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Iain Weaver

Nov 20, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/20/00
There's some television history made tonight. Victor Meldrew is killed
off as the BBC ends its long-running comedy series, "One Foot In The
Grave." (BBC ONE, 9:15) Mel C lets slip something about her Spice Girls
(ITV, 10) And every news channel around the world carries coverage from
the Florida court.

For those of you on the UK Game Show list, or who only read these posts
on, and want what happens on the ITV2 repeat to be a
surprise, turn the computer off *now*, and go to sleep for the next 24
hours. That should do it.

[That's enough extra spoiler space - Ed]

Last time we went round in circles.

#262 Rowland Hughes... looks like a million... smells £125,000... and

#263 Paulette Newman... flies to £16,000... gets stuck on where the
Mojave desert is... "not against the clock, I would like to be home for
Sunday"... takes the money.

#264 Dave Chapman... lifelines at tricky £500 and £1000 questions throw
him off his stride... then to £16,000... another long think... before

#265 Judith Keppel... knows her Prime Ministers... Judith knows a
lot... getting more nervous by the question... "don't tease, tell
me"... "I always tease"... uses ATA to get to £16,000... looking strong
when time expires.

ITV2 repeat 10:00 tomorrow.

"A nailbiting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?", says continuity.
November 20, 2000; Edition 122
Series 8 Episode 35

Judith is in a less fussy baby blue top, Chris in a very dark blue
shirt and tie. The vicar offered a prayer for easy questions at church
yesterday. Judith's whole life has become a series of multiple choice
questions - "which is the bus that does not go to Piccadilly?"

Eyes down, here we go.

£32,000: Whose autobiography has the title "A Long Walk to Freedom?"
A) Ranulph Fiennes B) Mother Teresa
C) Nelson Mandela D) Mikhail Gorbachev
"I think it's Nelson Mandela..."
"Fiennes did long walks to the pole... yes, it must be Mandela."
Final answer.
C) Nelson Mandela
Chris pauses for two seconds.
"You've just won £32,000."

PAF, FF remain. Judith touches the cheque, fingertips only, then
flinches as Chris snatches it back. She's much calmer, it's all

£64,000: Duffel coats are named after a town in which country?
A) Belgium B) Holland
C) Germany D) Austria
Judith has a good think.
"It's sounds a Frenchy word, could be Belgium."
"I have no idea, it's not Holland, doesn't sound Dutch."
50/50 leaves
A) Belgium B) Holland
"It's funny that Belgium has a coat. It's not the kind of place that
invents coats!"
"I don't want to use a lifeline at this stage. It's more likely to be
Any friends won't know.
"I'll do Belgium. I'm not in the least sure."
Not quite the vicar's easy question, observes Chris.
"Duff-el could be du-ffel. I'll try Belgium, and hope for the best."
A) Belgium
Judith is risking her seat in the game and a PAF.
Chris thinks.
"How do you think you've done?"
"I have no idea."
"You've just won £64,000."

Named after the town of Duffel (DU-fell) in Belgium.

We play on. PAF remains.

£125,000: Complete this stage instruction in Shakespeare's "The
Winter's Tale": "Exit, pursued by a..."?
A) Tiger B) Clown
C) Bear D) Dog
Time to call Jilly.
"She's on £64,000."
An agonising pause.
"I know this one, I'm 100% sure. It's bear."
"Oh, bless you!"
100% is quite high, notes Chris.
Judith will play.
C) Bear
"You've just won £125,000!"

Judith takes the cheque, puts it somewhere. It's all her own work from
How's she feeling?
"I - um - don't, can't really say."

"More in the second half of tonight's WWTBAM," promises Chris.

---<university challenge>---
The last first round match sees Warwick take on Peterhouse Cambridge.
It's car-crash one-sided, as Warwick races to a 120-5 lead. Peterhouse
pulls back well towards the end, but loses 200-150.

