UK Millionaire: January 18

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Iain Weaver

Jan 18, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/18/00
Last night, on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”

“How do you *know*?”
“How do you know *anything*?”
Mike Sackett looked on course for a long run, but came unstuck on Red
Rum’s jockey in 1977. He went away £64,000 the richer. No-one will
remember Mike this time next week...

“The Isle of Man”
“The Mousetrap”
“Marie Curie”
“Edward the Confessor was right before Harold, and Alfred the Great was
well before, but I’m not entirely sure.”
People will remember David Neale, the garage owner who won a quarter of
a million. He’s only the second person to get that much, joining Tony
Stanton from September’s series.

“Let’s try and give away some *real* money now.”
Peter Lee, 69, a former sailor from Cardigan, is the one in the hot
seat. He burned Ask the Audience to learn what language “Corgi” came
from, but has #8000 in the bank.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Season 6, Episode 3; January 18, 2000

Watching on ITV2? Don’t read any further till the show airs at 2230.
Don’t watch the news, don’t open the paper. The Pet Shop Boys are in
concert on VH-1, Lethal Weapon is on 5, Chris Tarrant (who he?)
presents Tarrant on TV at 2200 on itv, and the luscious Lauren Laverne
is on UK Play.

Other media should have given spoilers for tonight’s episode. Something
popped up on Ceefax and Teletext this morning, and it’s all over the
evening papers. It could be a big win. Or it could be a member of the
audience coming onto the stage and splatting Chris with a large custard
pie in a throwback to his days on TISWAS twenty years ago. We will have
to see, won’t we.

So, with flans at the ready, and spoiler space well and truly filled,
let’s get on.

The old ladies on the bus are the sponsor’s message tonight. Chris is
in black and grey; Peter in a mid-blue silk shirt. Alison and Nicola,
daughters of Friends to Phone, are in the audience; with a million, he
would visit his great-grandkids in the USA, and have his garden
landscaped by Charlie Dimmock. (Do a google. It’s a she-Charlie.)

#16,000: Bhutan is a small country situated in which range of mountains?
D - Himalayas.
“I just know that’s where it is.”
That’s where it is.

#32,000: Which of these is made from beef?
A - Prosciutto B - Pastrami
C - Pumpernickel D - Panettone
B - Pastrami
“Beef on rye. Nice sandwich. There’s a bread, and something else...”
Peter is no mad cow. He’s right, and will surely be headed to the US.
That money is safe.

#64,000: Which of these actresses has *not* appeared in Coronation
A - Patricia Routledge B - Maureen Lipman
C - Prunella Scales D - Joanna Lumley
He goes straight off for
B - Maureen Lipman
“Joanna was someone’s boyfriend, and the others seem familiar.”
And he’s right. And he’s right.
Joanna was, in fact, Ken Barlow’s girlfriend. Prunella was a bus
conductor, and Patricia ran a cafe.

#125,000: Which John Osbourne play features the character Archie Rice
“The Entertainer”
A - The Entertainer B - West of Suez
C - Look Back in Anger D - Time Present
He goes with his instinct.
It’s easy when you know the answers.

For election to the highly exclusive Thirteen College:
#250,000: Which French impressionist painter had a son who became a
successful film director?
A - Pissarro B - Degas
C - Sisley D - Renoir
He has an inkling, Renoir, but goes 50/50.
A - Pissarro
D - Renoir
Renoir sounds right, but he’s not 100% certain. He still has Phone a
Long think, almost a minute on screen.
Time to call Derek, Alison’s father. He’s a film buff.
“Hello, Peterkins!”
“I know there’s a film director called Renoir, but not a Pissarro.”
He’s going for it.
D - Renoir.
Delboy and Peterkins. It’s a long story, apparently.

We’ll take a break right now. Cue audience jeering.

[cola, snail racing, the Sheriff of Nottingham doing something good,
insurance, those expensive flats again.]

Matters arising. Sound clips of the show - sadly, not from this source.
My machine is not linked to a mike (hey, it’s pushing four years old.)
Anyone who can help, please do, and let us all know. Thanks.

We’re back. For #250,000, is it Renoir?
The kids are shaking and praying.
He’s right, and in a bear hug with Chris.

Peter’s touching the cheques, unlike David last night.

