Music question--Kaddish

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Cheryl A Lackman

Mar 3, 1997, 3:00:00 AM3/3/97

When I watched Kaddish, the background music in the burial scene at
the beginning reminded me of the music in a Serta mattress commercial
that played a few years ago. Some of it was almost exactly the same. The
part I am thinking of went something like this (in the Serta commercial):

G A Bb A G Bb A D
G F Eb G F Bb*
Eb D C Eb D G*
A* Bb* A* .

*below middle C

I can never tell what key I'm in so it might not be the right one, but you
get the idea.

The Serta commercial showed the moon rising at fast speed and
I think at the end showed a house in the country (?-maybe) with the one
light still on being extinguished.
Anyway, I really liked the music in that commercial, and even when I
first saw the commercial, it seemed familiar. But I could never figure out
what it was. So when I heard the very similar part in Kaddish I had to
find out. Does anyone have information for me on this?



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