The four highest-scoring losers will now play off for the last two
Round 2 slots. Edinburgh, St John's Oxford, Wycliffe Hall Oxford and
Bristol will go head-to-head to join the fourteen winning sides in the
next phase.
---<wild things it's not: daylight robbery: monday @ 9>---

What what what? That's a Millionaire Slot!

Judith Keppel is knocking on the door of The Thirteen Club. "I don't
know what I'm going to do with it. It's a wonderful amount."

£250,000: The young of which creature is known as a squab?
A) Salmon B) Horse
C) Pigeon D) Octopus
"I know it. It's a pigeon. You eat them in America, it's called squab."
"Judith, it doesn't work like that."
"It's none of the other things. They're not squabs."
"Give me the wrong answer, you lose £93,000."
"I would like to play. Pigeon."
Final answer.
C) Pigeon
Chris looks down.
"Give me the cheque."
Rip it up.
"You don't need that any more."
"You've just won £250,000. Look at this one!"

"What did you think?"
"I hoped to get to £32,000, then enjoy the respite at £64,000."

To tie the UK record
£500,000: Who is the patron saint of Spain?
A) St James B) St John
C) St Benedict D) St Peter
"I think it's St James. In Spain, Santiago."
"I'm sorry, St James."
"Why are you apologising?"
"I've seen someone lose, and it's frightening."
"You lose £218,000 if you're wrong."
"It's a fantastic amount of money."
Chris repeats the question.
"I think it's St James."
"Do you want to play?"
"Final answer."
A) St James.
A long pause.
Chris rips up the cheque.
The pause continues.
"Good or bad?" asks Judith.
"You have just won £500,000."

"I've been very lucky."
"No, you've been absolutely brilliant."

Peter and Kate didn't play the next one.

"You're guaranteed £32,000. You could walk away with £500,000. Take a
look at the next question. A wrong answer will cost you £468,000.
That's a lot of dosh."

£1 MILLION: Which king was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine?
A) Henry I B) Henry II
C) Richard I D) Henry V
"I think it's Henry II."
The audience gasps.
"I saw her tomb in France this summer."
"What did it say?"
"I think it said married to Henry II."
"I said I wouldn't gamble when I came back, but I can't resist it."
Judith thinks.
"I did it at school for A-level, but it's so long ago."
"You lose £468,000 if you're wrong."
"£32,000 is quite nice. I'm pretty sure it's Henry II."
"Can you afford to lose £468,000?"
"Can anybody."
Judith thinks more.
"I think it's worth going for."
More gasps from upstairs.
"I'm going to say Henry II."
The sound of one hand clapping.
"Final answer?"
"Yes, final answer."
B) Henry II

You know what's coming.

"One of these answers is worth One Million Pounds."
Growls from the audience.
"The other three would cost Judith Keppel £468,000."
Louder grow the growls.
"Find out which in a couple of minutes."
"Oh no!" cries Judith, running her hands through her hair.

We fade out with Judith and Chris, alone in the studio, bathed in a
blue light.

---<some scheduling thoughts>---
In the past, when large prizewinners are leaked ahead of time, the
audience for the edition of WWTBAM goes down. There's less need to
watch the show.

Conspiracy theorists suggest that this is a spoiler to distract from
the ending of One Foot. I don't agree, as the audience was always going
to be split tonight. There's no point in deliberately halving your
potential audience by putting a (potential) million-pound winner up
against the final episode of One Foot.
---<sirens: the bill: tuesday @ 8>---

Judith Keppel said Henry II married Eleanor of Aquitaine.

"She had £500,000, she didn't have to play it."
"She did decide to play, she went for Henry II."
"You've just won One Million Pounds."

Up go the house lights.
Up stands the entire audience.
Down comes Rosie.
Out comes the centre cameraman.
There's no confetti or fireworks.

"Have a look at this!" says Chris, of his big one.
"I can't believe it," says Judith.

"You were amazingly cool."
"I was very lucky."
"No, you were really cool. I say it's easy if you know the answers, and
you knew all 15 answers."
"Except duffel."

Rosie praises her mother to the skies, remarking how Judith was much
calmer than *she* was.

