Notes for QABF17 (The Star of the Backstage) and summer repeats

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Matt Garvey

Sep 26, 2021, 9:11:38 PMSep 26
Ehhhhh, fine? I enjoy musicals, although I can't stand Rent and I didn't pick up most of the other style references in this (or what the title may be playing on). But it's been a while since a truly great Simpsons musical showcase, and even if all the ages worked out, I do not buy for a second that all these Springfielders were theater nerds in high school (if ever), but I suppose consistent character histories and characterizations were buried long ago. This also had the annoying instant plot resolution problem, just not at the end, because we still had to sit through the show. Welcome to season 33.

There's a new Fox logo at the end now, looking like the previous one but reading 20th Television Animation. Seems to be on all the relevant shows.

Legend of television and more Ed Asner, who guest starred in AABF21 (just a few months before Y2K, as it happens), died on August 29th, and I was surprised to see no dedication to him tonight. Wedging dedications into episode repeats has been disturbingly common lately, but unless I completely missed it, there wasn't one in that night's QABF05 repeat, and there were no other network Simpsons airings until tonight, apart from QABF06 (see below). I really expected to see one tonight! What happened to "better late than never"?

Summer repeat roundup
-QABF14 airing 2 (June 6) lost the dedication to Olympia Dukakis
-QABF13 airing 2 (June 20) moved Maurice LaMarche from Also Starring to his usual place in Guest Starring
-ZABF22 airing 2 (August 1) gained a dedication to Jackie Mason (with a still from 8F05) but lost the Alex Trebek dedication from its original airing
-ZABF20 airing 3 (August 15) was compressed to 21 minutes
-QABF01 airing 3 (August 22) dropped the Larry King dedication that had only been on airing 2
-QABF06 airing 3 (September 19) reinstated the Marc Wilmore dedication from airing 1 that was left out of airing 2 (but the audio fades may be different)

By the way, for all the good posting *here* will do (but why stop now?): I've brought the sax solo and opening sequences pages up to date (through season 31) on The Simpsons Archive and will be getting more documents done when I can.


Sep 27, 2021, 12:44:24 AMSep 27
I didn't like this one since I'm not into musicals. Weak premiere to me. :(
So many leaks (liquid [need a plumber for my body too] & digital types), sneezes, pains, videos, issues, software updates, games, etc. Also, BUSY & tired! :(
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