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Executive Producer Tim Doyle on the LAST MAN STANDING Facebook Page

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Nov 25, 2012, 1:15:55 AM11/25/12

And he tells people just to accept it because the old Kristin won't
come back, he actually said he fired her! And the new Kristin isn't
going anywhere! We should give her a change because he thinks she a
great actress and she is the right mom material! As for the direction
of the show he says that some people just like an other kind of humor.
Can't say I like his attitude!

-Tim Doyle: Give her a chance. She's a good actress.
-About the laugh track:
Tim Doyle: There's nothing fake about it, in fact we cut the laughs
down and
lower the volume.
-About the recast:
Tim Doyle: Honestly. This one bit of casting ruins the show for you?
-About the new Kristin:
Tim Doyle: Give her a chance. She's a very good actress. And she is
credible as a young mom.
-About Alexandra Krosney:
Tim Doyle: I fired her.
-Tim Doyle: Alex is gone. Kristin isn't going anywhere,
-About the comedy:
Tim Doyle: Some people prefer their comedy to include real-world
and ideas.
-About Boyd:
Tim Doyle: Boyd will be back too.
-About baby-moron-daddy:
Tim Doyle: He'll be back. He's a semi-regular.
-About turning back:
Tim Doyle: Not going to happen. We like the new direction and new
-About people complaining:
Tim Doyle: Let it go. Alex is gone. Amanda is not going anywhere.

Tim Doyle Joins ABC’s ‘Last Man Standing’ As New Showrunner:
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