Chris summarises: the Americans, South Africans, Portugese, French have
done it, now a Brit has won the biggest prize of all. The world's most
valuable Millionaire prize, tax-free and all Judith's.

Judith leaves in a fanfare of applause.

"And she's still going 'I don't believe it, I don't believe it!"

(Victor Meldrew's catchphrase. Killed off.)

Sending the company accountant home with nightmares tonight are two
ladies, eight men, ten whites.

FFF: From the earliest, order these vice-presidents of the USA.
A) Dan Quayle B) Lyndon B Johnson
C) Al Gore D) Gerald Ford


Fastest of seven, 5.64 seconds, Chris Elliot. Dark hair, slightly
curly, no more than 30. Light blue top. Teaching assistant from
Castleford, West Yorks, girlfriend Sally in the audience. One of his ex-
teachers, now a colleague at school, is a PAF.

"What was that like for you guys?"
"Scary. It's a hard act to follow."

£100: Proverbially, what shouldn't you throw out with the bathwater?
A) Loofah B) Soap C) Baby D) Rubber duck
"I've never heard the saying before."
"We couldn't have a night when one leaves with a million, and the next
leaves without answering one question right. But then..."
Is llama not an option?
"It's baby."

£200: In 1954, Roger Bannister became the first to do what in under
four minutes?
A) Run a marathon B) Run a mile
C) Run a jumble sale D) Run for prime minister

£300: Which of these comes in caster, icing or lump form?
A) Beef B) Lard C) Salt D) Sugar

£500: What is mightier than the sword?
A) Pen B) Biro C) Pencil D) Crayon

£1000: In the tv series, what was the name of Bill and Ben's neighbour?
A) Little Weed B) Little Flower
C) Little Twig D) Little Tree

We're talking Flowerpot Men, not 2.4 Children.

£2000: Over one-third of which US state lies within the Arctic Circle?
A) Montana B) Alaska C) Oregon D) Minnesota
"It's Alaska."
B) Alaska
"No problem at all."

£4000: Which member of the Freud family is a former MP?
A) Sigmund B) Lucian C) Emma D) Clement
"I think I'm gonna pass it over to these guys."
A) Sigmund 9% B) Lucian 3%
C) Emma 5% D) Clement 83%
"That's good enough for me."
D) Clement
"Hey, Chris, you've just won £4000."

Sigmund (Clement's grandfather) was the psychologist, Lucian (no
relation, I think) is an artist, Emma (daughter) is an excellent
broadcaster and media type.

£8000: In which country is Maastricht, where the Treaty was signed?
A) Germany B) Finland C) France D) Netherlands
A brief thought, then
When the question came up, Chris thought Belgium or Netherlands. Then
came Germany.
D) Netherlands.
"Not quite sure how you got there, but you got there."

Chris and Chris continue after this break.

---<so, who is this rich woman?>---
Judith Keppel, 58, is the great-great-niece of Alice Keppel, the
mistress of Edward VII and the great-grandmother of the Prince of
Wales's companion, Camilla Parker Bowles. The link makes the two women
vague cousins. Ms Keppel was described on Saturday as a "gardener from
Fulham". She was married to the Mayfair art dealer Desmond Corcoran
until 1980, when she reverted to her maiden name. In 1985 she married
scriptwriter Neil Shand.

Wearing a fur-lined satin coat with a red pullover and tartan skirt, Ms
Keppel said Monday she felt "rich." Her daughter Rosie said: "I think
she's fantastic. I was nervous for her - terrified."

Ms Keppel's neighbours spoke fondly of her. Tony Marziano described her
as a "very private person. We say hello, that's all, she's a nice
person. It's very good news, let's hope this is a lucky street."

Bernard Higgins, who lives next door, said: "She loves to potter around
in the garden. We talk about gardening quite a lot." Another neighbour
said: "That's really cool. I'll have to make sure I watch the programme
tonight. Did she really win a million? I thought nobody would ever do

---<ginola, mel c: frank skinner: in 10 minutes>---

By any other night's standards, Chris Elliot isn't doing too badly.
£8000, PAF, FF. Serious money for a teaching assistant.

