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4 Alternate Fan Theories on the Endings of Classic TV Shows

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Jun 14, 2017, 1:20:35 PM6/14/17
Series finales have become famously fraught — and likely to leave
you enraged, befuddled, or simply feeling let down. Luckily, there’s
a modern remedy to Series Finale Disappointment Syndrome: the
alternate fan theory! For every show that’s ended, there’s a fan
somewhere who’s concocted a mostly ridiculous yet strangely
convincing theory about what really happened in the final moments.
Here, a look at some of the best, or nuttiest, or both.

Theory: Seinfeld is a show about a show inside a show.

The Seinfeld finale, a sour conclusion in which the quartet are
tried in court for breaking a Good Samaritan law, then sentenced to
prison, was an infamous letdown for many. A fan on Reddit, however,
posited an alternate reading that doubles as a ray of hope: The show
you’ve just watched is not the story of Jerry Seinfeld and his
friends doing nothing — it’s the “show” that Jerry and George
pitched to NBC. What’s more, there are therefore infinite Seinfelds,
on an infinite loop, as each series spawns a new series. So,
basically, if you hated this finale, you have infinite theoretical
alternatives to choose from.

Theory: Tony Soprano died — of poor eating habits.

The Sopranos’ final episode is the all-time champion of argument-
starting conclusions. But while you’re no doubt familiar with the
“Is Tony alive or dead?” argument, here are some imaginative fan
theories: Tony is dead, but he wasn’t whacked — he died of a stroke,
given his poor eating and presence at a diner (thus explaining the
quick cut to black); Tony’s dead, but he died prior to the final
scene in the diner, which is actually his domesticated, banal-
Jersey-life version of hell; or Tony isn’t dead at all — we are, the
viewers of the show, who have been “whacked” symbolically for our
complicity in cheering for these immoral mobsters.

Theory: Walter White is still alive.

Breaking Bad’s 2013 finale corresponded with the explosion of
Reddit-fueled speculation, so the show prompted no end of
hypotheses. A sample: Walter White didn’t die (his wound wasn’t
severe enough) — so he’ll stand trial (on a future season of Better
Call Saul!). Or White froze to death in his car in New Hampshire and
everything after that was a dying dream. Or White went into Witness
Protection, becoming the dad on Malcom in the Middle. Or this one:
White’s blue meth started the zombie outbreak depicted in The
Walking Dead — which, admittedly, does contain a nod to blue meth.

Theory: Phoebe was on meth.

One of the more robust fan theories online involves the notion that
Friends was the addled hallucination of Phoebe, a meth addict, who
imagined her friendships with five random people she watched through
the window of a New York coffee shop. Granted, this is more of a
modest proposal than an alternate reading: On Twitter, Gareth
Stranks posited the idea that the show should have ended with Phoebe
returning to the fountain alone, where she sleeps among a discarded
sofa and six dirty umbrellas. Presumably, the theme-song line “I’ll
be there for you” becomes a reference to meth. Meth is there for

*This article appears in the June 12, 2017, issue of New York

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