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May 7, 2009, 7:06:45 PM5/7/09
TV Fans, if you're a TV junky like me, love your sitcoms series, and cable TV
series or live overseas, then you may want to have a look at this.

I found http://3click.TV , signed up and was pleasantly suprised that
they do in fact have everything they claim to have:

--From the 3click.TV website--
-Complete Seasons (no missing episodes) of more than 200+ shows. A good example:
The Simpsons- yep all 20 Seasons- Every episode!
-All shows are commercial/ad free
-Forget iTunes@! 3click.TV works great on iPhone and Mobile phones too! The only
service of its kind to stream to iPhone, or Windows Mobile equipped SmartPhones
and of course PC and Mac.
-All shows work- no broken links or poor quality
-NO BUFFERING! I dont know where these guys are located but their servers are
pristine and they seem to have no bandwidth trouble here!
-No Downloading, this is pure streaming, a one hour episode takes less than 3
seconds to load, this alone is amazing.
-Full user control, pause fast forward and rewind
-Complete indexing: series, and episode description
-Episodes added daily as they air! 24,000 and counting with everything airing
on TV being added daily
-Available Everywhere- USA UK Australia Canada Europe Asia

I am not affiliated or work with or for 3click.TV I have been using it for
nearly 6 months and found it to be the coolest unknown site on the web. I have
been so pleased with them that I promised to spread the word. I even dropped my
cable TV a few months ago.

A few things to note- there are no movies here, only TV.
Personal experience with iPhone- Fantastic quality but you need a good solid
wifi connection. Most cafes/hotels etc work fine on my iPhone.
Heres their showlist (this not include daily grab shows like Leno, Daily Show,
American Idol etc.)



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