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Doug Krause

Oct 20, 1998, 3:00:00 AM10/20/98
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List of U.S. Game Shows
This is a list of U.S. game shows and their hosts. If you
don't see a show listed, please check the Canadian list. It
may have been produced there and syndicated to the U.S. Lists
for other countries will be compiled if people send me information.

Game Show Host(s)
--------- -------
$1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime Jim Lange
$1.98 Beauty Contest Rip Taylor
$10,000 Pyramid Dick Clark
$100,000 Big Surprise Mike Wallace
$100,000 Fortune Hunt Mike Jackson and Linda Kohlmeyer
$100,000 Name That Tune, The Tom Kennedy
Jim Lange
$100,000 Pyramid Dick Clark
John Davidson
$128,000 Question Mike Darow/Darrow(=)
Alex Trebek
$20,000 Pyramid Dick Clark
$25,000 Name that Tune Tom Kennedy
$25,000 Pyramid Bill Cullen
Dick Clark
$50,000 Pyramid Dick Clark
$64,000 Challenge Sonny Fox
Ralph Story
$64,000 Question Hal March
$ale of the Century Joe Garagiola
Jim Perry
Jack Kelly
3rd Degree Bert Convy
50 Grand Slam Tom Kennedy
:10 Seconds Dan Miller
About Faces Ben Alexander
All About the Opposite Sex David Sparks
All New Beat the Clock, The Monty Hall
All New Dating Game, The Jeff MacGregor
Elaine Joyce
All New Let's Make a Deal, The Monty Hall
Bob Hilton
All Star Secrets Bob Eubanks
All-Star Anything Goes Bill Boggs
All-Star Baffle Dick Enberg
All-Star Blitz Peter Marshall
Almost Anything Goes Charlie Jones
Lynn Shackelford
Regis Philbin
Dick Whittington
Amateur's Guide to Love Gene Rayburn
American Gladiators Mike Adamle
Todd Christensen
Larry Czonka
Joe Theismann
Lisa Malosky
Nitro (Dan Clark)
Animal Crack-ups Alan Thicke
Anniversary Game, The Al Hamel
Anything for Money Fred Travalena
Anything You Can Do Gene Wood
Baby Game Richard Hayes
Baby Races Fred Travalena
Baffle Dick Enberg
Bank on the Stars Bill Cullen
Bargain Hunters Peter Tomarken
Battle of the Brains (in Richmond, VA) Frank Soden
Garet Chester
May-Lily Lee
Battlestars Alex Trebek
Beach Clash David Hirsch and Alison Armitage
Beat the Clock Clayton "Bud" Collyer
Monty Hall
Jack Narz
Gene Wood
Beat the Odds Johnny Grant
Better Sex, The Bill Anderson and Sarah Purcell
Big Date, The Mark Walberg
Big Deal! Mark DeCarlo
Big Game, The Tom Kennedy
Big Payoff, The Randy Merriman
Bess Myerson
Robert Paige?
Bert Parks
Big Showdown, The Jim Peck
Big Surprise Jack Barry
Mike Wallace
Blackout Bob Goen
Blade Warriors Mac Maki, Jim Davidson, and Kiana Tom
Blank Check Art James
Blankety Blanks Bill Cullen
Blockbusters Bill Cullen
Bill Rafferty
Boardwalk and Baseball Super Bowl of Sports Trivia Chris Berman
Bobcat's Big Ass Show Bobcat Goldthwait
Body Language Tom Kennedy
Boggle Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
Born Lucky Bob Goen
Bowling for Dollars [locally produced]
Brain Game [locally produced]
Bob Gregory
Break the Bank Gene Rayburn
Tom Kennedy
Bert Parks
Joe Farago
Jack Barry
Bill Cullen (guest host)
Bullseye/Celebrity Bullseye Jim Lange
Bzzz! Annie Wood
Caesar's Challenge Ahmad Rashad
California Big Spin Chuck ?
Geoff Edwards
Larry Anderson
Call My Bluff Bill Leyden
Camouflage Don Morrow
Tom Campbell
Campus Challenge David Johnston
Can Do Robert Alda
Can You Top This? Dick Gautier?
W inston C. "Wink" Martindale
Candlepins for Cash [locally produced?]
