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UK Millionaire, September 9

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Iain Weaver

Sep 9, 2000, 4:02:15 PM9/9/00
Last night, on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Patrick Lidierth... still shaking like a leaf... Calais and Washington
State take him to
the Dozen, but the doorman at the Thirteen Club needs to know he knows
the Strange
Answer Rule. Patrick doesn’t, and retires with £125,000.

Clive Thornley... beaten by nerves... uses lifelines early... “I haven’t
had £8000
before, and I’m gonna take it” is the line that generated applause

Tonight’s ITV2 repeat: 2300, and it is the full hour. Radio Times
demonstrates its
unerring record for accuracy again.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Series 8, Episode 3 - September 9, 2000

Chris is in mid-blue shirt and tie, dark blue suit. We start with ten
new contestants,
and a Fastest Finger First moment looming. Last night, only one of the
ten made the
centre spot. There’s a good chance three will make the middle today.
They called
09002 44 44 44, and include “A woman!” “Another woman!” and a visible

FFF: From the nearest, order these European capitals by distance from
A) Athens B) Berlin
C) Rome D) Brussels

The order?
D) 199 mi B) 580 mi
C) 891 mi A) 1488 mi

Seven right, 6.34 seconds does for Mark Townsend. Shaved head, 40-ish,
light blue
denim shirt. Sales rep from Pelsall, West Midlands. Girlfriend Kay at
home, mate
Mervyn in the audience. Mark made exactly one call. His ambition: to go
London’s restaurants with Hannibal Lector. Or to buy an estate and breed

Chris remarks the audience is looking very stoney-faced. A bit like
sitting in a room
of two hundred Anne Robinsons, apparently.

£100: What is the North American name for a man who chops down trees for
B) Lumberjack.
He’s OK.

£200: A person who is very cold is said to be “chilled to the..” what?
A) Marrow

£300: Which of these is the title of a famous musical?
B) Fiddler on the Roof
Other options started with “Fiddler”.

£500: Complete the title of the 1999 James Bond film: “The World Is
B) Enough
Not Flat.

Mark’s still calm. Ish.

£1000: Which company is responsible for managing the British railway
D) Railtrack.
And what a fine job they do, too.


£2000: Pearl Harbor is in which American state?
D) Hawaii
Mark’s not been there yet. Mervyn’s clapping away like a seal.

£4000: Which part of the body is made up of a series of vertebrae?
B) Backbone.
He’s confident. 100%.

£8000: Which physicist wrote the world-wide best-seller “A Brief History
Of Time”?
B) Stephen Hawking.
Chris repeated the question, but that might be because all the names
make it quite
Mark is right.

£16,000: A pugilist participates in which sport?
Boxing is B), it’s his final answer, it’s the right one.

£32,000: In medicine, which suffix is used at the end of a word to
B) -itis.
He’s confident, this man.
He’s also wealthy now.

£32,000 in the bank, and all three lifelines remain. £32,000 from one,
£1, phone call.

“We don’t want to give you that.” Out comes the - unsigned - £64,000

The Free Shot:
£64,000: Who is portrayed on the back of a current Bank of England £5
“I’m convinced it’s C, but I’d like to ask the audience.”
A) Charles Dickens 12% B) Michael Faraday 5%
C) George Stephenson 77% D) Florence Nightingale 6%
Mark trusts them. He trusts them. He says it three times.
C) George Stephenson
“How confident do you feel?”
“You went with this audience...
“You’ve still got £32,000.”
“And another £32,000 to go with it.”
Mark knew that was coming. As he knows about this break.

The Audience This Series: 0.800 (4/5), 61.60% correct.

Dickens is on the £10 note, Faraday was on the £20 until it was
re-issued with Edward
Elgar a year or two ago. Nightingale came before Dickens on the £10.

[dishwashers, bogwash, snacks, the same advert twice in a row but with
pay-off lines (!), man - computer - pigeons]

Millionaire Canada airs this coming week. Here’s some info for anyone
wanting to do
this job over there.

Shannon Sullivan of St. John’s was the finalist from Atlantic Canada.
He’s a graduate
student of Memorial University with a master’s degree in mathematics, a
big fan of
game shows, especially trivia, and when he saw the opportunity to
qualify for Who
Wants to be a Millionaire he jumped at it.

