Hello? Anybody in the theater?

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Jul 25, 2005, 12:15:28 AM7/25/05


Hello? Anybody in the theater?

Joel?... Tom Servo?... Crow?.... Gypsy?... Mike!?...


Uh oh....
I bet Doctor Forrester is behind this one...
Anybody care to chat? Let me know...
Just an old MST fan here....
I have most the original episodes on vhs (From when they first aired!!)
And was a big fan at that time (And Still am...)
The best of the episodes for me were the Godzilla and Gamera episodes...
And one of my favorite episodes was "Manos Hands Of Fate"....
There was another episode I always forget which one it was but the other episode I liked was the one were a double of crow (I beleive it was an alien) breaches the Satellite Of Love.
It was a black twin of Crow.. It just sort of stuck around for most of the episode...
I have to look it up and find out which episode it was...
He he get this... Once I had a dream I met Kevin Murphy (voice of Tom Servo)
LOL!! It was kind of cool..
In the dream I went to a live show they were doing. They basically were in a very small room with a movie screen at the front of the room. They did the basic talk back to the screen... but they did it in front of a live audience!
After the show People began to leave but I stuck around.. Just a little longer than everyone else.
Suddenly Kevin Murphy walked my way and we shook hands...
Just hoping to find some old fans...
W/B if anyone cares to chat...


Jul 25, 2005, 12:46:18 AM7/25/05
This newsgroup is for MSTings. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSTing)
Please visit rec.arts.tv.mst3k.misc for discussion with MST3K fans.
They don't always talk about MST3K but it's very active.

George Johnson

Apr 13, 2007, 9:10:32 PM4/13/07
"mst4everfan" <oh...@telesat.com> wrote in message

| Hello? Anybody in the theater?
| Joel?... Tom Servo?... Crow?.... Gypsy?... Mike!?...
| Anybody!!??...

The star that was Mystery Science Theater 3000 shined brightly in the
heavens for 12 short years, but inevitably it fell to Earth and was snuffed
out. Mike Nelson (Michael J. Nelson), Crow (Bill Corbett) and Tom Servo
(Kevin Murphy) retired, but their offscreen counterparts moved on. Nelson
became a best-selling author and columnist. Corbett became a stage actor,
wrote a handful of successful plays, and created the online anime series
Poker Night. And Murphy wrote the hit book A Year at the Movies and became a
commentator for NPR.

But once making fun of bad movies gets in your blood, it's tough to give up,
especially with so many deserving titles out there that hadn't been MySTed
yet. Mike Nelson began performing commentraks for the Legend Films series of
DVDs containing newly restored and digitally colorized versions of old black
& white public domain films like Plan 9 From Outer Space and Little Shop of
Horrors. Old pals Murphy and Corbett couldn't help but join in. As the Film
Crew they appeared in intermittent skits between shorts on the Three Stooges
In Color compilation disc, and popped up together in various other venues.
They also began performing downloadable podcast commentraks called
"RiffTrax" available on a website (RifftTrax.com), providing commentary on
otherwise unreachable subjects like The Grudge and Lord of the Rings, but
the process of downloading the tracks, getting the DVD of the movie, then
syncing up the two proved to be too clunky.

Thus, the Film Crew reteams for a series of DVDs launching this July from
Shout Factory! Each volume will feature this trio of wits as they struggle
to make sense - or nonsense, more likely - from a different psychotronic
classic. Which movie gets the Film Crew treatment is entirely up to you.
Well, not you specifically, but you collectively, as a special voting booth
has been set up at FilmCrewOnline.com where you can vote for your favorite
feature. You don't even have to be 18, or a US citizen - it's anarchy!
[questions and answers at the website]

Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 rejoice! Three of MST3K's
writer/characters - Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy - have
started a new venture: The Film Crew. The Film Crew has been entrusted with
a very important mission: providing commentary tracks for every movie that
doesn't have one. Typically, they've chosen to start at the bottom of the
barrel, and now you get to vote on which B-movie will get the Film Crew
treatment on DVD first.

Will it be Giant of Marathon (1959, starring Steve Reeves)? Hollywood After
Dark (1968, starring The Golden Girls' Rue McClannahan)? Killers from Space
(1954, starring Peter Graves)? The Wild Women of Wongo (1958)? Pick your
"favorite," to be released in July 2007 by Shout! Factory

Click on a thumbnail below to see the first two minutes of a movie. You can
only vote once, so choose carefully!

Giant of Marathon

Hollywood After Dark

Killers from Space

The Wild Women of Wongo

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