) playing this hilarious
role. Charon's job is to carry the dead across the River Styx,
but Xena and Hercules have both crossed when they were still alive
and didn't even pay the customary coin! Listen to Charon's
constant muttering and occasional song -- he is wonderfully funny!

Autolycus (Bruce Campbell): The wily, the charming, the borderline
egomaniac...yes...the one, the only, King of Thieves.
Autolycus is basically a good guy. He is always trying to look out
for number one, but has shown himself to be a valuable ally to both
Xena and Hercules on separate occasions. He might even have a
light(?) crush on Xena... A skilled thief and fighter Autolycus
succeeds in being both charming and humorous. Hopefully we will
see more of him in future episodes. O.K. -- I've been busted...
some of you really know your stuff (Lucia...) and reminded me that
Autolycus has only appeared in Xena once and Hercules once. That's
right - he really shouldn't be listed here, but he's gonna stay
anyway. Call it wishful thinking on my part! ;)

Hades (Erik Thomson): The God of the Underworld, is probably my
least favorite. (Disdainful reaction taken from original FAQ)
I think that this character comes off as being pretty wimpy for
a god. Both Xena and Herc have had to help him out. I guess
the best thing about Hades (other than the actor playing this
role) is that he seems to admire/appreciate Xena.

(Additional Information)

Some of the viilains have recurring roles, although they may not
appear in more than two episodes. Mezantius was an arms merchant
in "The Path Not Taken". He was brought back for an "alternate
reality" check in "Remember Nothing" along with "Krycus", the
evil warlord from "Hooves And Harlots". "Mortal Beloved" had
several men whom Xena had killed in previous episodes.

Where does XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS take place?

The official MCA website says that X:WP is:
"...set in the 'Golden Age' of myth, long before ancient Greece or
Rome, on the distant frontier of known civilization far away from
the land of mighty Hercules."

**BUT** there is also this information that was taken directly
from Arbiter's original FAQ. (Special thanks to for the following information):

X:WP is set in Ancient Greece - but they do move around...

Lacking graphics for a map, think of the ancient Greek world as
an upside-down "U". The left leg represents the Greek peninsula,
and the right leg represents Asia Minor (currently Turkey) --
number and letters are included as very rough guides.


For reference:
Athens is a little north of (1);
Sparta is a bit southwest of (1);
Troy is in the neighborhood of (7)
Xena was born in Amphipolis (5).

What happened to her between her leaving Amphipolis, and her
resurfacing in the Hercules episode "The Warrior Princess" is
a little vague. We do know that she fought many wars in or
around Corinth(1-inland) which is in Arcadia (A/1) -- including
one against the Centaurs ("Hooves and Harlots"). This placing
of the centaurs is a little odd being that the centaurs are from
the state of Thessaly (3).

We first meet Xena somewhere around Hercules' hometown of Thebes
(2), and from there she takes Iolaus to Arcadia before Hercules
ruins her plans.

Soon after she turns to good, Xena returns to Amphipolis. Since
Gabrielle followed her, presumably mostly on foot, Gabrielle's
home village can't be too far away from Amphipolis. Certainly
no father away than Thessaly (3/4).

In "Death in Chains", X & G are once again in Corinth (1-inland),
where Sisyphus is King. In the next episode shown, X & G are in
the realm of the Amazons (east of G).

However, since Centaurs are nearby, it implies they are still
near Corinth, or possibly now somewhere in Thessaly -- maybe
this is a rouge group of Amazons....

When (in history) does X:WP take place?

The official MCA website says that X:WP is:
"...set in the 'Golden Age' of myth, long before ancient Greece or Rome..."

**BUT** there is also this information that was taken directly
from Arbiter's original FAQ. (Special thanks to for the following information)

The time frame is difficult to pin down since the series presents
contradictory material.

Since so much iron is used in weapons (we'll assume it's iron and not
steel), the time can't be significantly earlier than about 1500 B.C.
-- as that is the time when iron started being produced in quantity.

The latest historical reference made in the series so far (Dec. 1995)
was in the episode "Death in Chains", where there is mention of
Sophokles (496-406 B.C.). This places the series probably no later
than about 380 B.C.

