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Cliff K Chen

Nov 18, 1994, 1:04:22 AM11/18/94
This is the glossary of acronyms which are frequently used in discussions
of the show. It is posted here with the author's permission.


ADBB--All Done Bye Bye--the message Mulder saw on his cellular phone
at the very end of "Blood," now used as a sign-off at IRCs and at
the ends of posts.

C&C--Confused and Cute--refers to Mulder's condition when he looks
as though he just woke up and has that look on his face that says,

Capitalizing the first letter of a word--such as: Skeptic, Believe,
Trust, Partner--implies a special significance to that word as
related to THE X-FILES (i.e. "Skeptic" usually refers to Scully,
though it can refer to someone else, "Believe" refers to a belief
in the "Extreme Possibility" or paranormal, yatta, yatta, yatta.)

CITC--Conversation In The Car--refers to the exchange between
Mulder and Scully in his car as they kept surveillance on Eugene
Tooms in "Tooms." This is the conversation in which Scully cements
their Partnership, telling Mulder, "I wouldn't put myself on the
line for anybody but you." Shortly thereafter she *does* put
herself on the line, by lying to Skinner about Mulder's whereabouts
when Eugene Tooms was supposedly assaulted, saying that she was
with Mulder being "oriented" on the unauthorized surveillance.

CITDBTB--Conversation In The Dark By The Bed--this refers to the
scene in the pilot episode, "The X-Files," in which Mulder tells
Scully why he is so obsessed with abductions: he believes his
sister, who disappeared when he was a kid and has never been heard
from since, was abducted.

CSM--Cigarette Smoking Man--(also TSM--The Smoking Man)--refers to the
mysterious man in Skinner's office in "The X-Files," "Tooms," "The
Erlenmeyer Flask," and "Little Green Men."

DDEB and GATB--David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade and the
corresponding Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade--DDEB started
as an email chat group on the Internet consisting of women who lust
after Duchovny, and GATB naturally sprung up as the obvious
counterpart for the guys. There is now talk of forming a DSTB
(Dana Scully Testosterone Brigade) in deference to Anderson's
marital status.

[Cliff's note: Despite the naming conventions the DDEB and GATB do NOT
discriminate based on gender.]

Duchovnik--General term for a fan of David Duchovny.

E.B.E.--Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. First used on THE X-
FILES by Mulder in "E.B.E."

EIHPs--Enemies In High Places (singular: EIHP*)--refers to the off-
screen presence of people Higher Up in the D.C. Establishment who
can hinder and manipulate Mulder and Scully. Also used, by
extension, in reference to those who hinder or manipulate other
players. First used by Gayle, Karin, and Laura Anne.

EP--Extreme Possibility. First used by Kwicker.

FIHPs--Friends In High Places (singular: FIHP*)--refers to the off-
screen presence of Mulder's contacts Higher Up in the D.C.
Establishment who can protect Mulder and Scully. Also used, by
extension, in reference to those helping or protecting other
players. First used by Gayle, Karin, and Laura Anne.

IDDG--Intellectually Drop Dead Gorgeous--part of the motto of
the GATB: "GA is IDDG!"

IMBS--Infamous Mosquito Bite Scene--refers to the scene in the
pilot episode, just before CITDBTB, in which Scully discovers marks
on her lower back that look suspiciously like those found on people
who Mulder believes have been abducted and controlled by E.B.E.s
(Extraterrestrial Biological Entities). She runs next door to his
motel room in her bathrobe, and in a panic, strips to her underwear
and asks Mulder to examine the marks, which turn out to be mosquito
bites, to her great relief.

IWTCHU--(The) I Want To Cuddle Him Urge--refers to the sentiment
evoked in many women every time Mulder gets beaten up. Coined by

MIB--Man In Black (plural: MIBs*)--Super-secret government agents.
All that is known is that they are effective in hushing up Things
The Government >>Really<< Doesn't Want You To Know. By any means

MIJ--Mulder in Jeopardy--a favorite plot situation of DDEBers and
Duchovniks. (See also SIJ) Originated by ROB...@delphi.com.

PTDT--Pass The Drool Towel.

RSD--Red Shoe Diaries--Duchovny's series on Showtime, also
available on video at Blockbuster. (Blockbuster Volumes #1 and #4
are the most often referred to.)

SIJ--Scully in Jeopardy--a favorite plot situation of the GATB that
came about after much mention of MIJ by the Duchovniks. First used
by Dick Wales.

SRE--Scully Rational Explanation--Any of the various explanations
that Scully comes up with that are so far-fetched they almost make
Mulder's explanations seem more credible, such as "a mountain
lion," and (my personal favorite), "swamp gas" (both from
"E.B.E."). First used by yours truly, SUe. An SRE list is
currently being compiled.

The Magic Circle--describes Mulder's and Scully's increasing
inability to Trust those around them, forcing them to rely
exclusively on each other for Trust and friendship. Originated
by Pat Nussman.

TSM--The Smoking Man--(see CSM).

UST--Unresolved Sexual Tension--refers to the undercurrent of
romantic and sexual attraction between Mulder and Scully,
something neither of them will acknowledge. UST does =not=
(necessarily) have to be Resolved, at least not in the near
future. This definition is not a Final Word, but to give people
a common definition for basis of discussion. First used by LAG.

V&C--Vulnerable and Cute--refers to Mulder's condition most of the

WPDF--Wounded Puppy Dog Face--refers to the rather sad look Mulder
often has on his face, somewhat reminiscent of a puppy that's been
hit with a rolled-up newspaper.

Yatta yatta yatta--1. Phrase used by Duchovny in his AT&T
commercial, meaning "etc.," or "and so forth." 2. When used in
conjunction with a wink ;-), is the 90's equivalent of "hubba hubba

YAXA--Yet Another X-FILES Acronym (plural: YAXAs*)--1. What we'll
have if we add something else to this list. 2. Exclamation used
upon the discovery of what might be Yet Another X-FILES Acronym,
much like you would say "Bingo!"


*Note: Certain YAXAs, such as MIB and YAXA, are pluralized by
adding an "s" to the end; others, such as EIHPs and FIHPs are
generally used in the plural form, but are sometimes used in the
singular (FIHP, EIHP). Yes, I realize that these are not
grammatically correct, and that when speaking you wouldn't say "Man
In Blacks," but this is the way they're written online. Hey,
language is weird, what can I say? :-)

*If anyone wants to either take credit for one of the YAXAs
whose origin is not noted, or correct their credit, drop me a note.

Compiled by SUe [the...@delphi.com]
Keeper of YAXAs

In the same way that editors of dictionaries gather definitions of
words by observing how they are used, the YAXAs listed are defined
based on observations of online posts. Copyright 1994, SUe Stiefel.
This list is may be distributed for non-commercial purposes, but
please do not alter it. Any corrections or possible additions
should be sent to the above email address. (941017)

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