Notes for QABF16 (Treehouse of Horror XXXII)

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Matt Garvey

Oct 10, 2021, 8:48:52 PMOct 10
Not too bad, overall, with a reasonable mix of story types. Hooray. I'm not sure if the tiny third story (is 80 seconds the shortest act so far?) is purely filler or what, but at least that answers the question of why the first commercial break didn't come right after the title.

Previous episode stuff
4F20: A different kind of plant/tree gag used

Not only does Bart actually tell a scary story in a treehouse again for once, but Homer remarks on the annual tradition, etc. (Plus Kang and Kodos gag at end, one of the ambulatory trees reappearing in the final story, chalkboard gag...)

Joke analysis
Audrey II identifies as a tree, but that ruins the joke (that he's a "trans-plant"); the fact that trees are a subset of plants aside, the bit could work if, well, reworked!


Oct 11, 2021, 11:27:47 PMOct 11
Yea, not too bad.
So many brokenesses, oldnesses, leaks, illnesses, videos, spams, issues, software updates, games, sins, tiredness, busyness, etc. Dang colony life! :(
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Conor Williams

Oct 12, 2021, 9:32:40 PMOct 12
Matt Garvey - dat waz so so funni

did you see the episode where an octopus crawled on barts face
and souckd out his bulbar sheath (see good man ureself...s saf87394233287$%^&

ps. what was the episode where the prediction was made of the storming
of the White House? anyone?? latersz
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