Card Sharks Jim Perry
Bill Rafferty
Bob Eubanks
Catch Phrase Art James
Celebrity Charades Jay Johnson
Celebrity Double Talk Henry Polic II
Celebrity Game Carl Reiner
Celebrity Hot Potato Bill Cullen
Celebrity Sweepstakes Jim McKrell
Celebrity Time Conrad Nagel
Celebrity Whew! Tom Kennedy
Chain Letter Jan Murray
Chain Reaction Bill Cullen
Challengers, The Dick Clark
Charge Account Jan Murray
Cheap Show, The Dick Martin
Child's Play Bill Cullen
Choose Up Sides Gene Rayburn
Clash! Billy Kimball
Classic Concentration Alex Trebek
Click Ryan Seacrest
College Bowl Pat Sajak
Art Fleming
Dick Cavett
College Mad House Greg Kinnear
Come Closer Jimmy Nelson
Concentration Jack Barry
Hugh Downs
Jack Narz
Ed McMahon
Bob Clayton
Art James
Bill McCord
Contraption Ralph Harris
Couch Potatoes Marc Summers
CrossWits Jack Clark
David Sparks
Dating Game, The Jim Lange
Jeff MacGregor
Brad Sherwood
Dealer's Choice Jack Clark
Bob Hastings
Debt Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
Designated Hitter Curt Chaplin
Dialing for Dollars [locally produced]
Jack Wells and Ann Mar - Baltimore, MD
George Rogers and Ann Mar
- Baltimore, MD
George Rogers and Sylvia Scott
- Baltimore, MD
Stu Kerr - Baltimore, MD
Bruce Elliott - Baltimore, MD
Diamond Head Game Bob Eubanks
Do You Trust Your Wife? Edgar Bergen
Doctor I.Q. Tom Kennedy
Dollar a Second Jan Murray
Dotto Jack Narz
Double Dare Alex Trebek
Double Dare (on Nick) Marc Summers
Double Exposure Steve Dunne
Double or Nothing Bert Parks
Double Talk Henry Polic II
Double Up JD Roth
Dough-Re-Mi Gene Rayburn
Down You Go Bergen Evans
Bill Cullen
Dream House Mike Darow/Darrow(=)
Bob Eubanks
Dream League John Naber
Dwight Stones
Every Second Counts Bill Rafferty
Everybody's Talking Lloyd Thaxton
Eye Guess Bill Cullen
Face is Familiar, The Jack Whitaker
Face the Facts Red Rowe
Face the Music Ron Ely
Family Challenge, The Ray Combs
Michael Burger/Berger
Family Double Dare Marc Summers
Family Feud Richard Dawson
Ray Combs
Family Fortunes Melvin and Mario Van Peebles
Family Game, The Bob Barker
Family Secrets Bob Eubanks
Fandango Bill Anderson and Blake Pickett
Feather Your Nest Clayton "Bud" Collyer
Figure it Out Summer Sanders
Finders Keepers Wesley Eure
Larry Toffler
Fractured Phrases Art James
Free 4 All Mark Walberg
Fun Factory, The Bobby Van
Fun House J.D. Roth
Funny You Should Ask Lloyd Thaxton
G.E. College Bowl Allen Ludden
Robert Earle
Gambit Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
Generation Gap, The Dennis Wholey
Jack Barry
Jeff Rectner
Get the Message Frank Buxton
Robert Q. Lewis
Get the Picture Mike O'Malley
Girl in My Life, The Fred Holliday
Give and Take Jim Lange
Gladiators 2000 Maria Sansone and Ryan Lindquist
Glorieta Quiz
Go Kevin O'Connell
Gong Show, The John Barbour (possibly unaired)
Chuck Barris
Don Bleu
Gary Owens
Gonzo Games Mark Walberg
Grand Prize Game Mr. Frazier Thomas
Mr. Ned
Joey "Bozo" D'Auria
Grandstand Curt Chaplin
Grudge Match Paula McClure
Jesse Ventura
Steve Albert
Guinness Game, The Bob Hilton
Don Galloway
Haggis Baggis Fred Robbins
Jack Linkletter
Dennis James
Harry Shearer's News Quiz/News Hole, The Harry Shearer
He Said, She Said Joe Garagiola
Head of the Class
Headline Chasers Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
Hi-Q [locally produced?]
High Finance Dennis James
High Low Jack Barry
High Rollers Alex Trebek
Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
High Five Challenge (Portland, OR) Wayne Faligowski
Hit Man Peter Tomarken
Hollywood Connection Jim Lange
Hollywood Game, The Bob Goen
Hollywood Squares Peter Marshall
John Davidson
Jm J. Bullock (sub)
Shadoe Stevens (one week sub)
ALF (half episode sub)
Joan Rivers (sub)
Hollywood's Talking Geoff Edwards
Home Shopping Game Bob Goen
Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Clint Holmes
Honeymoon Race Richard Hayes
Hot Potato Bill Cullen
Hot Seat Jim Peck
Hot Streak Bruce Forsyth
How Do You Rate? Tom Reddy
How's Your Mother-in-Law? Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
I Can't Believe You Said That!
