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crystal duck

Nov 7, 2019, 5:01:12 PM11/7/19
It is funny reading old messages from when the show was airing and Ross/Rachel trashing Chandler and Monica as the reason of the decline of the show. I wonder what some of these people think today? Young people and fans of the show are crazy about "Mondler" they are the most popular pairing by far, praised for their steadiness and healthy relationship, aspirational for a lot of them, considered a breath of fresh air from the on and off typical TV couples. While Ross and Rachel aged very poorly, a tired cliché romance of a nerdy guy (actually possessive and insecure, very unattractive qualities in 2019) having unrequited love for the cheerleader girl (spoiled and only wants him when unavailable), the relationship deemed toxic.

In 2019 Friends is still widely popular, a hit on streaming services and on syndication. Something people from this board probably never expected while writing profusely about how Chandler and Monica ruined the show. In the 25th anniversary of the show people love them more than Ross and Rachel, they even like Joey and Rachel more than Ross and Rachel! Articles are written about how great Chandler and Monica were and gasp ... Mondler is a positive term.

Funny how time works
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