Notes for QABF18 (Bart's in Jail)

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Matt Garvey

Oct 3, 2021, 8:44:32 PMOct 3
...or is it "Bart's in Jail!" with the exclamation point? Anyway, started out as a decent entry in the current affairs category, but lost me by the end with the unclear focus and undermining of the point it seemed to be trying to get to. I don't need a happy ending, but this fakeout of one seems cheap.

...Moe's mouse buttons are on the wrong side?
...there's a scammer at the call center who sounds just like Bart, but that's not the voice used to dupe Grampa at the start of the episode?
...there are hundreds of physical gift cards in the call center, when they're usually "sent" just by code?

For what it's worth
Airing #3 of QABF04 was joined in progress here in Cleveland at about 7:22, following the usual abbreviated NABF21 opening.


Oct 4, 2021, 1:42:47 AMOct 4
That was better than last week's season premiere! It should had been the
season premiere.
Hot Oct. So many leaks (liquid & digital types), sneezes, itches, pains, videos, issues, software updates, games, etc. Also, BUSY & tired! :(
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