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Se0 Guy

Jan 24, 2008, 1:09:14 PM1/24/08
the discovery of it, they can scarcely forbear
crying out, It is just! It is just! Some express themselves, that they
could see the glory of God would shine bright in their own condemnation;
and they are ready to think that if they are damned, they could take
part with God against themselves, and would glorify His justice therein.
And when it is thus, they commonly have some evident sense of free and
all-sufficient grace, though they give no distinct account of it; but it
is manifest, by that great degree of hope and encouragement they then
conceive, though they were never so sensible of their own vileness and
ill-deservings as they are at that time.

Some, when in such circumstances, have felt that sense of the excellency
of God's justice, appearing in the vindictive exercises of it, against
such sinfulness as theirs was; and have had such a submission of mind in
their idea of this attribute, and of those exercises of it-together with
an exceeding loathing of their own unworthiness, and a kind of
indignation against themselves-that they have sometimes almost called it
a willingness to be damned; though it must be owned they had not clear
and distinct ideas of damnation, nor does any word in the Bible require
such self-denial as this. But the truth is, as some have more clearly
expressed it, that salvation has appeared too good for them, that they
were worthy of nothing but condemnation, and they could not tell how to
think of salvation being bestowed upon them, fearing it was inconsistent
with the glory of God's majesty, that they had so much contemned and

That calm of spirit that some persons have fou

Se0 Guy

Jan 24, 2008, 1:38:27 PM1/24/08
prophecies and their fulfilment; but, as the prophecies could be
suspected, He desires to make them above suspicion, etc.

577. God has made the blindness of this people subservient to the good of
the elect.

578. There is sufficient clearness to enlighten the elect, and sufficient
obscurity to humble them. There is sufficient obscurity to blind the
reprobate, and sufficient clearness to condemn them and make them
inexcusable. Saint Augustine, Montaigne, Sebond.

The genealogy of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament is intermingled with so
many others that are useless that it cannot be distinguished. If Moses had
kept only the record of the ancestors of Christ, that might have been too
plain. If he had not noted that of Jesus Christ, it might not have been
sufficiently plain. But, after all, whoever looks closely sees that of Jesus
Christ expressly traced through Tamar, Ruth, etc.

Those who ordained these sacrifices knew their uselessness; those who have
declared their uselessness, have not ceased to practise them.

If God had permitted only one religion, it has been too easily known; but
when we look at it closely, we clearly discern the truth amidst this

The premiss.--Moses was a clever man. If, then, he ruled himself by his
reason, he would say nothing clearly which was directly against reason.

Thus all the very apparent weaknesses are strength. Example; the two
genealogies in Saint Matthew and Saint Luke. What can be clearer than that
this was not concerted?

579. God (and the Apostles), foreseeing that the seeds of pride would make
heresies spring up, and being unwilling to give them occasion to arise from
correct expressions, has put in Scripture and the prayers of the Church
contrary words and sentences to produce their fruit in time.

So in morals He gives charity, which produces fruits contrary to

Se0 Guy

Jan 24, 2008, 3:26:35 PM1/24/08
nothing so perilous as what pleases God and man.
For those states, which please God and man, have one property which pleases
God, and another which pleases men; as the greatness of Saint Teresa. What
pleased God was her deep humility in the midst of her revelations; what
pleased men was her light. And so we torment ourselves to imitate her
discourses, thinking to imitate her conditions, and not so much to love what
God loves and to put ourselves in the state which God loves.

It is better not to fast, and be thereby humbled, than to fast and be
self-satisfied therewith. The Pharisee and the Publican.

What use will memory be to me, if it can alike hurt and help me, and all
depends upon the blessing of God, who gives only to things done for Him,
according to His rules and in His ways, the manner being thus as important
as the thing and perhaps more; since God can bring forth good out of evil,
and without God we bring forth evil out of good?

500. The meaning of the words, good and evil.

501. First step: to be blamed for doing evil, and praised for doing good.

Second step: to be neither praised nor blamed.

502. Abraham took nothing for himself, but only for his servants. So the
righteous man takes for himself nothing of the world, nor of the applause of
the world, but only for his passions, which he uses as their master, saying
to the one, "Go," and to another, "Come." Sub te erit appetit

Se0 Guy

Jan 24, 2008, 4:02:24 PM1/24/08
He has failed. He has not subdued the
heathen with His might. He has not bestowed upon us their spoil. He does not
give riches. Is this all they have to say? It is in this respect that He is
lovable to me. I would not desire Him whom they fancy.) It is evident that
it is only His life which has prevented them from accepting Him; and through
this rejection they are irreproachable witnesses, and, what is more, they
thereby accomplish the prophecies.

By means of the fact that this people have not accepted Him, this miracle
here has happened. The prophecies were the only lasting miracles which could
be wrought, but they were liable to be denied.

761. The Jews, in slaying Him in order not to receive Him as the Messiah,
have given Him the final proof of being the Messiah.

And in continuing not to recognise Him, they made themselves irreproachable
witnesses. Both in slaying Him and in continuing to deny Him, they have
fulfilled the prophecies (Is. 60; Ps. 71).

762. What could the Jews, His enemies, do? If they receive Him, they give
proof of Him by their reception; for then the guardians of the expectation
of the Messiah receive Him. If they reject Him, they give proof of Him by
their rejection.

763. The Jews, in testing if He were God, have shown that He was man.

764. The Church has had as much difficulty in showing that Jesus Christ was
man, against those who denied it, as in showing that He was God; and the
probabilities were equally great.

765. Source of contradictions.--A God humiliated, even to the death on the
cross; a Messiah triumphing over death by his own death. Two natures in
Jesus Christ, two advents, two states of man's nature.

766. Types.--Saviour, father, sacrificer, offering, food, king, wise,
law-giver, afflicted, poor, having to create a people whom He must lead and
nourish and bring into His land...

Jesus Christ. Offices.--He alone had to create a great

Se0 Guy

Jan 24, 2008, 3:36:07 PM1/24/08
is important to choose good guides.

Thus they will be doubly culpable, both in having followed ways which they
should not have followed, and in having listened to teachers to whom they
should not have listened.

910. Can it be anything but compliance with the world which makes you find
things probable? Will you make us believe that it is truth and that, if
duelling were not the fashion, you would find it probable that they might
fight, considering the matter in itself.?

911. Must we kill to prevent there being any wicked? This is to make both
parties wicked instead of one. Vince in bono malum.227 (Saint Augustine.)

912. Universal.--Ethics and language are special, but universal sciences.

913. Probability.--Each one can employ it; no one can take it away.

914. They allow lust to act, and check scruples; whereas they should do the

915. Montalte.--Lax opinions please men so much, that it is strange that
theirs displease. It is because they have exceeded all bounds. Again, there
are many people who see the truth, and who cannot attain to it; but there
are few who do not know that the purity of religion is opposed to our
corruptions. It is absurd to say that an eternal recompense is offered to
the morality of Escobar.

916. Probability.--They have some true principles; but they misuse them.
Now, the abuse of truth ought to be as much punished as the introduction of

As if there were two hells, one for sins against love, the other for those
against justice!

917. Probability.--The earnestness of the saints in seeking the truth was
useless, if the probable is trustworthy. The fear of the saints who have
always followed the surest way. (Saint Theresa having always followed her

918. Take away probability, and you can no longer please the world; give
probability, and you can no longer displease it.

919. These

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