I'll Bet Jack Narz
I'll Buy That Mike Wallace
I'm Telling Laurie Faso
I've Got a Secret Garry Moore
Steve Allen
Bill Cullen
Idiot Savants Greg Fitzsimmons
Illinois Instant Riches Mark Goodman and Linda Kollmeyer
International Gladiators Kimberly Joseph
Ulrica Jonsson
Mike Adamle
It Could Be You Bill Leyden
It Takes Two Vin Scully
Dick Clark
It's Academic [locally produced]
Art James - New York, NY
Mac McGarry - Washington, D.C.
Lyle Bosely - Utica, NY
Van Miller - Buffalo, NY
David Fentress - Baltimore, MD
Mac McGarry - Baltimore, MD
It's Anybody's Guess Monty Hall
It's Up to You
It's Your Bet Hal March
Tom Kennedy
Jackpot Bowling Milton Berle
Johnny Johnson
Jackpot! Geoff Edwards
Mike Darow/Darrow(=)
Jeopardy! Art Fleming
Alex Trebek
Pat Sajak (sub April 1, 1997)
Joe Garagiola's Memory Game Joe Garagiola
Joker's Wild Jack Barry
Bill Cullen
Pat Finn
Jim Peck (sub)
Joker, Joker, Joker Jack Barry
Jumble Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
Junior Pyramid
Just Men! Betty White
Juvenile Jury Jack Barry and Nipsey Russell
Keep Talking Carl Reiner
Knights and Warriors Joe Fowler and Lisa Canning
Knockout Arte Johnson
Krypton Factor, The Dick Clark
Willie Aames
Kwik Witz Andi Metheny
Las Vegas Gambit Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
Laughline Dick Van Dyke
Legends of the Hidden Temple Kirk Fogg
Let's Make a Deal Monty Hall
Bob Hilton
Geoff Edwards (sub)
Let's Play Post Office Don Morrow
Letter Game, The (in Chicago, IL) Jim Hutton
Letters to Laugh-In Gary Owens
Liar's Club, The Rod Serling
Bill Armstrong
Allen Ludden
Lie Detector, The F. Lee Bailey
Lip Service Jay Mohr
John Ales
Local Quizine (in Rockville, MD) David Fialkoff and Brick Barrientos
Love at First Sight Jeff McGregor
Love Between the Sexes
Love Connection Chuck Woolery
Love Experts Bill Cullen
Love Story
Mad Libs
Magnificent Marble Machine Art James
Majority Rules Marc Summers
Make Me Laugh Bobby Van
Fred Travelena
Mark Cohen
Make the Grade Lew Schneider
Robb Edward Morris
Make-A-Face Bob Clayton
Masquerade Party Bert Parks
Richard Dawson
Peter Donald
Eddie Bracken
Masters of the Maze J.D. Roth
Mario Lopez
Match Game Gene Rayburn
Ross Shafer
Bert Convy (guest host in 90s)
Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour Gene Rayburn and Jon "Bowzer" Bauman
Matches 'n Mates Art James
Maximum Drive Joe Fowler
Mindreaders Dick Martin
Missing Links Ed McMahon
Dick Clark
Missouri Lotter Fun & Fortune Rick Tamblyn
Missus Goes A-Shopping
Money & Devils
Money Maze, The Nick Clooney
Monopoly Mike Reilly
Mother's Day Dick Van Dyke
Movie Game, The Sonny Fox
Larry Blyden
MTV Sandblast Peter King & Summer Sanders & Kevin James
Peter King & Kari Wuhrer & Kevin James
Music Bingo Johnny Gilbert
Musical Chairs Adam Wade
Gene Rayburn
Name Droppers Al Lohman and Roger Barkley
Name That Tune Red Benson
George DeWitt
Tom Kennedy
Bill Cullen
Dennis James
Neighbors, The Regis Philbin
New $25,000 Pyramid Dick Clark
New Chain Reaction Blake Emmons
Geoff Edwards
New High Rollers, The Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
New Price is Right, The Doug Davidson
New Treasure Hunt Geoff Edwards
Newlywed Game Bob Eubanks
Jim Lange
Paul Rodriguez
Gary Kroeger
Nick Arcade Phil Moore
Nickelodeon GUTS Mike O'Malley
Night Games Jeff Marder
Nitro! Greg Lee
No Relation Mike Rowe
