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Leigh M. Wilkes

Jan 23, 1996, 3:00:00 AM1/23/96

A couple weeks ago, I replied to someone inquiring about when the
final half-hour of R&S (SAMMY AND ME/LAST TEMPTATION OF REN) would be
shown. Because I was using a cheap editor at the time, I was only able
to post it to one newsgroup. Plus, I'm not sure those interested got a
chance to read it. So, I'll say it again.
These two episodes, as far as I know, have not been shown yet, and
they may never be shown. During the holidays I E-mailed Surlyboy, asking
him when these episodes would air. He said that SAM was being held back
for fear of a lawsuit from the estate of Sammy Davis Jr. That means,
strangely enough, that Games could have its own MAN'S BEST FRIEND. I
don't know about LTOR, but it looks like A SCOOTER FOR YAKSMAS was the
last one.
And boy, did YAKSMAS stink. The shorts weren't that great, either.
Given Games' recent ability to come up with a few good episodes, you'd
think they could go out with something a little better than this. I've
never expected great things from them, but I still find myself
disappointed with how the series went out, even though R&S were long
dead anyway.
Who knows, maybe HEY ARNOLD will be better, since they won't have
to be imitating anyone anymore. This show is their own.

"Mmmmm.....donuts....." -Homer Simpson

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