Directory of public access channels and/or programs?

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Jul 15, 2009, 10:05:40 AM7/15/09
Doing a quick search of the forum, it doesn't appear that there's a
comprehensive directory of public access channels and programs -- much
less an incomplete one. Posts as old as 13 years inquire about their
existence, and a link to one from 2001 is now broken.

Doing a quick Web search, I find a couple of options.
seems relatively lengthy.
also appears useful -- and probably the tool I'd start with.

But I'm still wondering about a directory of public access programs.
Is there a list of shows currently in production? I occasionally come
across snippets here and there, on YouTube, etc., but I'm looking for
a solid snapshot of the state of public access and PEG TV today.

Anyone got any leads?


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