The other finalists are: Michelle Jones of Richmond Hill, Ont.; Alan
Vickers of
Chateauguay, Que.; Francois Dominic Laramee of Verdun, Que.; Bill Shizas
Toronto; Susan Neff of Kitchener, Ont.; Angela Lemire of Windsor, Ont.;
Coward of Regina; Donald Miller of Regina; Andrew Heaman of Victoria;
alternates Curtis Arnold of Kananaskis, Alta., and Robert Neilsen of
Pointe Claire,

“American contestants seem to come in really, really confident on the
day of taping,”
said producer Michael Davies, who delivered a pre-show speech to the
hopefuls. “I
got a sense … with the contestants today that none of them were really
confident so I
sort of pulled back and tried to give them a lot more encouragement.

“I think there maybe was a little more reticence and a little more
nerves. Maybe it’s a
slightly bigger deal to come out of Canada and go to New York City, and
this is the
first time this has been on Canadian television.”

Canadian Millionaire airs on CTV this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Back with Mark Townsend, now £64,000 better off, with PAF and FF left.
He’s still
looking - and feeling - calm. Glad of the break.

The Diamond Dozen
£125,000: Which of these tv detectives lived in a static caravan?
Mark nods.
A) Rockford B) Columbo
C) Kojak D) McCloud
“It’s Rockford... Positive.”
A) Rockford.
“You’ve just won...”

I’ve not looked for spoilers for tonight’s show, and they’ve not leaped
out at me.

The Thirteen Club
£250,000: Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were leaders of which religious
A) Christian Scientists B) Mormons
C) Jehovah’s Witnesses D) Quakers
Mark has no idea, so will call Jeff. He’s *probably* not religious.
“He’s on £125,000”
“Oh, my life! It’s a daunting prospect.”
“Mormons. I’m certain.”
Chris says whoo. It’s the PAF you want.
Mark has every reason to believe Jeff, and will go with it.
B) Mormons
“When you were coming down, how far did you hope to go?”
“I’d have been glad to get on, win something in the thousands.”
“At this moment, you’re worth £250,000.”

The Halfway House
£500,000: Who was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I?
A) Catherine of Aragon B) Anne Boleyn
C) Jane Seymour D) Catherine Parr
Oh gawds, it’s Henry VIII again. He’s always a slippery customer. All
his wretched
Mark calls for his 50/50.
B) Anne Boleyn C) Jane Seymour
The answer Mark thought - Anne Boleyn - is there, but he’s not going to
risk it.
Mark takes another look, a sip of water, then retires.

If he had said “Anne Boleyn,” it would have been worth a half million.

Mark gets the Contestant Leaves music, and entry to The Thirteen Club.

Straight into another
FFF: From the earliest, order these animal movies by release
A) Babe B) Jaws
C) Lassie Come Home D) Lady And The Tramp

C) 1943 D) 1955
B) 1975 A) 1995

Fastest of seven, 5.94 seconds, Mark Swift. Pushing 40, black hair,
moustache, lilac
shirt, beige trousers. A contestant of Indian extraction. Mark is a
business presenter
from Tunbridge Wells. Son Tom is in the audience, and he would like a
Swedish au
pair. As one does... Mark almost run over former presenter Edwina Currie
when on
holiday - the friend of the egg farmer was going the wrong way down a
street, and Mark almost made himself famous. He entered Millionaire
instead of
buying a lottery ticket, and also collects antique razors. As one

£100: What are the tiny bumps that appear on the skin when you feel cold
C) Goose pimples.
A horicalation, according to the computer.

£200: Which of these words is an informal term for a tornado?
C) Twister.

£300: Which of these is a term in chess?
Mark plays.
C) Checkmate.
Not checkbuddy, checkchum...

£500: What is the name of Mike Baldwin’s lingerie company in “Coronation
Mark doesn’t know, but this is pop culture. Audience..?
A) Undervalue 4% B) Underpants 5%
C) Underworld 88% D) Understyle 3%
C) Underworld
It’s right.