£16,000: Who is the husband of actress Melanie Griffith?
"Antonio Banderas."
A) Dennis Quaid B) Tim Robbins
C) Kurt Russell D) Antonio Banderas
D is the right answer.

"There's only six questions between you and the million. How much time
is left? Two in one night..."

£32,000: Which football team from an English town...
"Berwick Rangers"
...plays in the Scottish league?
A) Carlisle United B) Barrow
C) Gateshead D) Berwick Rangers
The grin won't leave contestant Chris' face. D is right.

Out comes the cheque. PAF, FF remain. Haven't we been here before?

"We laugh in the face of £32,000. You are five questions from One
Million Pounds."

£64,000: Which metal denotes your tenth wedding anniversary?
A) Tin B) Copper
C) Nickel D) Iron
In the whole of Judith's run, we didn't get a pan down from the roof.
Here's one now.
"I'm going to have to phone a friend, but which?"
"I'd advise a woman."
"I'll call my mam. Pat."
"It would be a guess, and it would be tin."
"How confident?"
Pat wanders off into her train of thought.
"Tin looked good when it came up, so I'll go for it."
A) Tin
Chris risks his seat and FF.
"Have you known your mum a long time?"
"She's worth it."

£64,000 is a long time's earnings. Into the shirt pocket it goes. It's
a house, holiday, car, the world.

"It's all a bit deja vu, now."

£125,000: Glevum was the Roman name for which city?
A) Leicester B) Worcester
C) Gloucester D) Chester
50/50 leaves
A) Leicester
C) Gloucester
"I was hoping it would take Gloucester."
Chris wishes he paid attention in History.
He's tempted by Gloucester.
Sally is praying, it seems.
"It's got Gl-, the -vum is obvious."
"I came for £16,000, I've got £32,000. Let's play."
C) Gloucester
"How confident are you?"
"I never was in the first place."
The cheque turns into confetti. Who has to sweep this studio?
"You won't need that any more."
"You've just won £125,000!"

Time expires! For someone who very nearly llamaed out, Chris has done

Before the credits, Judith comes back, gets a kiss from Chris, and we
see moments from the million pound question. Judith, not Chris, shares
the screen with Chris. And *there* is the confetti!

Judith and Chris join Richard and Judy tomorrow morning (10:30 itv,
3:55 pm itv2)

Since Day 1: £11,812,000 from 265 completed contestants.

For UK Millionaire:
Summary: Iain Weaver
Format by: Chris M Dickson, Jeremy Soria, Charlie Pevey
Certain questions at the lower levels have been edited for space and

For Who Wants To Be A Millionaire:
Creators: David Briggs, Steve Knight, Mike Whitehill
Associate Producer: Melinda Rogers
Executive Producer: Coleman Hutchinson
Director: Jonathan Bullen
Producer: Damon Pattison

A Celador Production for ITV, 2000.

An hour at 8:00 Thursday on itv (10:00 itv2).

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Nov 20, 2000, 7:46:49 PM11/20/00
Finally a UK Millionaire.

Yamato Ishida

Nov 21, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/21/00
In article <8vc79p$3ni$>,

Iain Weaver <> wrote:
> Judith Keppel said Henry II married Eleanor of Aquitaine.
> "She had £500,000, she didn't have to play it."
> "She did decide to play, she went for Henry II."
> "You've just won One Million Pounds."

Yay! Congratulations to our British neighbors for getting a
millionaire! :-)


Robert Mackey

Nov 21, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/21/00
Yamato Ishida wrote:

> Yay! Congratulations to our British neighbors for getting a
> millionaire! :-)

Here here! And this wasn't a Joe Trela
pondering the moth, either. But...

...this question struck me as being a little bit "gettable". I mean, they
probably ask this one in Jeopardy! 101. I thought Normie's $1M
question was a little more obtuse and less straightforward than the
first $1M key. Still, it takes nothing away from Judith's magnificent


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