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Sep 2, 2008, 9:53:52 PM9/2/08
I just saw a People Magazine or US or whatever that magazine in the
supermarket with a cover story with Jessica Simpson talking about the love
of her life Tony Romo and how long she waited to find true love

My sister still say he's a Homo, no matter who he's dating, or who is or is
making jokes about it.

And yes, his team , they DID lose. Perhaps I can't keep track of what's
going on, because my sisters are giving me erroneous information?

The score was 10-6, in favor of the Eagles last year, in the game where Romo
was accused of being distracted by Jessica. It would have been 17-6, if
hadn't taken a knee on purpose at the 1 yard line, in order to maintain
of the ball for the last minute of the game. Dallas scored no touchdowns,
had 3
interceptions, 4 QB sacks, Romo injured his thumb, and he had a QB rating of
His first 12 passes were incomplete, and he had only completed 2 of them by
fouth quarter. It was significantly "less than stellar".

"marika" <> wrote in message news:...
>I think nowadays, tato will be getting more and more things that will
>require access to youtube and other websites that he won't be able to open,
>making his computer useless, unless he upgrades his service. But just
>getting the new computer won't help much unless he gets rid of dialup also.
>I know this because I did it myself last year. I bought an ultrafast
>computer, but still had dialup. Where it took me 30 minutes to download a
>youtube video on the old computer, it took only 28 minutes on the new
>computer. Worthless, with dialup. The thing about tato is that he doesn't
>understand that stuff WILL load (eventually) so when he gets a big file,
>like in an email, if the pictures don't load immediately, he doesn't
>realize it's in mid-load and he aborts it. That action is what has messed
>up his computer. All those aborted downloads freeze up his system now.
> I bet if he doesn't have comcast on his block yet now, he will very very
> soon.
> ps here's a good comcast story for you... my sister had regular cable TV
> for the past 10 years. She kept seeing ads for digital cable (on demand,
> pay perview, etc) for the past couple years, but never wanted it, didn't
> care, didn't feel like paying the extra 20 buks or whatever for it. So
> one day a couple months ago, comcast calls her and offers me a free
> digital upgrade. She's like... free? WHY? They tell her she is the last
> house on the block without digital and they want to disconnect the analog
> signal but can't because of her, so would she please take it for free?
> Hilarious. She didn't connect the equipment until about 6 months after
> they sent it to her anyway, because she just didn't care, until last
> month, when there was a football game available only on digital, so she
> finally hooked it up. for FREE!
> "marika" <> wrote in message
>> tato bought a new computer today. Likely he will ask me to help set it up
>> for him tomorrow.
>> Also I showed him the tymoshenko videos on my computer today. "Just like
>> watching a TV" he said.
>> And he asked some questions about cable, so maybe he is starting to give
>> it some real consideration now.
>> "marika" <> wrote in message news:...
>>>I can send an email from one, or from the second, but I can't send one
>>>from the first using the second.
>>> ???????
>>> "marika" <> wrote in message
>>>> Yes, forwarding is possible with this account yay. This might be
>>>> the way to go during transition:
>>>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> Starting/Stopping Forwarding
>>>> When you set up forwarding for your mail account, messages
>>>> addressed to your account are automatically sent (forwarded) to another
>>>> email address. You can specify one or more valid email addresses as
>>>> destinations for your forwarded messages. You can only set message
>>>> forwarding if this feature is enabled on your email account. If the
>>>> Forwarding option does not display, your email account is not enabled
>>>> with this feature.
>>>> To start Mail Forwarding, follow these steps.
>>>> a.. Click the Options link, and then click Forwarding.
>>>> Result: The Forwarding page displays.
>>>> b.. Select Yes for the Forward Messages option and enter the
>>>> following data:
>>>> a.. Forwarding Address: The destination email addresses to
>>>> which you want your mail to be automatically forwarded. If you enter
>>>> multiple addresses, separate them with commas; for example,
>>>> user1@hostname, user2@hostname, user3@hostname
>>>> a.. Keep a copy of each forwarded message in your inbox:
>>>> Select this checkbox to have a copy of forwarded messages delivered to
>>>> your Inbox. Note: If you leave this option de-selected, no copy of the
>>>> forwarded message is saved.
>>>> a.. Click Apply.
>>>> Result: A confirmation message displays, Forwarding is started;
>>>> messages addressed to your account are automatically forwarded to the
>>>> specified destination address.
>>>> b.. To stop the auto-forwarding mechanism, select No for the
>>>> Forward Messages option and click Apply.
>>>> Result: A confirmation message displays, Forwarding is stopped.


Sep 2, 2008, 9:56:47 PM9/2/08
I found out that Tony Romo used to date Carrie Underwear and she used to
distract him as well. She is a 'celebrity' from American Idle similar to
Simpson but not quite of her caliber. Last year she was dating Romo.
She was in the stadium wearing his number jersey and everything. Then
they broke up.

Now, he is dating Jessica Simpson. Has been all season long. She came
to the games and wore his number jersey, just like all the
wives/girlfriends do every game. Suddenly, he has a less than stellar
game (they didn't even lose, it just wasn't as good as normal, i.e.
Romo had a couple of interceptions) and suddenly it is the fault of the
girlfriend in the stands distracting him, according to TERRELL OWENS.
Then, when that statement caused a stink, he retracted it and said it
was JOKE.

Come on. it's not that compicated.

"marika" <> wrote in message


Sep 2, 2008, 10:06:00 PM9/2/08
lAST YEAR The Jets lost but beat the pointspread.

WHEN i chastised my sister for calling Tony Romo a homo, she said

Nothing rhymes with Romo better.

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