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Jun 11, 2011, 12:07:23 AM6/11/11
Just put up a site that you can help build. You can upload your
most favorite movies and TV shows.

1. Will it get shut down because Video sites are verbotten?

No. It's not only authorized but it's expected. Too many try
and sneak it under their Providers radar and get shut down. Not

2. Having Copyrighted Material on the site?

Again, not a problem. If the copyright owners says take his
material down that he or she owns, then it's taken down. No
fight, no fuss and no muss. You don't win when dealing with the
Copyright Owners rights. All it will do is get you shut down.
If you do upload something that the copyright owner wants down
it's still not illegal. It's illegal to keep it online after that

3. Limits to the amount of movies and tv shows you can upload?

Nope, not in this case. You load as much as you wish. We have
unlimited everything and have no reason to limit anyone. That
is, unless you are in violation of the various copyright laws.

4. Some will not allow "Adult" movies and features to be loaded.

Neither does Let's face it, there are
enough sites already doing this. We don't need to create more.

5. It will cost you X amount to login.

Nope, not a dime, zippo, nada.

6. Do I need to upload something I found on the internet to get
it on the site?

Not always. We also handle embedded links. Just keep the ones
with the Advertisements down to a dull roar. I think there is
enough out there that isn't deluged with advertisements. Since
it's free, we don't need to be paying the other guys bills for
him. But sometimes, that's the only way to get something

7. So get on over to and help it grow to a
robust online TV and Movie site.
-- for free movies and Nastalgic TV.
Tons of Military shows and programs.

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