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MISTing: Garfield: Royal Rescue (end)

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Jul 23, 2021, 12:02:53 PM7/23/21
[On the bridge]

WHISKERS: [voiceover] This summer.

[Now on the bridge are Spud, dressed as Jon and XR dressed as Garfield]

SPUD: [as Jon] Garfield, it is terrible, I have the bad news.
XR: [as Garfield] Stop your sob stories and sounding like Starfire and give me your thoughts.
SPUD: [as Jon] It is terrible, Garfield, Kate Middleton & Prince William are getting married...but you are *not* invited [dramatic sting].
XR: [as Garfield] THIS IS LIES!
SPUD: [as Jon] It is true, look and see [hands "Garfield" a letter]
XR: [as Garfield, reading] "Dear Garfield, you are not invited to royal wedding, sincerely Royal England Family" Hmm, this must be serious if the whole royal family signed it.
WHISKERS: [VO] When England rejected him...
SPUD: [as Jon] What will you do Garfield? Will you travel to England and exact horrible vengeance for this insult?
XR: [as Garfield] Nah, I'm feeling kind of tired. And they clearly don't want there. So I think I'll take a nap, eat some lasagna, then kick Odie off the table.
SPUD: [as Jon] Are you sure?
XR: [as Garfield] Oh yeah, in fact, I'm late to start my nap already [walks offscreen]
WHISKERS: [VO] He did nothing! Coming soon to a theater near you, it's "Garfield's Royal Rescue." Watch as America's favorite fat cat just sits around and completely avoids the Royal Wedding, since it would mean getting out of bed. Thrill as he eats and messes with Odie, but not with the British Isles. You'll be on the edge of your seat...of boredom!
[WHISKERS then appears back on the bridge, as does everyone]
XR: See, now that's how the story *should've* gone.
CANDY: Yeah, then we could've been spared that ending. I may need to take a shower afterward...provided there's no camera.
XR: I already apologized for that.
SPUD: What do you think, sir?

[Rodney's Lab]
RODNEY: I'm surprised you survived this one, I thought for sure this would break you. Well, no matter, I'm sure I'll find something even worse for next time. Until then my little guinea pigs.


Mystery Disney Theater 3000


CHARLIE ADLER- mr. whiskers
GREY GRIFFIN- riley daring
ERIKA LUTRELL- princess candy

"Garfield: Royal Rescue" written by Shakespeare Hemingway.

All characters are copyright the Walt Disney Company and are used without permission, but I seriously doubt they're gonna crack down on me.

I'd really love some feedback from some others here on the group, but since pretty much no one visits this group anymore, that won't happen, meaning I basically have the run of the place.

>"Time to prepare for my British vacation. My only souvenir will be flaming >vengenance."
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