Re: Where is Argue Kat?

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Jun 8, 2012, 2:18:14 PM6/8/12
On Jun 7, 9:44 pm, "DAVE TV" <Dav...@DaveTV.Calm> wrote:
> x-no-archive: yes
> "used2be"  wrote:
> > ??
> he's here with % and me, makin' music
> from left to right: argue kat, % and DAVE TV -

On Mar 20, 9:15 pm, "DAVE TV" <Dav...@DaveTV.Calm> wrote:
> Man, I thought you would had, along with the others, denounced the piece of
> shit calling itself "arguecat", but ya didn't. Shit like arguecat take all
> the fun out of usenettin', man, and they turn it into their very own hate
> venue. BTW, if you are pissed with my post, too bad. I don't care. Arguecat
> is one of the world's biggest pieces of human trash, and in the top 25
> pieces of shit ever to hit ASH in all the time I have read the toilet called
> C/O usenet news.
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