The Audience This Series: 0.833 (5/6), 66.00% correct.

£1000: In cricket, what name is given to an over in which no runs are
A) Maiden.
Mark’s not a cricket fan, we hear over the applause. One batted by the
West Indies is
not an option.

£2000: Whose first album was called “Voice Of An Angel”?
C) Charlotte Church.
Not Des O’Connor, nor Rod Stewart, nor even St Cliff Richard.
Charlotte is the right answer.

We take the break.

[haircare, cereal, ebusiness, brother-million, cleaner, jeans]

Mark Swift has £2000, PAF, FF. Other contestants are required: 09002 44
44 44.
Mark wants to be a game show host or newsreader.

£4000: According to Gilbert and Sullivan, whose lot is “not a happy
A policeman’s
B) is the required answer, from the Pirates of Penzance.

Mark’s target on entry was £8000, clear the credit card and a good
holiday. Here it

£8000: Which range of hills is nicknamed “the backbone of England.”
Mark’s nodding vigorously.
D) Pennines.
Chris spins it out, a touch needlessly.

£16,000: Which singer played Billie Holiday in the film “Lady Sings The
“Diana Ross.”
C) is the one he seeks.

£32,000: Where was the United Nations’ official six billionth person
born in 1999?
A) Bosnia B) China
C) Libya D) United States
Mark hasn’t the faintest idea. I had it narrowed down to there or Egypt,
and that’s not
an answer.
Mark will go 50/50, then PAF if required. Phase I of this Baldrick-esque
A) Bosnia B) China
And Phase II: call Charles. He’s a geography teacher, in
“I can only do my best.”
Charles has a gut feeling of China, but isn’t 100% sure.
Mark is going to take the money and run.

Had Charles been playing, he would have been wrong. Remember the UN is a
political institution...

More Contestant Leaves...

FFF: From the highest, order these European mountains:
A) Mont Blanc B) Ben Nevis
C) Snowdon D) Eiger

A) 4807m D) 3970m
B) 1343m C) 1085m

Fastest of four, 6.20 seconds, Don Williams. 40-ish, glasses, short
black hair, light
blue silk shirt. Transport manager from West Brom, right next to Mark
Townsend. In
fact, Don and Mark work in the same building. Wife Jenny, son Darren at
Don’s aiming for a great day out.

£100: Which party traditionally celebrates a move to a new home?
C) House warming.

£200: “Goggle-box” is British slang for which household object
C) Television.

£300: What is the Italian word for a large open square in a town?
B) Piazza.

£500: Who is Noddy’s best friend in the Enid Blyton stories?
C) Big Ears

£1000: Which bodily process breaks down food into nutrients?
B) Digestion.

The thousand is safe, as always.

£2000: George Gershwin composed a famous concert work called “Rhapsody
A) Blue
Not Wales.

£4000: Which of these is a principal thoroughfare in Edinburgh?
A) Princes Street
Don’s been there.

£8000: What should you do with a “besom” in the garden?
Don is not a gardener. 50/50 leaves
A) Prod holes D) Sweep leaves
Time to bring up the line to Sid, a close friend in Walsall. Walsall to
West Brom?
That’s not close...
Sid doesn’t hear correctly, and Don spends ages spelling the thing. Then
Sid doesn’t
“He wasn’t much help.”
See if the Audience is any more use.
A) Prod holes 65% D) Sweep leaves 35%
It’s not enough to risk, thinks Don. He’s going to take the money and

The Audience was barking up the wrong tree.

The Audience This Series: 0.714 (5/7), 61.57% correct.

Time expires! Ronnie Barker is amongst the ten tomorrow. Is it the
retired comedian?
Find out 2030 tomorrow on ITV, 2330 on ITV2. It’s a 30 minute jobbie.
Enter by
calling 09002 44 44 44 -lines close Friday.

For UK Millionaire:
Written by: Iain Weaver
From a format by Jeremy Soria and Chris M Dickinson

For Who Wants To Be A Millionaire:
Creators: David Briggs, Steve Knight, Mike Whitehill
Director: Patricia Mordecai
Associate Producer: Maria Knibbs
Producer: David Briggs

A Celador Production for ITV, 2000.

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