There are several mentions of heroes of the Trojan War (e.g. in
"The Reckoning"), and this places things sometime after c.1184
B.C. (the traditional date of the end of the Trojan War).

We could be comfortable with this except for one thing: Herakles
(Hercules) is computed as dying some 79 years before the start
of the Trojan War -- and obviously Xena and Gabrielle are
contemporaries of the legendary hero. This places the time
period somewhere between 1300-1250 B.C.

At of this writing, if we ignore the Sophokles reference, the
series probably takes place sometime between 1300-850 B.C.

Does X:WP jibe with "traditional" mythology and actual history?

In some cases yes and in some no. Read the two answers above this
(II.6 and II.7), and you will see what I mean. The show plays around
with actual places, events, people, and myths, but I don't think
they (meaning the producers, writers, etc.) choose to be bound to
or by them.

How is X:WP like Hercules the Legendary Journeys (H:TLJ), and how is
it different?

This is VERY rudimentary -- any helpful rephrasing, comments,
suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

How the shows are alike....
The characters know each other and "exist" in the same time frame.
Each show incorporates mythological tales/concepts. Both have a
primary star/character who roams the countryside righting wrongs
with their best friend, who usually travels with them. Xena and
Herc are both capable and accomplished fighters who are brave and
true. By the way have you noticed that both Iolaus and Gabrielle
are shorter, more light-hearted/carefree, and of lighter complexion
than Herc and Xena?

How the shows are different...
Let's get the obvious out of the way: Herc and Iolaus are very male.
Xena and Gabrielle are unquestionably female -- duh! O.K. so what
else? Herc is half god. Xena (as far as we know) is not. Herc is
in lots of fights, but he doesn't seem to "enjoy"/revel in it as
much as Xena does. (Although more and more it seems Xena is
trying to avoid unnecessary confrontations.)

Xena is much more the warrior -- complete with armor and weapons.
She definitely has a dark and horrible past/side that she is
trying to live down and deal with. Herc has had some bad things
happen, but *he* has always been a good guy. I think that it is
this darkness, their very different pasts, that helps the writers
to create the distinct tones/moods/environments that makes the
two shows more different than I have been able to put into words

(Additional Information)
Xena usually kills or maims a minimum of 2-3 people per show.
Hercules will knock a half dozen heads together but seldom
actually kills or seriously wounds anyone.

Xena rarely takes on monsters. She focuses on warlords. Hercules
usually takes out the monsters, gets embroiled with the gods,
and generally deals with situations where mortals (except for
Xena) are outclassed. Xena DID defeat a very nasty Titan, and
she and Herc together helped to free Prometheus. As noted above,
she has also gotten involved with Ares and Hades a few times.

Finally, the sidekicks differ tremendously. Iolaus is a warrior
and hunter. Gabrielle is just learning to find her way through
the world but is trying NOT to become a warrior. Iolaus was
taken down a notch by the Gods on a couple of occasions becuase
of his tremendous ego, Gabrielle has not developed that problem.

Where is X:WP filmed?

It is filmed on location in and around Auckland, New Zealand.

Do X:WP and Hercules (TLJ) share the same writers and production team?

No. There is very little crossover. Same company - different staffs.

Was there ever a real Xena?

Do you mean a person who actually lived "way back when" with the name
Xena? Who knows! Do you mean a female warrior whose life resembles
*our* T.V. Xena in some way? No. The T.V. Xena is not based on
historical accounts and/or myth. I guess my favorite answer would be:
"Yes, (fill in your name here). There is a Santa Claus."

OOPS! Strike that. It was supposed to be: Yes, (fill in your name
here). There was a Xena."

"Xena" resounds in the souls of her fans. There is something there
we recognize and gravitate toward. The strength, the courage, the
beauty, the challenge of righting your past misdeeds, the struggle
to trust and care, Lucy Lawless and the whole production team bring
to us these things, and it appeals to us in a way that goes beyond
the sum of the parts.

So yes, I'd like to "pretend" that Xena existed and still does in
many of us.
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