A Few Questions On Last Night's Episode

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Jeffrey P Wendt

Nov 12, 1994, 5:10:29 AM11/12/94

>Just a few things that seem important to the understanding of
>last night's episode (which was truly awesome):

>a) Was the woman who played Scully's sister the same one who is
> on the Commish?


>b) I got the impression, after Scully talking to the nurse at the
> end of the show, that they were eluding to thefact that "Nurse
> Owens" was Scully's guardian angel. Is that anyone else's read.
> After all, all the imagery (bright light shining through the
> window and focusing on Scully's cross) seems to point to that.


>Personally, I think Mulder should have smoked ;-) the Cancer Man too
>but then, like Cancer Man said, Mulder would never know what he knows.

I think the problem with Mulder killing him, is that the writers tried to put
a good vs. bad / light vs. darkness spin on the damn episode; don't get me
wrong, I thought it was a great episode, but this classic battle crap is too
black & white for me. Let's face it... if CancerMan didn't start squealing
like a pig with a sig pointed at his head, held by an enraged agent who blames
him for Scully's condition, he sure as hell isn't going to get the key to the
`room' from that piece of trash. I would like to see Mulder take a harder
edge towards these `people'?, and take a few pointers from his 229 carrying

There is nothing quite as refreshing, than to see someone shot out-of-hand
without mercy, pity, or concern... I think there is a new sheriff in town, and
he likes .40 S&W.


>Erin Kenneth Peterson

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