Bought "Square Pegs" complete series DVD for $8

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Jan 26, 2013, 8:51:36 AM1/26/13
I remember the show vaguely but fondly from childhood(I was 7 in 1982),
so when I saw it cheap at a Dollar General, I picked it up.

It's a rarity for a teenage sit-com to be aimed at teenagers and not
children or families. The only recent one I can recall is That 70's
Show. I suppose that's why Pegs still remembered despite only 20
episodes being completed. Now there are numerous cable channels and
more than 3 networks, there are a lot of shows aimed at that
demographic, but they are all dramas.

Square Pegs was shot single-camera style, with a laugh track. A really
weird laugh track. It sounded like only 2 or 3 people laughing and it
was used irregularly, usually at the worst jokes. This must have been a
rebellion of sorts.

It started strong but became more convoluted towards the end. A lot of
plot points and dialogue just didn't make any sense and Amy Linker's fat
suit kept disappearing and reappearling again.

Since then Sarah Jessica Parker went on to great success, while Jami
Gertz and Tracy Nelson didn't do too bad either. Amy Linker is a
teacher. Sadly, Merrick Butrick, whose catchphrase "Like, totally
different head.....totally" is the lasting legacy of the show, died of
AIDS complications way back in 1989. The disk has a special feature
where cast members remember him, but apparently Steven Patterman was
under the impression Merrick committed suicide and nobody bothered to
correct him or edit his comments out.

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