NX's inside joking with rags.

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Sep 17, 1992, 12:49:27 PM9/17/92
I recently posted something about the episode "Kodiak," well, here is what
I consider an inside joke that the show just threw in our face.

The scene I'm talking about is where Maggie is teaching the class some
birthing techniques when one of the helpers goes into labor. Dr. Joel is
reading a news magazine when this happens. He takes the magazine and kneels
down next to the woman. She says "It's time." Joel says, holding up the
magazine, "No, it's 'Newsweek.'"

Funny line, right? Here's the kicker.

In THAT ISSUE of 'Newsweek' that Joel was reading and displaying (July 18,
1990, page 64), the series, NX, got a very, very favorable review, while
'Time' never even paid attention to the show. When 'Time' finally reviewed
the show ("A little too flaky in Alaska" May 20 1991 Page 64), it wasn't as
positive as 'Newsweek's,' but there couldn't have been a connection...

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