Now You See It! Jack Narz
Chuck Henry
Number Please Clayton "Bud" Collyer
Object Is, The Dick Clark
Ed McMahon
Oh My Word Jim Lange
Ohio Lottery Cash Explosion Paul Tapie
Ohio Lottery Cash Explosion Double Play Paul Tapie
One For the Money
One Hundred Grand Jack Clark
One in a Million Danny O'Neil
Pantomime Quiz Mike Stokey
Parent Game, The Clark Race
Pass the Buck Bill Cullen
Password Allen Ludden
Betty White (one week sub)
Password All-Stars Allen Ludden
Password Plus Allen Ludden
Bill Cullen (sub while Ludden was ill)
Tom Kennedy
Bert Convy
PDQ Dennis James
Penny to a Million Bill Goodwin
People are Funny Art Linkletter
Flip Wilson
People Will Talk Dennis James
Perfect Match Bob Goen
Dick Enberg
Perfect Match (ESPN) Ken Ober
Perfect Score, A Jeff Marder
Personality Larry Blyden
Personals Michael Burger
Pick and Choose Art James
Pick Your Brain Marc Summers
Pictionary Brian Robbins
Alan Thicke
Place the Face Jack Smith
Bill Cullen
Play the Percentages Geoff Edwards
Play Your Hunch Merv Griffin
Robert Q. Lewis
Pop and Rocker Game, The John "Bowzer" Baumann
Press Your Luck Peter Tomarken
Price is Right, The Bob Barker
Dennis James
Tom Kennedy
Bill Cullen
Pro-Fan Charlie Jones
Queen for a Day Jack Bailey
Quick As a Flash! Bill Cullen
Quicksilver Ron Maestri
Quiz Kids Joe Kelly
Clifton Fadiman
Jim McKrell
Quiz Kids Challenge Jonathan Prince
Quizzing the News Allen Prescott
Quick as a Flash Bobby Sherwood
Bud Collyer

Quick on the Draw Robin Chandler
Rainbow Jackpot (CT State Lottery)
Reach for the Stars Bill Mazer
Ready... Set... Cook! Robin Young
Sissy Biggers
Reel Game, The Jack Barry
Remote Control Ken Ober
Colin Quinn
Rhyme and Reason Bob Eubanks
Rodeo Drive Louise Duart
Rubik's Cube
Ruckus Amazing Jonathan (NBC-NY)
Rumor Has It Brian O'Connor
Runaround Paul Winchell
Sale of the Century [see $ale of the Century]
Say When! Art James
Scattergories Dick Clark
Schools A's Match Wits
Scrabble Chuck Woolery
Steve Edwards (unaired 90's pilot)
Scramble Randall Cunningham
Second Chance Jim Peck
Seven Keys Jack Narz
Shadow Stumpers
Shenanigans Stubbie Kay
Shoot for the Stars Geoff Edwards
Shop Till You Drop Pat Finn
Shopping Game, The Art James
Shopping Spree Ron Pearson
Showdown! Joe Pyne
Showoffs Bobby Van
Shuffle Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
Silent Partners
Singled Out Jenny McCarthy and Chris Hardwick
Chris Hardwick and Carmen Electra
Sky's the Limit, The Gene Rayburn
Small Talk Wil Shriner
Snap Judgment Ed McMahon
So You Think You've Got Problems? Jay Johnson
Spin Off Jim Lange
Spin the Picture Carl Caruso
Eddie Dunn
Kathi Norris
Split Personality Tom Poston
Split Second Tom Kennedy
Monty Hall
Sports Busters Tom Kennedy
Sports Challenge Dick Enberg
Sports on Tap Tom Greene
Sports Snapshot Jimmy Cefalo
Star Challenge Mark Walberg
Starcade Mark Richards
Geoff Edwards
Storybook Squares Peter Marshall
Straight to the Heart Michael Burger
Strike it Rich Joe Garagiola
Strike it Rich Warren Hull
Studs Mark DeCarlo
Stump the Stars Mike Stokey
Stumpers Allen Ludden
Super Jeopardy! Alex Trebek
Super Password Bert Convy
Super Sloppy Double Dare Marc Summers
Supermarket Sweep Bill Malone
David Ruprecht
Swaps Scott ? (possibly Scott St. John)
Take My Word For It Jim Lange
Tattle Tales Bert Convy
Gene Rayburn (guest host)
Bob Barker (guest host)?
