'The Great Satan At Large' A.K.A Lou Perfidio Dead at 43

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Nov 15, 2006, 2:15:10 AM11/15/06

Lou Perfidio was the host of the infamous public access show The Great
Satan At Large.


A few corrections are needed. This was on T.C.C.C Tucson AZ public
access channel 49 at 6 PM. The 666Israel show was more tame with a
preacher as his side kick. The chroma key background was mostly flames
or clips of
James C. Scott from Ch 9 whom Lou went toe to toe with during a 15 min
Lou stood his ground and had to correct Mr Scott more than once when he
kept reffering to Lou as the great satan and not by his real name. I
know Mr Snott, opps Mr Scott, was acting like a dick for ratings but as
Al Goldstein used to say and gesture with his middle index finger on
his public access show, "Fuck You".

Here's a review from Stumpydiscs:

"The Great Satan At Large - Whoa boy!!! This is the kind of thing that
makes us freedom of speech guys give pause. Then we discover we're
laughing so hard it doesn't matter!!! This is yet another Texas based
(what the fuck is wrong with them down there? Don't answer that!)
public access show that was ripped from the airwaves. Here a dude
dresses up as Satan and has an interview with a drunk bar owner (A dead
ringer for El Duche') who is apparently God. Add a masturbating court
jester, tons of profanity, drinking and loads of Richard Kern clips on
the chroma key screen and you get one of the most fucked up,
transgressive and entertaining shows out there. This was naturally
busted off the air (it fucking ran at 6:30 pm!!!) so the second show on
the disc is another show called Israel666 that allowed good old Satan
to come on and plead his case! Awesome!!!! Free speach at work people!"

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