For the UK Record...
#500,000: What does the Japanese work “kamikaze” literally mean?
A - Sacred venture B - Divine wind
C - Self-destruction D - Final attack
“It’s divine wind... I’ve been to Japan a few times, and this is a
phrase I’ve picked up... I’ve come with nothing, and if I go with
B - Divine wind.
“You’ve just won five hundred...”
Massive cheering drowns Chris out. Peter’s up and punching the air.

“Half a million pounds. But we don’t want to give you that...”

For the World Record.......
#One Million: Which county cricket side is based at Chester-Le-Street
A - Warwickshire B - Durham
C - Northants D - Leicestershire
“I’m not sure. I’ll take the money.”
He thinks Leicestershire, but he’s not that sure.
Peter Lee goes away with #500,000.
Warwickshire plays at New Road. Northants at the County Ground.
Leicestershire at ... Grace Road. It’s Durham that plays at the
Riverside, Chester-Le-Street. He was right not to risk it!

Let’s calm down and meet tonight’s ten. Two ladies, no visible

FFF: Sort these words by alphabetical order.
A - Achieve B - Acacia
C - Actually D - Accent

B-D-A-C would look good.

Three correct answers, Margaret Whittaker in 8.20 seconds the fastest.
She’s about 40, mousy brown hair in a bob, red-brown dress and black
jacket. A nurse from Wokingham, daughter Joanna is in the audience, two
sons at home. First priority is #400 to join Joanna on a choir trip to

#100: Who were Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar?
A - Three Wise Men.
Not the Beverley Sisters.

#200: Suspension, cantilever and humpback are all types of what?
D - Bridge.

#300: Who starred in the classic film western “High Noon”?
B - Gary Cooper.


Margaret will come back tomorrow. Her run so far has really seemed a
let-down after the high drama of Peter’s run.

Wednesday’s show - 60 minutes - ITV: 2000, ITV2: 2330

The Series Scoreboard:
* 1) Peter Lee 500000
2) David Neale 250000
3) Tony Birkby 64000
Mike Sackett 64000

Total prize money: £878,000 from four contestants.

To enter, call 09002 44 44 44 now. Calls cost 50p per minute. Lines
open until midday Thursday. Summary of the rules on ITV teletext p 375,
full rules on ITV’s website, or by sending a stamped
addressed envelope to Millionaire Rules, PO Box 4444, London WC2E 9TA.

“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”
Host: Chris Tarrant
Devised by: David Briggs, Steve Knight, Mike Whitehill
Make up Supervisor: Cherry Alston
Costume Designer: Steven Adnitt
Floor Manager: Griff Evans
Floor Assistant: Susie Charrington
Flans not flung: Emma Forrest
Production Secretary: Katherine Birch
Production co-ordinators: Martha Nibbs
Production team: Sarah Barker, Mark Coop, Sophie Forsythe, Sue Pearson
Production Accountant: Mark Hopkins
Vision Supervisor: Ian Jones
Director: Patricia Mordecai
Producer: Coleman Hutcheson
Copyright Celador Productions 2000.

“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Summary”
Written by: Iain Weaver
From a format by: Jeremy Soria and Chris M Dickinson
Copyright Iain Weaver 2000.
All views are those of the author, and are not shared by any other
person or organisation. Game material remains the property of Celador

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Chris M. Dickson

Jan 18, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/18/00
Excellent summary, as always, from Iain - and so quickly reported!

To answer the inevitable questions, that was a stack of typical
difficulty - the final five questions were all ones that people could
quite reasonably fall down upon. The million pound question was possibly
the easiest of the five; maybe I'm biased by having come from the county
in question, but Chester-le-Street is a reasonably big town (50,000?)
with a unique name and Durham is the most recent county to join the
county championship.

Keep up the great work!

Chris M. Dickson, Middlesbrough, Great Britain;

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Jeremy Rogers

Jan 19, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/19/00
"Chris M. Dickson" <> wrote:

> To answer the inevitable questions, that was a stack of typical
> difficulty - the final five questions were all ones that people could
> quite reasonably fall down upon. The million pound question was possibly
> the easiest of the five; maybe I'm biased by having come from the county
> in question, but Chester-le-Street is a reasonably big town (50,000?)
> with a unique name and Durham is the most recent county to join the
> county championship.

I wonder if the mention of cricket was a put-off; after all the question
was no more than 'In which county is Chester-le-Street'. On the other
hand possibly the cricket allusion makes it easier since anyone with
a knowledge of the first-class game could easily eliminate the other


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