Bill Cullen or Allen Ludden or Tom Kennedy (guest host)?
Teen Win, Lose, or Draw Marc Price
Tele-Quest Bill Green?
Temptation Art James
Texaco Academic Challenge Clint Holmes
Texaco Star National Academic Challenge Chip Beall
That @&$# Quiz Show John and Greg Rice
That's My Dog! Wil Shriner
Steve Skroban
They're Off Tom Shirley
Think Fast Michael Carrington
Skip Lackey
Think Twice Monteria Ivey
Three for the Money Dick Enberg
Three on a Match Bill Cullen
Three's a Crowd Jim Peck
Tic Tac Dough Jack Barry
Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
Patrick Wayne
Jim Caldwell
Win Elliott
Jay Jackson
Bill Wendell
Time Machine John Davidson
Timeout For Trivia Todd Donoho
Byron Day (sub)
To Say the Least Tom Kennedy
To Tell the Truth Clayton "Bud" Collyer
Garry Moore
Bill Cullen (sub)
Gordon Elliot
Lynn Swann
Alex Trebek
Richard Kline (accidently aired pilot)
Robin Ward
Ralph Edwards??
Mark Goodson (3 day sub for Trebek)
Joe Garagiola
Top Card Jim Caldwell and Blake Pickett
Dan Miller and Paige Brown
Top Dollar Jack Narz
Warren Hull
Total Panic Greg Lee
Trashed Chris Hardwick
Treasure Chest
Treasure Hunt Jan Murray
Geoff Edwards
Treasure Isle John Bartholomew Tucker
Triple Threat Jim Lange
Alan Hunter (special teen version)
Spencer Christian (on BET)
Trivia Trap Bob Eubanks
Trivial Pursuit Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
Trivial Pursuit: The Interactive Game Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
Trump Card Jimmy Cefalo
Truth or Consequences Ralph Edwards
Jack Bailey
Bob Barker
Steve Dunne
Bob Hilton
Larry Anderson
Tug-O-War (in Chicago, IL) John ?
Turn it Up! Jordan Brady
Twenty-One Jack Barry
Two for the Money Herb Shriner
Sam Levenson
Video Game, The Greg Winfield
Video Power Stivi Paskoski
Video Village Jack Narz
Monty Hall
Wait 'til You Have Kids Tom Parks
We Interrupt This Week Ned Sherrin
What Would You Do? Marc Summers
What's It For Hal March
What's News? Bill Griffeth
Timothy Lynch
Todd Donoho (sub)
Ron Insana (sub)
What's My Line? John Charles Daly
Larry Blyden
Wally Bruner
What's the Name of This Song? Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
What's This Song? Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
Wheel of Fortune Chuck Woolery
Pat Sajak
Rolf Benerschke
Bob Goen
Alex Trebek (one week sub circa 1981)
Alex Trebek (sub April 1, 1997)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Greg Lee
Where Was I? Bill Cullen
Whew! Tom Kennedy
Who Do You Trust? Johnny Carson
Woody Woodbury
Who Pays Mike Wallace
Who, What, or Where Game, The Art James
Whodunnit? Ed McMahon
Why? Bill Cullen
Wild Animal Games Ryan Seacrest
Wild West Showdown Alex Cord and Lisa Coles
Joe Fowler
Win, Lose, or Draw Bert Convy
Vicki Lawrence-Schultz
Robb Weller
Sally Struthers (sub)
Win Ben Stein's Money Ben Stein and Jimmy Kimball
Window Shopping Bob Kennedy
Winner Take All Bill Cullen
Winning Streak Bill Cullen
Wipeout Peter Tomarken
Wizard of Odds, The Alex Trebek
Women Only Betty White
Word for Word Merv Griffin
Wordplay Tom Kennedy
Jamie Farr (sub)
Words and Music Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
Yahtzee Peter Marshall
You Bet Your Life Groucho Marx
Buddy Hackett
Bill Cosby
You Better Shop Around Ron Pearson
You Don't Say Tom Kennedy
Jim Peck
You're in the Picture Jackie Gleason
You're On! Phil Moore
You're Putting Me On Bill Leyden
Larry Blyden
Your First Impression Bill Leyden
Your Lucky Clue Basil Rathbone
Your Number's Up Nipsey Russell
Your Surprise Package George Fenneman
Yours for a Song Winston C. "Wink" Martindale
Bert Parks
(name unknown) Kate Smith

(=) - Both Darow and Darrow have been separately spotted as possible spellings.

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